KK: Heeeey guys! Guess what! I might be making a come back with this story!

FP: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (shakes pom poms)

KK: ….. No comment.

SmiTTy: (strips naked)

KK: Damn it SmiTTy! I thought I told you to stop doing that! (shakes fist)

SmiTTy: You did, but when do I ever listen? XDDDD

KK: … Moving on. Anyway, I know I said that I got out of Yugioh Gx some time what … two years almost going on three? Well after taking a long break from Rping it, and I've recently started back watching the anime again, I've been slowly getting back into it. So I've been getting a flow of ideas on how to bring this story back to life. It's definitely going to be rewritten.

SmiTTy: Isn't like … anal about author notes?

KK: Yeah but this is the first and only time I'm uploading a author's note instead of a chapter. Besides, I'll be taking it down when I eventually start working on these chapters and what not. Anywho, listing some ideas that will probably be used within this story. First off, Hinabi for once thing, will try and drive a wedge between Judai and Manjoume by doing a lot of crazy shit that just don't make sense. One of which I had this idea that Manjoume reverts back to being himself and instead of him being a girl, that gets transferred over to Judai who freaks out completely.

FP: Yeah I can totally picture that. Poor Judai. Wait … are you gonna stick to the dub names or the sub ones?

KK: I'm debating on that. Moving on, so when Judai is the one looking like a girl and what not, he basically just end up saying something hypocritical and it pisses Manjoume off and they break up for awhile. During this time, I think I might bring in Johan Anderson into the story and for a little bit they might go out. MIGHT … being the key word there. I'm even thinking about throwing Rei Saotome back into the picture.

SmiTTy: Oooh, kinky. XDDD Just kidding. You know what I don't get … why they changed Johan's name to Jesse. Isn't Johan a common name in America cuz he's like … from the Duel Academy in America or some shit like that. I dunno. I got out of Gx the same time you did.

FP: Anytime 4Kids dubs anime, they rape the Japanese culture from it. That's nothing new. Are Ocs of any kind welcome in this story or what?

KK: They are welcome but I'm probably gonna remove Trevor out of the story because I've not talked to S4E in four years. He dropped off the face of the internet so his character gets nixed. But yeah, any of you who want us to add in Ocs you guys come up with, that's more than fine, I'll accept some of them. Not all. I'll need name, age, appearance, deck, dorm color and a brief history.

P: No fucking Gary Stus and Mary Sus. Your send us characters of some character that sounds like a cheap rendition of Edward or Bella from Twilight, I will EAT YOU!

KK, FP, and Smitty: O.O

P: What? (rolls eyes) I fucking can't stand Twilight, so sue me.

KK: Yeah but don't bring that here. I don't want people attacking me over that mess.


P: Ah you like Robert when he played as Cedric on Harry Potter. Well that's better than Team Edward. Fuck Edward, fuck Bella and fuck Jacob.

FP: Well, you're just fucking everybody aren't you, P? XDDDD

P: … I could like … so hit you right now FP.

KK: Onto to the next –

SmiTTy: I have a question!

KK: What is it?

SmiTTy: This ain't story related this is like RP wise and I just wanted to get this off my chest before I forget. So like … if I wanted to use a Gx character as an OC model for that dueling tournament thingy you have at Love Hina Generation, would I have to use the deck that goes with them?

KK: If you retain their personality but only change their names then yes you would.

P: Why is there dueling at an Love Hina RP board?

KK: Boredom. That and it gives everyone a break from participating in the storyline arcs that are up. Something to do. Besides, we have a few original YGO characters there already. The tournament will only be in the North America board. It's up to members on LH if they want to make a character for it or use one they already have and just give it a deck. It's for fun purposes only. So … like can we get back to the situation at hand please? (looks at the three of them)

FP: Suuuure, why not. Go ahead.

KK: Mkay, anyway, like stated earlier, Ocs are welcome just flush them out please so they won't be all perfect and beautiful because if you give me a character like that, I'm not gonna use it within the story. And you at least have to state how will your character contribute to the story as well. I was also thinking of adding Yubel in there some kind of way. Like pull a Chibi Vampire sort of thing and when she becomes part of Judai, she is reincarnated into maybe a child of his (daughter wise) but will have a different name of course. Just have a really creepy daddy complex.

P: Sounds almost like Chibi-Usa from Sailor Moon with her daddy complex she had with Mamoru. Though it was just plain friggin creepy and wasn't done right. If you use that idea, I think it could be pulled off. You gonna do it in this story or the third part to it?

KK: I'll probably do it in the third story where Judai goes to Manjoume's for the Christmas break. But that's a big if. Right now, mainly concentrating on this story first and seeing what all I can do to make it interesting. My writing is a little rusty so bear with me if you see some mistakes. It's been … awhile … yeah. Sorry about that. Oh and if anyone has any ideas of their own they think might work, feel free to hit me up in my email which should be viewable on my profile page . Make sure you say who you are and why you're emailing me so I won't think your message is spam. Also, if any of you known how to role play, I do have a role playing forum where you all can join. The link to it is on my profile page. The most active one out of the two I have is Love Hina Generation. If you join, make sure you read the rules and follow them as we've no time to baby sit brats that don't know how to behave.

SmiTTy: Seriously. And I got no time to be looking over bios of characters that have no flaws whatsoever or it's filled with a bunch of spelling mistakes that look like a monkey on crack typed it. You post it, I rip you a new one. I am the global mod there at LH, aka Naru bitchez! You set your characters up right, you won't hear my mouth. You set them up like shit, I will tell you they're shit and make you fix it. XP Don't like it, tough. Don't join.

KK: You're so mean, SmiTTy. Anyway, that's basically about it. I was going to give you all some sample ideas of what I've been thinking about but I didn't have time to work on them. So, this for now will do. Sorry for the long wait for those of you who liked it BUT, don't worry, I will probably be coming back to finish this story. So … YAY! I'm alive and I'm back!


P: (hiding in little corner)

KK: Alright, until then! Bye guys!