This is a collection of drabbles - some silly, some serious, most written for different drabble challenges. If you are looking for the particular drabble currently appearing in the summary, just fast forward to the last chapter!

Drabble 1:

Title: Do-Over
Challenge: Fantasies - what does Snape fantasize about?

Rodolphus helps him up after Sirius and James have left. "Blood traitors," he murmurs, scowling. "I know someone who'll take care of Muggle-loving scum like that. I could introduce you…"

"Thanks for the offer, but I think not," Severus says lightly.

He picks up the book he has dropped, and walks over to where Lily Evans is watching, sympathy in her eyes. "Say – I saw you had problems with the Skele-Gro instructions, too – want to go over them together…?"

He opens his eyes and sighs. If he had that moment in time over, that's how it would have gone.

This was written for the Snape100 community on LJ.