Chapter 13: The Last Dance

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"Like you?" Natsume said coldly.


"Shut up. Remember, you also do the same thing so don't blame me on the same fault you do!"

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Natsume and Mikan have been avoiding each other for weeks. Well, not really but they've been avoiding each other for a very long time and their classmates have been starting to take notice. Because of this, Mikan and Natsume haven't been acting normal. They both have been so quiet and neither of them has been active at anything. Now that the Last Dance is tomorrow, do you think someone will confess?

"Oh Natsumeeeee!" Sumire yelled out.

"What?" he said coldly.

"The Last Dance is tomorrow! I can't wait!" she giggled.

"Are you done?"

"Well yea but…"

"Then I'm leaving," he plainly stated.

With that, he left Sumire hanging on a thread. She looked at him sadly as he walked away. Tears formed in her eyes.

"Here," Hotaru said showing a cute dress to Mikan.

"No thanks, Hotaru," she sighed looking out the window. (A/N: What the heck!?)

"You're acting duller than me. Snap out of it," Hotaru said a bit angry.

"I… just don't want to go tomorrow, Hotaru," she sighed again.

"And why not?" Hotaru asked, "Is it because he'll be there?"

"N…n…no," she stuttered.

"Whatever, I'm going out. I'll leave the dress in your closet," Hotaru said and left.

"Okay," she sighed again.

As Hotaru left her, she saw Ruka in the halls looking out. Hotaru went towards him.

"We've got to fix it," she said.

"They're both stubborn," Ruka said.

"So? We can still do it."

See? Everyone's sad. This isn't good. We need a happy ending! Meanwhile, in Natsume's room.

"Wonder what the idiot's doing," he sighed at thought, "Haven't seen her." (A/N: Dude, are you serious? She's always in your class! Right, no eye contact or whatsoever okay.)

"So Natsume, what do you think?" Sumire said showing her dress to Natsume.

Natsume sat up straight and looked at her.

"Nice dress," he said looking away.

"Thanks Natsume!" she smiled then gave a slight kiss at his cheek.

He looked at her shocked but then saw Mikan. He went off the bed and hugged her only realizing it wasn't Mikan at all. It was…

"I love you too Natsume!!!!" Sumire gleefully rejoiced.

"Get off me!" he commanded.

"But Natsume, you're the one who hugged me, remember?" she smiled.

"I thought you were…"

Sumire looked at him with a furious face and shoved him off. She started to yell out and started a tantrum.

"WHY CAN'T I EVER BE GOOD FOR YOU, NATSUME?!!?" she yelled furiously.

"Get mad all you want, I'm leaving," Natsume drifted.

Again, Sumire was left hanging on a thread. (A/N: Gosh, I actually feel sorry for her.) She bent down on the floor and silently cried. She gave her heart and all her feelings to him and entrusted it to him but no… He didn't even bother to take a glance at what she's given to him but I guess it can't be helped if you love someone this much.

"I gave him my… my… all," she cried.

"Are you all right?" someone kindly said.

She looked up to the direction of where the voice was heard and found a golden haired boy smiling. No, not Ruka but someone else.

"I'm Hayato. My alice is to turn myself into any animal I want. The door was open and I saw you. Are you okay?" he said a bit concerned.

"I'm fine," she sniffed.

Could she like this guy? And could he like her? Hmm… Anyways under the sakura tree, Mikan rested her head and just looked at the view. She saw… Natsume just looking at her as well. She blushed a bit then looked away. She could feel the tears lining her eyes and her skirt creasing form the grip of her tiny fingers.

"Why are you looking at me like this, Natsume?" she thought thinking she was talking to Natsume.

Tears started to flow down her cheeks. She wiped them away but when she looked up again she couldn't find him. Was she hallucinating too? She realized, for a moment that she was. Even if they did see each other, they wouldn't look at each other completely. They'd just catch glimpse of each other and look away at the next second. This thought saddened Mikan.

"I love you, Natsume," she cried, "But I don't know if you'll ever forgive me after what I did to you."

While she cried, Hotaru recorded everything. She wanted to give Mikan advice but couldn't. She couldn't take her best friend crying over a boy she loves. She knew the feeling, the feeling of rejection. It truly hurt a lot. Who wouldn't cry over unrequited love? Hotaru quickly trotted towards her lab and called on Ruka.

