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"And Cut! That's the wrap!"

Sitting up, Dark stretched as he looked over at his partner get up also.

"Thanks guys," The enthusiastic voice of the director chirped, "You can hit the showers." She mentally smirked, knowing what 'activities' might happen in the showers and knowing Krad and Dark, the two were always at it like rabbits.

The purple haired male nodded, and started to head over to the shower room. Turning the water on, he slipped into a cubical and let the soothing warm water wash down his lithe frame. He sighed, washing his face a bit. He was Dark Mousy, one of the best actors and was acting in the TV series D.N.Angel. He somewhat regretted doing this fan service movie, what and why did the fans enjoy watching him getting fucked by Krad?

Before he could contemplate anymore, he felt a pair of hands wrap around his waist, "What are you thinking my dear Dark-chan?" The smooth voice of the other blonde actor purred into his ear. The purple haired male shivered, turning his head to look at the other, "N-Nothing…and why are you here?" He asked, flushing at the gaze.

Krad quirked a brow and chuckled, "Why can't I? You're here…wouldn't it be fun if I washed you my dear?" He asked, getting the soap and lathering it on his lover's smooth pale skin.

A small gasp escaped from the smaller male as he felt the strong, large hands tease the soap on his slowly heating skin. "I…I guess…" he managed to moan out, curing how he always seemed to bend to his lover's will.

"I knew you'd agree…" The blonde chuckled, his golden eyes filled with lust and hunger for his adorable purple-eyed 'thief'. Turning his lover around, his lips decent down onto those luscious pink lips and claimed them, kissing them passionately. He felt Dark respond to him and pressed his tongue against those lips, demanded entrance.

Submitting, Dark opened his lips and leaned forward, wrapping his arms around Krad's neck to deepen the kiss. The kiss was however broken by Dark due to lack of air and panted, "Shit Krad…I need you…" he looked up at his lover, his body already reacting to the close contact.

"Really?" Krad smirked, his hands going down the smaller male's chest, stopping to tweak at both nipples, getting them pert and was greatly rewarded with a delicious gasp and moan. "Hmm…it seems you're pretty lewd."

The purple male shivered, mewling at the touches and was begging for more now, wanting a lot more that simple touches, "Please…Please Krad…" he panted, reduced to begging.

Nodding, Krad let go of those nubs and got Dark down on his knees, getting him level with his aroused cock. "Alright then, be a good boy and suck my cock, get me ready to fuck you into the wall…" He smirked down, with a look of dominance and affection.

Nodding, Dark opened his mouth and held the member with one hand as he licked along side of the shaft, lubricating it as well as tasting it. He loved it when Krad would take control of him, demand of him, and dominate him.

"Mmm…yes, that's a good boy, c'mon, take more in…" Krad groaned, gripping the silken wet locks and started to push the head down his member more. He loved the feel of the hot, wet and talented mouth on his stiff member. Oh yes, he had taught is lover well.

Obeying, Dark took a deep breath and took the member down his throat, gagging a bit but recovered, using those reflexes to please his lover. He loved that feeling of the member down his throat and shivered at the groan he got from Krad. It was really good.

"Shit…Dark, yes…ah, damn I'm getting close…c'mon baby…get me to cum…" He panted, gripping the hair tightly and thrust into that delicious mouth, fucking it.

Groaning, Dark had gotten aroused by the dirty talking and the rough treatment that he started to touch his own member with one hand while the other hand fondled the balls below, stimulating him.

"Shit…Dark…gonna cum…" He hissed, pulling Dark back a bit and spilled his seed all over Dark's face and spilled some into the male's mouth. He panted, leaning against the wall as he was slightly dazed.

Looking up at Krad, he purred, lapping the cum down his throat and licked his lips, "Mmm…so delicious…" he smiled seductively, sucking his cum stained fingers.

Looking at his lover drinking and licking his seed, Krad smirked, "Slut…" he started and by the look and reaction he got from Dark, he knew that this lover liked that sort of talk. Just looking at the semen stained lover got stirred him back to life. Pulling Dark up, he kissed him, tasting both himself and his lover lingering in the lust-fueled kiss. He pulled back, turning Dark around and roughly pressed the purple haired male face first to the wall. Licking his fingers, he pushed them into the tight puckered ring of flesh and got a good yelp and moan of pleasure from Dark, "Mmm…you like that don't you? You like my fingers in your tight little ass…" He whispered huskily into Dark's ear.

Dark could only moan and nod, pushing and rocking back to have those fingers in him. Suddenly, Krad pressed against something to make him see stars, making him scream for more. "Oh yes Krad! Touch that more!"

Chuckling, he brushed against Dark's prostate a bit more before he pulled his fingers out, getting a whimper of frustration then turned Dark around to face him. He leaned over and kissed those delectable lips again and wrapped those long slim legs around his waist before thrusting hard and fast into the tight entrance of the other male.

Pulling out of the kiss, he cried out, clutching to Krad, "Oh yeah Krad!" He shivered, biting his lip as he felt the long thick cock thrust in and just brush his prostate. He trembled, wanting the movement now, "Move!" He demanded.

Krad snickered, "Horny bitch, aren't you?" He pulled back just so he had the tip remaining before he thrust sharply back in, starting the wild fucking as they felt the water washing down on both of them. "Nngh…yeah, so tight, so hot…such a good fuck…" He panted, as he humped wildly into the willing body in front of him into the wall.

Dark was reduced to only moaning and groaning in pleasure, rocking back to match each thrust and to maximize their little 'session' for them. "Krad, that's it, harder, faster, fuck me into the wall…" he started to drool at just how good it felt.

"That's…what I'm doing…" The blonde growled, angling himself a bit before thrusting hard again, loving how the tight muscle would tightly gripping his erection. "Goddamnit Dark…you're so fucking good…You're my bitch, aren't you? My slut?" He panted, starting to get close. His skilful hand went in between them and started pumping at the neglected member and got a groan from Dark.

"Yes! Yes Krad, I'm yours, bitch, your slut…" He panted, his own hand went to touch his own member, pumping it with Krad. "Oh God…I'm so close Krad, so close…" The purple haired male whimpered, his ass tightening around the shaft in him unconsciously.

"Me…too…" The blonde growled. He almost came when he looked at his lover's face, all flushed and panting. Refusing to climax before Dark and pumped faster with both his hips and hands to send his lover over the edge.

It was far too much for Dark to take as he felt orgasm rip through his small frame, spilling himself on Krad and his own hand, screaming Krad's name as he reached completion.

/So beautiful…/ Krad watched his lover's face contort in pleasure as he came and this brought the blonde to his own climax, spilling himself deep within his lover's welcoming body before slumping against his trembling lover on the wall.

Wrapping his arms around his lover, he smiled, lifting Krad's head up and kissed him softly on the lips, "Mmm…that was fun." He chuckled.

Krad raised a brow and chuckled also, giving a quick peck on the lips, "Yeah, it was." He pulled out regretting it as soon as he did and got the male back on the ground. "I love you…you know that right?" He asked, slightly worried. He truly did love Dark with all his heart; he just hoped he didn't make his lover re-think that.

Purple eyes blinked before he laughed and hugged his blonde angel, "Of course I do I love you too." He found Krad so adorable, he looked just like a little kid when he said that. "And forever I'll love you." He then pulled off a bit, "Now, let's finish up and get out of the shower." He suggested. But the look on Krad's face looked like it would take a while before they would.


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