The following chapter is very heavily influenced by Phoenix Wright cause I am obsessed with that game (Phoenix/Edgewoth FTW!). In fat the principle is pretty much the judge character from PW with a different name. If you don't pick up on it it's okay I'm just really weird like that.

-Chapter Six: Case Closed-

About five minutes later they were all seated in the office much to the confusion of the principle, Sasaki Kappei, "What did you boys want to see me about?"

"Sasaki-sensei," Sena started, "do you remember the incident last year when someone e-mailed you about the fake articles in the Deimon Days paper?"

The principle nodded, "Of course, it was a big deal around here."

"And do you remember the rumor that it was second year student, Youichi Hiruma, that sent the e-mail?"

Once again the older man nodded only more sadly this time, "Well, I never confirmed the fact but the evidence matched up. What is this all about?"

"Take a look at this!" Monta shouted as he put down two papers on the desk.

"The principle looked at these papers, one was a copy of the e-mail sent out to him, the other was what seemed to be a store receipt, "Would you care to explain this Kobayakawa-kun?"

Sena nodded, "If you look on the store receipt it's signed by none other than Hiruma, right?"

Upon closer inspection, there was indeed the signature of the Devilbat, "So this is a receipt from a purchase Youichi-kun had made. What does this have to do with the e-mail?"

Monta smiled, "Look at the times and date on the receipt and the e-mail."

The principle looked at the dates and the times, and not only were the date the same but the times were only a minute off!

Sena noticed the astonished look on the principle's face, "As you see, Sasaki-sensei, according to the times there was no way that Hiruma could have sent the mail, and then only a minute later arrived at Son Son Market almost five blocks away!"

The principle motioned in agreement, "True, but if Hiruma didn't write the mail, who did?"

Monta jumped up, "Why it's the same person that framed Yamaguchi-san and purposely destroyed the newspaper!"

"The person that's with us in this very room..."Sena continued

Then both of them turned and pointed, "Oshima Subaru!"

The principle and Yamaguchi turned and gave Oshima a shocked look. "Oshima," Yamaguchi said, "Is that true!?"

Oshima stuttered, "I-I don't know what they're talking about! Wh-why would I do such a thing!?"

Monta tsked, "Well, Oshima-san it was the paper that was getting in the way of your radio announcement idea was it not?"

"Well kinda, but..."

"And you have the write connections with the school office to get the records of students, including their ID numbers!" Sena pointed out.

"Ah, it's true that I handle student records..."

Sena smiled, "So you have the motive and a way to do it, but do you have and alibi? Where were you on that day of March 23rd, hm?"

Oshima gulped, "I -I don't remember!"

"I think I can answer that", said a voice behind them. As they turned they saw the principle with a stack of papers in his hand that he was hitting with the other hand, "This is the computer sign up sheet for that day, and it says right here that Oshima signed up, for not only that day, but for that time period as well..."

Oshima started to sweat, "That-that's coincidence. It's probably someone else with my name!"

The principle shook his head, "You're the only 'Oshima Subaru' at this school. Tell the truth Oshima-kun, or it will hurt you later."

"I-I-I..." Oshima hung his head in defeat, "I was worried someone might find out sooner or later..."

Sena pipped up, "So you admit it!"

He nodded solemnly, "Yes, I do. I sent the e-mail and lied about the fake articles. When I saw Hiruma and Yamagchi arguing I figured it would be a fool proof idea to take Hiruma's ID and send the e-mail that way. Then Yamaguchi would believe Hiruma did it, and I could unsuspectingly get my radio announcements."

The principle shook his, "Well, now you'll get nothing! Doing something like this is inexcusable, and it hurts the school and it's students. I'm afraid I'm going to have to take away your announcements"


Everyone turned to see Yamaguchi with a determined smile on his face, "Let him keep it."

Sena and Monta were shocked, "Ya-Yamaguchi-san?! But why?"