"If my best friend cries because of your best friend one more time, I will kill your best friend," Hotaru said.

Ruka nervously shook, "O…okay."

"Look outside. She's crying again," Hotaru pointed.

"Mikan…" he sighed.

While he looked outside, Hotaru played the recording. Ruka listened and heard the trembling of her voice. He heard her cry and shake. With that, he felt guilty of his best friend's actions. Clearly, no one wanted this. (A/N: Then, fix it!!!!) Suddenly, Hotaru's eyes glimmered. She had a plan.

"I know that face," Ruka smiled.

"Of course you do," she grinned, "I always make this face when I plan something for you."

He then nervously stepped out. Too late. Hotaru caught hold of his collar. Yep, she did have a plan. She looked at him and whispered her diabolical plan.

"Do you think Natsume and Mikan will like it?" Ruka asked.

"Who cares? I know they do," she snickered.

He looked at her nervously then finally stepped out.

"I have to get ready," she smiled and left for Mikan's room.

In Mikan's room…

She was still looking out the window sighing and crying silently. Hotaru looked at her while Mikan, pretending she did not hear her best friend come in, sat there. Hotaru drew a serious face and went towards her.

"Hey, He's not coming," Hotaru smiled.

Mikan's face lit up making her sit up straight. She looked at her best friend gleefully and asked if it was true. Hotaru nodded secretly crossing her fingers behind her back. Mikan ran towards her and cried tears of joy. She gladly agreed to going. Hotaru knew it. Mikan DID want to go. She just didn't want to see Natsume there… with Sumire.

"Where's the dress again?" she asked smiling.

"In your closet," she smiled, "You have to sleep. Tomorrow's a big day."

"I know," Mikan smiled.

Hotaru gave one last hug good night and left. As she shut the door, she grinned and snickered.

"You don't know how big it is Mikan. Trust me," she smiled.

The next day finally arrived!

"Lalalalaaaa! I can't wait for tonight!!!" Mikan smiled and hummed.

"I knew someone was happy, here," Hotaru said opening the door.



"That's for not smiling and crying for a stupid boy," Hotaru said seriously.

"Oh Hotaru!" Mikan hugged, "Thank you."

"Want to go out shopping?"


In Natsume's room…

He found Sumire sleeping on his chest snoring soundly. Natsume looked at her and again saw Mikan. Wow, he must really miss her.

"Mi…kan…" he mumbled.

He ran his fingers through her hair and smiled. He sat up straight gently trying not to wake up the supposed to be "brunette." (A/N: Wake up Natsume!!!!) He really wished she was Mikan and because of this he really saw her, Mikan I mean.

"Mikan," he said, "I'm sorry."

"N…n…atsume?" Sumire said waking up a bit.

He snapped out of it and realized the truth. It wasn't his Mikan. It never was. He jumped off and took a shower. Sumire gulped and looked at the door slam. She frowned and sighed right after.

"I love you Natsume," she seriously frowned, "And no one can do anything about it." (A/N: Hello?! Author over here!)

While Natsume took a bath, Mikan went under the sakura tree looking at her penpal box. She gulped then sighed. She tried to remember her last letter. He must know already she thought. Her eyes widened from shock.

No. He still doesn't know. She saw her last letter together with her other letters. She had to confess. But when?

"No," she mumbled.

In the library…

"Are you ready?" Hotaru asked a golden haired boy.

"I set everything up already," he agreed.

"Good," her eyes sparkled.

That evening……

This is it people!!!!! Nooooooo!!!!!!!

Natsume came with Sumire and Ruka came in with Hotaru. Everything was okay. It looked like an ordinary dance. Natsume looked around worrying about Mikan and who she could be with. (A/N: Jealousy perhaps? Hmmm :D)

"Natsume, can you get me some punch," Sumire asked babyishly.

"Hn," he replied.

While he was gone, she drew a serious face and went over to Hotaru and Ruka. She knew Mikan was somewhere with probably a beautiful dress of some sort and thought of destroying it.

"Where is she?" Sumire asked with one hand at her hip.

