Hello, well thanks for clicking on my story I hope you like it. I have completely rewritten this story chapter by chapter, I started this back in 2006 yes that long ago I completed it then too, I noticed my writing style has changed and decided to write this out again, basically plot is the same but some things have changed, rereading it this past week I was like what the hell was I writing about some of it was choppy and just random so hopefully I have improved, I have rewritten the sequel and it's near completion anyway just a few things about the story if anyone is confused, Eyeball is not in this story instead it's a girl who is Ace's friend and Chris' now sister her name is Rebecca. I have nothing against Eyeball in fact I love him he's one of my favourites, I wanted to write the dreaded girl goes along to see Ray Brower but wanted to give it a little twist so had the idea of Eyeball being a girl. Any who have fun reading my story or rereading it, drop me a review if you fancy it, any constructive critisim I am happy to take on board, thank you, also this is a pure, unadulterated guilty pleasure story, but don't worry Ace isn't completely romantic in fact he's a mean s.o.b! Hopefully I've kept Ace in character let me know if I haven't -Katy xox
There is a prequel to this story, you can read it before or after your choice! Whichever floats your boat, prequel is called My Baby Shot Me Down and sequel is called Unofficial Hatred

Ace is nineteen in this and Rebecca is eighteen.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the character from Stand By Me that were mentioned in this story, I only own the character's never heard of, I am not making any money out of this, this is just for fun. Oh the things I would do if I owned Ace...Also the girl in the story picture is Marty from Grease, I kind of picture Rebecca as her.

Warning: This story contains use of bad language, violence and scenes of sexual nature, you have been warned.

Nonofficial Love
By: TheGoofyCat

It was the summer of '59, in a little town called Castle Rock, Oregon, two young adults, a boy and a girl, were playing a game of eight-ball at their local billiards bar on the Friday morning. It was the hottest summer Castle Rock had seen in a long time and tempers were running high, the heat was almost unbearable and today was no exception.

"Foul." A handsome young man stated, while putting his fingers through his bleached blonde hair, a smug look plastered on his face.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," the girl replied, shrugging it off, a scowl fixed on her perfectly plucked eyebrows, "God damn it's too hot in here!" She swore, taking off her sleeveless jacket and discarding it on to the worn out stool next to her.

"Like that'll help you win," He smirked, "Loser buys the next round and it looks like you better get out your money, Chambers!." Taking a swig of his beer, finishing it.

"There ain't gonna be a next round, Irby only let's us have one beer remember." She signalled to the alcohol sign on the wall.

"Well that can be fixed." He stated, looking round to see if Irby was still around which he was not, probably out the back checking the stock, the coast was clear and he quickly swiped two beers from behind the counter.

The bar if you were wondering was Irby's Billiards and the two young adults were John Ace Merrill and Rebecca Chambers, both were from the rough town of Castle Rock, down in the scullys as the rich kids like to call it, if you came from the scullys you were not to be messed with, a hard up bringing with the personality and temper to match, both described Ace and Rebecca perfectly, you always carried a switchblade in that part of town, Ace was the leader of the local hoodlums 'The Cobras' and Rebecca was one of the many girls that hung around with them.

"Why Mr. Merrill you are a wild child." She flirted, opening the beer bottle with the end of the pool table and hiding her empty one to make it look like it hadn't been touched.

"What can I say I am a real wild card, it says so on my car." The Cobra grinned, referring to a sticker that was firmly stuck on the bonnet of his '52 Ford.

"Why then it must be true." She laughed, taking a sip of the beer she then stuck out her tongue in disgust. "Eurgh! Would be nice if they were ice cold instead of lukewarm."

"You get what you're given." He replied, picking up his lucky cue stick and chalking it.

"Why do they have to play such bore music in this place," She complained..again, referring to the old Frank Sinatra music that started to play.

"Do you ever stop complaining?" He asked. "Here," He said while reaching into his pocket and tossing a dime over to her, "If that doesn't shut you up I don't know what will."
She caught it and gave him a small eyebrow raise in appreciation and hurried over to the jukebox.

He looked around studying the bar, it was near empty except for the local alcoholics sprawled out and someone sitting in the booth near the jukebox other than that it was just the two of them, knowing that she'd take about ten minutes to pick a song she wanted, he put his cue stick down and went out for a little fresh air, taking out a cigarette from his sleeve and lighting it, Rebecca was right it was too hot in there, but outside wasn't any better, Castle Rock was in need of a good rainfall.

