1Hey, and welcome to my first ES21 fan fic. Now before I get a bunch of odd questions, a little explanation on the way the time line works in this fic. This is sort of an AU wherein the Devilbats won the match against the Americans, thus didn't have to go to Texas and thus stayed in Japan as well as the American team (yes I might incorporate Panther in Homer in this fic somewhere just because I think they are cool :D). So this is the time period between the end of the Spring games and the beginning of the Fall ones.

Oh, and this is going to be an eventual yaoi lime, borderline Lemon. So if you don't like that kinda stuff you should probably stop reading now.

And finally a disclaimer: I do not own any rights to Eyeshield 21 I am just a bored twenty something that likes seeing two men get it on XD. Now on to the fic!


It really did start just like any other week. A few knife fights, some good hearted (but obviously rigged) poker games, and it even ended with a nice visit to the neighbourhood tavern (with some obviously fake I.Ds). Of course, thinking back on it, it was probably that night at the tavern that had caused Habashira Rui to end up with a comatose Hiruma in his bed. Rui didn't mean to almost crash into the devil quarterback with his motorbike, he swore he didn't. Hell, if the incident wasn't actually an accident Rui would have just left the evil son of a bitch for dead in the street. The last thing Rui needed was to have the quarterback of a rival team practically dead in his home.

It's bad enough that he ran over someone in the first place, but if someone found out that he nearly killed his enemy, a war could break out between the two schools and as much as the Chamaeleon loved violence he didn't really want any qualms with the Devil Bats, and he definitely didn't want anyone to know that he had developed a soft spot for the team. Everyone had, they're the peak of determination and belief in each other, they had made heros of themselves and people all over the Kanto region have begun to look up to them. Even still that did not mean that Habashira Rui, the Master of American Football dirty plays and the toughest student at Zokugaku High, would ever admit to aspiring to be even half as good as the Deimon quarterback. But of course he never said that.

Casting that thought aside Rui at was at least thankful that Hiruma wasn't... too badly harmed. In actuality it wasn't the motor crash that harmed him, it was more the pile of scrap metal that fell on top of Hiruma when the bike smashed into it. So technically neither Rui nor his bike was at fault at all, right? Nevertheless, the injuries Hiruma had were minor considering the circumstances, although he had quite the injury to the head, Rui was able to patch up most of the damage sustained by the crash. Habashira couldn't help but thank God that his father was a doctor before he became a politician. If anything, Hiruma should be thankful to Rui. Although Rui knew that the blonde would never be thankful to anyone ever for anything, he was hopeful that the worse that could happen would be for Hiruma to wake up fire a few shoots at the linebacker then stomp out of the place with a mutual agreement that the incident never be spoken of again. Feeling quite optimistic, Rui didn't feel too concerned for his own safety as he heard a slight groan from the unconscious man in his bed. Really, what was the worse that could happen?

"You awake yet?" Rui asked trying to sound as unconcerned as possible.

"Ugh, what the hell?"

The Chamaeleon couldn't help but smirk at the rudeness of the Deimon, "I asked if you were awake. You were.. in an accident and I took you to my place."

The blonde blinked at the other man, "Who... are you?"

Well, that didn't sound good.

Now it was Rui's turn to blink, "What?"

"Who the fuck are you, where the fuck am I, and while you're at it you can tell me who the fuck I am."

Okay, so maybe this was the worse that could happen.