Hey I'm back with another chapter story! Sorry that I deleted Eternal Twilight but I couldn't really continue it but this story will be better! But I cannot update as fast as my other chapter stories...In Kori's POV...

Anyways here is the cast and their ages...

Starfire: Korina Anders...21

Robin(Nightwing): Richard Grayson...23

Raven: Rachel Roth...21

Beast Boy: Garfield Logan...22

Cyborg: Victor Stone...24

Bumblebee: Karen Beecher...22

Speedy: Roy Harper...23

Argent: Toni Monetti...21

Red X: Xavier Redd...23

Ravager: Rose Wilson...21

Aqualad: Garth Johnson...23

Blackfire: Koma Anders...23

Summary: Kori and Dick are sworn enemies since they were Kori was 13 and Dick was 15. Now 7 years later they still hate eachother. Kori is dating Xavier while Dick is dating Rose(because of Bruce and Slade's partnership). What happens when Twilight and Nightwing meet, and become partners? What happens when Dick happens to fall in love with Kori? Her life is already complicated when she has two other guys who like her. Does she need all this trouble and who is she going to choose? Her best friend, her boyfriend or sworn enemy?

Chapter 1: Introductions

Have I ever told you about the person who I absolutely hate? No? Well I am going to tell you now. That arrogant snuck up jerk is none other than...

Richard Grayson, the millionaire playboy who can have any girl he wanted in the city, in fact the whole country. Just because of his damn dead drop gorgeous looks...

I know, I know, many girls are literally follow him wherever he goes like lovesick puppies. But let me assure you I am nothing like that, nothing of the sort! Want to know why? Well it started 7 years ago...


"But mother, I don't want to go! There is no way I am dating him," exclaimed a 13 year old red haired, emerald eyed teen.

"But Korina dear, you know it is for Mr.Wayne's partnership in the hotel chains," replied her mother of 35 years.

"But mother, I don't even know him!" said Korina Anders.

"I'm sorry dear that is the way. Please get ready fast," Luanne Anders walked out of the room while Korina sighed into defeat. She looked at the clothes on her bed, and groaned. This was going to be one long night...


Kori and her parents sat in the Wayne Manor patiently in the living room. Our lil' Kori wore her long red hair wavy, with two star barrettes in her hair. She wore red lipstick with red eyeshadow. Maybe she added a tint of pink blush. As for her clothes, she wore a red babydoll dress, with red ribbon sandals. She wore a diamond collar and dangling gem earrings.

Someone cleared her throat which made Kori act right that instant. In front of her stood a teen who seemed to be 15 with jet-black hair and icy blue eyes. He wore a silk red shirt with black jeans. He looked stunning...

"Hey," he said with his deep voice. Kori looked like him as if she was a sick puppy. What she didn't see was Myan, Luanna and Bruce smirking.

Immediately she gathered her cool and replied, "Hey, I'm Korina Anders..."

"Already know it, princess. Hey you want to ditch school tomorrow to come over to my house?" he asked with a smirk. Kori's eyes widened at his response. Right at that moment, she knew that she wouldn't even think of going out with him even if it killed her.

End Flashback:



Ambulance sirens were going off and on as 16 year old Kori was sobbing with her best friend, Rachel comforting her. She gazed from the scene where Kori's mustang got crashed with a Hummer which happened to be Richard Grayson's who was standing near them as if nothing happened.

"YOU KILLED THEM!" roared Kori as she broke apart from Rachel's embrace and ran towards Richard to tackle him. He just moved to the side when Kori almost tumbled to the ground.

"I did nothing of the sort princess, it was your parents' fault..." he said fixing his spiked hair.

"NO THEY DID NOT YOU JERK, ARROGANT, SNUCK UP..." "Excuse me, Miss Anders?" Kori turned around and found herself looking at a paramedic and thought of the worst.

"Miss Anders, I am sorry. Your parents didn't make it..." he trailed off to see a surprised shocked Kori. She looked towards the ambulance then at Richard. Then she did the least thing expected; she fainted.

End Flashback:

There are many more incidents where Richard has ruined my life but there are too many to tell, and too painful to tell. But the incident about my parents' death will never be forgotten...

Now I am 21, a private investigator and I live in my own apartment. I have an older sister named Koma Anders, who I am warning is EVIL, but not as evil as Richard or 'Dick' as his friends call him. My sister is dating Garth Johnson, an athlete swimmer and one heck of a looker.

My brother, Ryan Anders, was deceased 5 years ago in a plane crash. Maybe I was destined to lose family members due to transportation accidents.

My best friend is Rachel Roth, a world-wide famous author, who dates Garfield Logan. He is a veterinarian. I have to admit, they are a cute match made in heaven!

My other friend is Karen Beecher or Bee who is a naturalist. She is dating a computer technicien, Victor Stone who happens to be Dick's friend. But I have to admit, he's like the older brother I never had.

Then there is Roy Harper, a fast car driver and pro archer. He is my best friend ever since I was in grade 1. Funny eh? It's funny that we even gone out on a date, but that is to respect our friendship. But he now is dating Toni Monetti, an architect by passion.

Ok last but not least Xavier Redd, a police chief by occupation, my boyfriend by passion. It's kind of funny how we met really. I was an intern at my agency, while I was paired up with an officer to solve this case to determine my skills. And that person turned out to be Xavier. We talked, we went out for a few months, we said 'I love you', and then we became a couple. Simple as that...

What I heard was that Dick is currently dating Rose Wilson, a forensic investigator, whose father, Slade is in a partnership with Bruce Wayne with Wayne Enterprises. I heard that he was supposed to date Rose to help with the partnership. Humph! Hope she doesn't become an innocent victim of him...

And hey did I forget to mention I am Twilight? The female superhero of Jump City. Which also happens to be saved by Nightwing. I have to admit he is one heck of a looker, and a great soft caring soul...

Well whatever. Dick will never be my friend ever! Especially after all he's done to me...

And I am never going to date him at all!

Or fall in love with him!


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