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Prologue: A is for Asami

As I sat upon the windowsill of my room, I stared out the window, gazing up at the stars, the light that shone from the moon, illuminating its beautiful solar rays in which shattered the darkness that shrouded itself around me. I AM alone. I have been alone for five years. No one to talk to. No one to share my deepest secrets with. Those carefree days are no more since the tragic death of my older sister, Hinabi Daishi. I was only the mere age of nine years old when she died. How she died you ask? It's a funny thing really. If you're a believer in Wiccan religion, black magick, spells and other such nonsense that surrounds the entire concept of what those back in the day would call a 'Witch'. But for one that is Wiccan, the religion is mere right of birth and family origins. On our mother's side is where the both of us got it from. There's really no obligation whatsoever to practice rituals and spells. Most these days just use herbs and ingredients as remedies for healing, bringing good luck, etc. But not Hinabi and certainly not me.

Iie, we've gone beyond mere healing and luck. Ever since I was young, I've been able to communicate with the spirits of the deceased, this being how I am able to still talk to my dear sister. And as for how she died, it's really sappy if you ask me. But it was because of a boy. This very boy that would be the same age as she if she were alive today. He broke her heart by telling her to leave her alone and out of anger, she swore on her life that she would make him pay dearly. Such a foolish thing to say and do in my opinion but hey I was nine, my mind wasn't on the same level of common sense. Then again, she was twelve, and I wouldn't call what she had with this so called boy 'love'. More like a 'fling' or 'puppy love' if one gets more technical with it. But that's another discussion for later.

Anyway, moving on. Hinabi was very inexperienced when she tried to cast a spell that was far too strong for her to handle, especially with what little abilities of her own she had. She'd summoned a witch by the name of Izanami, an evil and vicious woman who only used my sister as part of her revenge scheme to get back for those that have hurt her in the past. She took Hinabi's soul as a price for acquiring her help, but she was defeated two years ago by someone who apparently fell in love with the boy that broke my sister's heart. But now that I am fourteen, I am old enough to enrolled into the very school this boy attends, that school being 'Duel Academia'. This guy also comes from a rich family that is big on appearances, publicity and whatever else they could use to give themselves a good reputation. He is a good duelist from what I hear. Heh, it makes things much more interesting.

I've made an alliance with my sister and together, justice will be served in the end. Since Izanami failed in making this very person suffer, it's up two the two of us to do what she couldn't. Who is the one responsible for my dear older sister's demise? Why none other than Manjoume Jun of the Jun Family. I vowed on my sister's grave that he'd pay for what happened to her. He caused this! The spell she cast was to make him see what it feels like to be heartbroken. Of course, the spell itself required Manjoume to be turned into a girl, creepy but as revenge plots go, kind of hilarious and humiliating all in one. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out like it should've and Hinabi didn't fully read the instructions to the spell to make sure that she didn't have to sacrifice anything important. Too bad she had to pay with her soul and lose her life, and her blood is now coursing through Manjoume's veins.

"Asami! Dinner!" called my mother from downstairs.

"I'll be down in a minute!" I called back to her.

Standing up, I brushed the wrinkles out of the white skirt I was wearing, making my way towards the door, my hand placed firmly on the knob as I grit my teeth in anger at thinking about having to face Manjoume two months from now. The thought of it brought a twitch to my right eye, wanting so much to strangle him the moment I see him. But, I have to restrain myself. Blowing my cover would only reveal what's in store for him and this supposed lover he has.

"You know what you must do, Asami-chan," said a familiar voice. I already knew who it was, hearing it brought a smile upon my face.

As I turned my head, I saw Hinabi's spirit sitting in the middle of my bed, with the older appearance of a sixteen year old while wearing the same clothes that she'd left this earth in but slightly bigger, her long brown hair done up in a ponytail and her olive green eyes were staring me down. Sometimes when I was younger, a few months after her death when her spirit came to me, I used to wonder if I could give her a change of clothes, maybe even do her hair, but of course I couldn't. I am only able to speak to her, not touch her. Touching Hinabi would've been pointless since she is nothing more than a restless apparition. Still, the idea in a way is sort of, how should I put this … humorous?

Chuckling, I turned to face my sister completely, my arms folded across my chest. "Don't worry, Hinabi-nee-sama, the first part of the plan is in motion." I grinned. "Otou-sama and Okaa-sama have agreed to let me attend my first year at Duel Academia. It's set. We will succeed together in bringing you back to life and … killing Manjoume. Your blood is the key to make this all work after all. Without it, you'll continue to remain as you are."

Hinabi laid back against the pillows, stretching her legs out, crossing one over the other as she stared up at the bedroom ceiling, her lips forming into an evil smile. "That won't happen so long as we do everything we've talked about. Manjoume will pay … but I wonder … just how lovely it would be to see the expression on his face once I return to life and he sees me for the first time in five years."

"Oh he'll be surprised, hell, he might even think he's going crazy." I held my right hand out in front of me, staring over at my sister. "In the meantime, I shall work on giving you a temporary body that won't reject your spirit. We'll give ourselves different names so he won't get suspicious, because after all, he is smarter than he looks. Then again, he does walk around with the face of a female now, getting close to him won't be easy."

"Hmph. I don't expect it to be easy, but I do indeed expect it to be quite entertaining." Hinabi sat back up, laughing a bit. "Until the day arrives where you have to leave, we've got some more preparing to do. For now, dinner. You don't want to keep Okaa-sama and Otou-sama waiting. They tend to get nosy way too much when you spend ungodly amounts of time in your room."

"Hai, Hinabi-nee-sama," I said, nodding my head as I resumed to leave my room and head downstairs for dinner.

I will make you regret the day you ever met my sister, Manjoume. Your day … is coming …

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