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Itachi watched Naruto with a pained expression. How long had he ached to hold Naruto once again? But things could no longer be the way they had been… That's why he had left so long ago, how could he watch the one he loved with a child of his own brother?

"Naruto…" Naruto looked up at Itachi, tears streaming down his eyes. "I have to go…I can't be here…" Naruto eyes struck open.

"Why? Why can't you be here? Then why did you come back AFTER ALL THIS TIME?" Naruto pushed Itachi back, anger started to mix with pain and relief. How long had he waited for him to come back? Wanting to search for him but was held back?

"It wasn't supposed to be like this…" Itachi held back his urge to hold on to Naruto and took a few steps back. "I only wanted to see Takumi…but he followed me…and I panicked when you woke so I ran with Takumi, until I found a spot far enough so I could avoid you while protecting him."

"Is that it…was the only reason you came back was so you could see Takumi? Did you even care about how I felt all this time? You left without saying anything, you left me BEHIND! Do you know what I've went through? How could you…" Naruto could no longer talk, his throat swelled up as he fought the urge to break down. It was painful to continue talking…

Itachi looked down at Naruto and then at Takumi, who had just noticed his mommy's tears. He gave a small pout and patted his mommy's cheek "pain pain go away." Itachi felt a tang of pain… "Naruto I can't be with you. He needs a family. Something we can't give him. He needs his father… I can't do it… I can't destroy his happiness…"

Naruto's heart froze. He doesn't know… Naruto looked up and walked towards Itachi. "Is that what you think? That we can't be together because of Takumi? Takumi's your-" Naruto wasn't able to finish the sentence. A kunai flew between them Itachi and Naruto hitting a tree. Takumi screamed and hugged his mommy, tears threatening to come out.


Sasuke came out of the trees with two other ninjas. "Well…Well…Well… I would never have imagined that you'd fall so low as to steal your own nephew." Old hatred poured out of Sasuke's eyes as he glared at Itachi. He had arrived just in time to stop Naruto. He had known long ago the truth about Naruto's child; even before Naruto had known… long ago at the hospital on that day…


Sasuke was sitting in the doctor's office full of anger. If I hadn't gone at that mission this wouldn't have happen. He didn't know the details yet, but he knew something had happened between his brother and Naruto. Anger grew inside as his thoughts revolved around the two. The doctor came in and sat across Sasuke.

"It seems his condition is good. He just needs some rests, something seemed to have been worrying him and he overexerted himself. All that stress wasn't good for his body, especially in the condition that he is in."

Sasuke looked up at the doctor. "What condition exactly?" The Doctor looked a little bit troubled and sighed. He looked straight at Sasuke. "It's rather peculiar but it seems that having the nine tail fox inside has enabled him to get pregnant, and at a fast rate too. We've done a little research and it seems he got pregnant not too long ago, but it has already developed at three months. At this rate, we can't even determine WHEN he'll even have a child. It all depends how the chakra affects the child's growth."

Sasuke froze in place. Naruto was pregnant, and not only pregnant, but it was more likely to be Itachi's child. If he finds out…. Sasuke knew what would happen. Naruto would choose to be with Itachi and he would lose him forever, he couldn't. He wouldn't let Naruto get away. I won't let you have him. I'll take him away from you Itachi. Sasuke knew exactly what to do…

"Thanks for talking with me Doctor Yamaguchi. I'll see how's Naruto is doing. If you could only do me a favor can you not tell Naruto what you've told me? It would only worry him more. If anything I will explain to him when his condition has gotten better. Doctor Yamaguchi just nodded, "If that's what you want, then we will not inform Naruto about this for now. I'll leave it to you to explain when you can. Now if I may, I have other patients to see." He stood up and shook Sasuke's hands and left the office.

Sasuke only frowned. Itachi will pay for what he's done. As he walked towards Naruto room he overhead they're conversation as Itachi said "No matter what or who you'll choose. I'll accept it. I loved you for so long Naruto and I don't want to lose you now that I've had you in my hands but I don't want you to suffer. I don't want to hurt you anymore." Sasuke scowled. I will make you pay. I'll make sure to crush your dreams with EVER being with him.

"Well, Well, Well, isn't this a pretty sight?" Sasuke stood in the middle of the doorway with piercing red eyes and a glare only thrown at the one person he had ever seen as a rival, Itachi . . .

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