"Who she?" Ruka asked.

"You know who. So? Where is she?"

"She'll be here," Hotaru smiled.

"You better not try anything, Hotaru," she said.

Hotaru just looked at her. Sukire left as soon as she saw Natsume looking for her. Hotaru then looked at the top of the hill. Mikan still wasn't there. Where could she be?

In Mikan's room…

"Am I really going to do this?" she asked herself.

She wore a beautiful baby pink dress with ruffles at the end. She looked at herself and let her hair down for once and set a part of her hair aside with two silver clips she and Hotaru bought the other day. She smiled at what she saw at went towards the door. She sighed.

"I can do this."

While she went out of the Academy, Natsume and Sumire started to dance. Sumire looked into his ruby eyes and smiled. He just ignored her but still continued to dance. Suddenly, he heard a giggle so familiar. Mikan! He looked at the person he was dancing with and saw her. He tried to snap out of it but it was still her smiling away.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I'm dancing with you, silly," she smiled.

He looked at her beautiful smile and went towards her that their noses started to touch.

"Natsume?" she nervously asked.

"Shut up," he smiled.

"O…kay," she puckered her lips.

With that, he kissed her. While he kissed her, a brunette just watched them. She gulped nervously and tried to back away but her feet were stuck to the floor. Hotaru and Ruka saw this and gritted their teeth. Darn, their plan was ruined. Mikan blinked several times trying not to cry but just couldn't for the tears started to flow.

Natsume went away but then felt something wrong. He looked to his right and saw Mikan already running. When he looked at his dance partner, he saw Sumire and realized he committed a mistake.

Seeing Natsume take notice of her, Mikan decided to run to the only place no one wanted to go to, the Sakura tree. As she stumbled on one of it's roots, she cried silently making her makeup smudge.

"Stupid Mikan! Stupid Mikan!" she punched herself, "Why are you hurting?! Why why why?!"

She silenced herself and found herself already asleep. She couldn't help it. Meanwhile, Natsume avoided Sumire and left her all alone and went towards the Sakura tree as well. He climbed the branch and decided to sleep as well. Hotaru and Ruka saw this and set their plan up again.

Mikan woke up. She looked at the marvelous lights in front of her. It was a candle light dinner. She sat down but then started to cry. Natsume, who woke up from her crying, looked down. He saw Mikan again. But was it really her he wondered. There was only one way to find out.

"Hey Polkadots," he called out, "Why are you crying?"

"Stop calling me, polka dots. We're not friends remember?"

He then knew it was her. The real Mikan would mad at him now. He jumped down and went towards her. He looked at her and saw that all the make up drooping down her face.

"Do you know how ridiculous you look with all that makeup falling off," he blushed giving a handkerchief, "Here. You look better without any makeup."

"What happened to Sumire, huh?" she asked crying of the thought.

"Cat dog girl? Eh, she's a baka," he stated, "You too."

"What do you mean?"

"You're a baka too, idiot," he said, "Can't you understand simple Japanese?"

"Hey!!!!" she grew red.

Music played.

"Don't think I like you or anything but wanna…" he paused.

"I'd love too," she smiled.

He then took her hand and grabbed hold of her waist. She grew thinner. He looked at her eyes. It was Mikan, alright. No one has those eyes that make you want to confess everything. She softly smiled.

"Natsume, I umm… Well, I uhhh…" she stuttered.

"Spit it out already," he commanded," Sheesh."

"Sorry Mr. Impatient!" she yelled out, "Well… I think I…"

Fireworks went off. Mikan gently closed her eyes and just went with it. She could swear she heard the wedding bells and a choir singing. Yes, he kissed her and she gladly kissed him back. She hugged him and ruffled his hair with her fingers. As they both let go, Mikan confessed.

"I love you Natsume and…"

"You're my penpal, aren't you?"

"How'd you…"

"Because I was this close to saying 'P.S. I Love You.'"

She looked at him and smiled. Another kiss went off. That's how this story ends I guess. But… the next sequel will have more confusion, I promise you…

P.S. I Love You Season 2!

"So… is this the end?" Mikan said with tears lining and falling.

"I…think so," he said a bit confused.

"It is the end, Mikan," Chikako smiled.

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