"If I took away his radio thing, than I'd be no better off than him." Ken walked toward Oshima who shrunk away, "Oshima-san, why don't we work together?"


"Yeah, we can make a news announcement show! I can gather the data and stories and you can report on them."

Oshima thought about that, "Yeah... it could work. We could both have what we've wanted."

Ken nodded, "Exactly, it could be just the thing to spice up that announcement program of yours. It's always so dull."

Oshima frowned, "Well, I've never been a very good writer so I get the secretaries to write for me, and they only write things they care about..."

"See!" Yamaguchi exclaimed, "With me you can actually report on the things our students care about."

Oshima laughed, "Yeah. But what I did... you should be mad at me."

Yamaguchi shrugged, "Nah, this whole escapade has kinda taught me to not be so quick to judge people. Of course we can only do this if the principle says it's okay."

They both turned hopefully to the principle, even Sena and Monta looked on with hopeful eyes. The principle sighed and smiled gently, "Alright you can do it together, but you Oshima, will have to go to two months detention first!"

Oshima gasped and cried as Yamaguchi laughed and tried to comfort his newfound partner.

Sena and Monta smiled at each other and started to leave the room when Yamaguchi stopped them, "Hey guys wait a bit."

Monta looked up at him, "What's up Yamaguchi-san?"

"Well I wanna thank you guys for what you did and apologize. I was so mad about my paper being cancelled I didn't think to actually second guess the source."

"It's no problem, " Sena said, "We understand. If you'll excuse though we still have work to do."

"Ah, I see. Hey, tell me when you find your captain I wanna put his team in the announcements."

Both the players laughed, "Thanks and we will!"

When they returned to the clubhouse Mamori looked at them expectantly, "Did you guys find out anything?"

Unfortunately, both of them shook their heads, "I'm sorry Marori-chan" Monta practically whimpered, "We didn't even find a clue."

Mamori looked worriedly out the window, "We haven't found out anything, and we've been working so hard. I'm almost at the point where I'm about stop searching..."

"Man, you guys give up way too easy."

Everyone turned to see Jyuumonji and the other two Huh-huh brothers standing in the doorway. Jyuumonji walked up and threw something in front of Mamori, "We found this at the Son Son Market's lost and found."

Everyone was shocked to see none other than Hiruma's trademark Devil's Handbook. Mamori looked at them excitedly, "It's Hiruma's black book!"

Jyuumonji smiled, "Not just that but turn to the book marked spot." Mamori flipped it open to a spot where there was a list of places and what seemed to be items to buy, "I think it's his to do list, but it's dated to a few days ago. Right before his disappearance."

Mamori observed the list, 'It's all checked off except one place."

Sena jumped next to her, "Which place?"

Mamori pointed at the name in the book, "Randall's Guns and Hunting Supplies..."

Monta scratched his head, "Where is that?"

One of the Huh-huh brothers, Togano, spoke up, "We looked it up and apparently it's near Zokuto Gakuen."

"ZokuGaku?" Sena questioned, "That's where Habashira-san goes to school. Do you think he might know something?"

Monta shrugged, "We should go check."

Mamori patted both of them on the back, "You guys have done a lot today why don't we practice some and head home? We can continue our search tomorrow."

"But Mamori..." Both of them whined.

"No 'buts'. We still need prepare ourselves for the tournament soon, right?"

"Right." They said sadly.

"Well then get practicing! You guys are slacking off!"

Monta and Sena stood up straight, "Y-yes Ma'am!" And soon they were off to the field outside.

Mamori turned and smiled at the Huh-huh brothers, "And you guys thanks a lot for what you have done, we might actually have a chance at finding him now."

The three linemen blushed and muttered a quite, "whatever" before taking their leave to the field as well.

Once again the manager looked with hope at the open black book, "We will find you Hiruma," she looked out the window to the team training to hard for each other and themselves, "We just have to."