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Chapter 1 – His story, and their story

It was the usual Saturday afternoon in the bright state of New York. There were so many events happening in this busy place, including an autograph signing at a nearby mall.

"Thanks for coming." Dave Bautista, or Batista as the rest of the world knew him, smile after saying good-bye to the perkiest girls he had seen all day long. They left and even though they were almost out the door he heard the still so…perky. He checked his Rolex watch and it was quarter – past three. He needed to be somewhere else.

"Hey Big–B! Sup?" John Cena , a close friend and fellow WWE superstar, placed his hand on Dave's shoulder to get his attention.

"Oh, hey John." Dave greeted but he didn't sound so happy to see John. His mind was in deep thought.

"Hey John," He realized what he had to do, where he had to be. "do you know where Becky is?" Becky was the events manager. She was in charge of all events that involved the WWE superstars.

"Becky? Umm…I think she's out back." John was unsure. After all he didn't really care as much. He walked back to his table and continued to please the fans that came. Dave told John he'd go find Becky because he really needed to talk to her. John just nodded and kept on "entertaining" his fans. Meanwhile, Dave was looking for Becky behind the huge WWE advertising board.

"Dan," Dan was a backstage worker in the WWE as well. "have you seen Becky?" Dan simply shook her head. Dave found Becky ordering someone to get what's-his-name more pictures.

"Becky!" he called. Becky had blonde hair and jade green eyes. She was wearing a headset and had a clipboard in hand.

"Dave," she noticed him calling for her. ""aren't you suppose to be over there?"

"Yeah, I know. But I need a small favor from you." Dave knew about an event that comprised between Becky and he, she owed him one and he wanted a "pay".

She nodded.

"Can I go just to pick someone up at the airport? A relative from home," He asked.

"wait a minute." She flipped a few pages on her long black clip board and talked to someone called "JP" on her headset. She held her hand up motioning him to wait for a while.

"Yo bro, why ya stressin'?" It was his friend, John Cena.

"Huh? Nothing. Just need to catch a plane." Dave replied still worrying about his "visitors".

"A plane? Ya leaving?"

"No, my 4 nieces are coming for a few weeks. I haven't seen them for at least 10 years now."

"Nieces huh?" John thought. "You sound old bro." He commented.

"Shut up Cena."

"Hey don't be hittin me bro," John held his hands up in defense. "I mean, Uncle Dave." He emphasized. Dave knew it was a joke after all, it is John Cena.

It was 15 years ago when he last visited them, his nieces, in the Philippines.


"Dave, this is Rebecca and Lys, they're twins and twelve. This one is Haley. She's nine. And last but not least, this is Riley. She's only 5." Dave's brother, Danny, said. A little girl wearing a baby blue shirt and shorts came up to Dave and smiled.

"Hi Riley." Dave picked her up and positioned her on his shoulders. She giggled in amusement. Danny saw how Dave and Riley were in sync with each other and just couldn't help but smile. Soon, all of them, Lys, Rebecca and Haley wanted a piggy-back ride from Dave. They had fun the rest of the day.

Every morning Dave would wake up to the sound of his nieces laughing and giggling. He would look outside the window and find them playing. He stayed there for a while and soon he had to leave.

"Bye Uncle Dave..." Riley said waving her hand at the guy that she knew as an older brother. He hugged while tears started to form in her eyes.

"Riley, don't cry, please. I promise I'll be back." He held his right hand up and put on a smile for his niece.

"Pinky swear?" She held up her pink and smiled. Dave laughed and they crossed pinkies and smiled. She hugged him afterwards. Dave walked over to Haley and leaned down.

"Keep out of trouble my little trouble- maker." He touched her nose with his index finger and smiled.

"Promise to come back soon?" She asked.

"I promise." Now his promise was twice as strong and significant. Dave walked to his favorite pair of twins.

"Well guys, take care of your little sisters for me 'kay? And when you all graduate, I'll bring you to the US with me. It's a promise." He winked and they giggled.

"We'll miss you Uncle Dave." They said in unison. He smiled and opened his arms wide open. Both ran to his arms and hugged him tight. He said his farewells and looked at them for the last time. He waved good bye for the last time, wearing a shirt that he and Haley bought at a tiangge. Dave walked through those doors and that was the last they saw each other...

End of Flashback