He looked around and watched the towns people pass by, two men were outside trying to fix an old Chevrolet 'radiators busted, not gonna find that out by looking at the wheels.' he thought to himself, many a time he had watched his Uncle Pop fix busted radiators in his tyre shop.

On returning to the bar, Summertime Blues by Eddie Cochran played from the jukebox an obvious choice from Rebecca, the music wasn't the only thing that had changed Rebecca wasn't at the pool table and she wasn't at the jukebox either, he rolled his eyes knowing fully well that she was probably in the toilet applying tons of lip-gloss to her lips.

Except she wasn't, Ace's mood completely changed when he heard her laughing loudly she was sitting at the booth by the jukebox and she wasn't alone, he calmly walked over to her, confidence oozing out of him.

She was sitting knees crossed, her wrinkled peddle pushers on show, elbows on the table with her chin resting on the palm of her hand, a full teeth smile on show but her posture quickly changed when she saw Ace walking up to her and the handsome young stranger.

"Hey Ace," She greeted straightening her back, he didn't say anything he just grabbed her arm and dragged her out of the booth and over to their table. "Hey! What do you think you're doing?" She asked, a scowl now back on her face as Ace lit a cigarette.

"We're leaving!" He stated, picking up her jacket and shoving it in her arms, while she put a cigarette behind her ears

"You can't just do this, Ace!" Complained Rebecca as he dragged her out of the door. "Alright! Alright! Will you give me my arm back so I can put on my jacket?" He let go of her arm as the door slammed shut and she muttered something to herself about men while putting one hand through her jacket and the other in her pocket.

She quickly perked up when she saw her baby brother and his weedy friend Gordie Lachance walk past them, not wanting to pass at the opportunity of picking on them she quickly asked,"Hey girls, where ya going?" Mocking them, as Ace grabbed an old grubby looking hat off of Gordie's head and she turned round and looked at her brother.

"Hey come on man, my brother gave me that." Gordie cried, trying to reach for it back, he was referring to his older brother Denny who had lost his life in a jeep accident four months ago, Rebecca remembered reading about it in the paper she had seen Denny around but they had never spoken a word to each other, he didn't belong in her neck of the woods.

"And now you're giving it to me." Ace stated, both of them smirking to themselves, she noticed Chris giving her a glare and she smiled back at her little brother.

"Give it to me. Come on man that's mine." Lachance shouted, still trying to reach for the cap he stopped as soon as Ace placed his index finger onto him.

"You're a real asshole you know that?" Chris said to Ace glaring at him while sticking up for his friend. Rebecca shook her head knowing all to well what happens when you give Ace cheek.

As if on cue Ace stepped forward, "Oh, your brother's not very polite now is he, Rebecca?" Throwing his cigarette onto the ground and passing the Yankee hat to her.

She studied it for a second before putting it on backwards. "Now Christopher! I know you didn't mean to insult my friend."

*Around Midday*

Rebecca and Ace were in her back yard, Rebecca was fiddling with the Yankee hat Ace had stolen from Gordie but she soon got bored and threw it into the next door neighbours yard for their dog to chew it up, while Ace was holding his switchblade carving something onto a piece of wood.

"Remember to be ready by eight tonight, I ain't waitin' for you like last time," Ace told her, all the cobras and their girls were heading to the new diner that was opening tonight, it was the talk of the town.

"You won't need to pick me up. I was thinking of going with someone, like on a date." Rebecca stated, and Ace looked at her blankly.

"What do you mean like a date? With who?" He asked, dragging the knife down extra hard.

"Well I was talking to that guy in Irby's and he ask-" Rebecca started to reply but was cut off by Ace.

"Forget it! You're coming with me." He demanded.

"What am I not allowed to date?" She asked half sarcastically and half serious.

"You are, just only one of The Cobras." Ace stated, placing a toothpick in his mouth.

"You serious?" She complained, "All The Cobras are taken apart you and Hogan, and I'm sure as hell not dating you!" She paused. "And what happens if I don't abide by these rules?"

He turned and grabbed her arm, his switchblade glistening in his other hand. "Do you really want to find out?" He threatened, raising his eyebrows.

"Charlie it is then." She grumbled turning away from him as he let get of her arm. "I really hate you sometimes." She muttered, scratching her leg.

"Trust me babe, the feeling's mutual." The toothpick firmly perched between his teeth.