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Chapter Thirty-Two

"But I wanted a little brother, not a little sister," Nathan pouted as he looked at the sleeping newborn resting peacefully in Will's arms.

Jack and Will laughed warmly at their son's comment. "Sorry darling," Will chuckled, "but at least you still get to be a big brother."

"Oh Will," Elizabeth cooed as she rubbed the little girl's cheeks, "she's so beautiful."

Jack felt his chest expand with pride as a broad smile graced his lips. Everyone seemed to agreed that their baby was the prettiest thing any of them had ever seen. The little girl's head had gone back to a slightly normal shape and her skin was now a healthy shade of pink. Her pretty eyes were a soft chocolate brown with long lashes, her hair was black with soft curls, and her little lips were already full and red.

"Aye, that she is," Jack smiled as he ran his fingers over the girl's soft black hair.

"What's her name?" Nathan asked innocently.

"We haven't thought of one yet," Will shrugged.

"Alright everyone, clear out," the Doctor announced as he entered the hut. "Mr. Turner needs his rest."

"Fine then, I'll jus' take the baby fer a while," Jack offered as he carefully took the infant out of Will's arms. He smiled as the newborn curled up closer to him as he held her in his arms.

"Goodnight Daddy," Nathan said as he wrapped his arms around Will and placed a kiss on his father's cheek. "I love you."

"I love you too Nathan," Will replied, returning the hug and kiss.

As soon as they left the hut, Jack spotted Anamaria's crew gathered around the fire pit talking and chatting amongst themselves as they roasted what looked like wild boar over the open flames. Jack had asked Anamaria about the island and the female pirate had told him that it had all started when her men had liberated a ship full of slaves. Some of the men and women on board said that they had no desire to go back to their homeland, fearing that they might be captured again and turned into slaves anyway, so the pirate captain had welcomed them to her island and the people had made it their home. Seeing how well the island prospered under their care some of her men had asked if they could bring their own families to the island so that they wouldn't live in fear of anti-pirating laws. The island soon became much more than just a place to horde and hide treasure, it was now a home for outlaws and people seeking freedom.

"Jack," Anamaria called as she approached the other captain. Jack was surprised when he saw that she was holding a bottle in one hand and a basket full of goods in the other. "Here," she said as she handed him the bottle. "It's for the baby."

Jack frowned as he carefully took the bottle in hand. "Thank ye lass... err.. Captain," he said he examined the contents of the bottle. Not surprisingly, it was milk and Jack had a feeling that he knew exactly what type of milk it was. "This wouldn' be from yer own personal supply now would it?"

The woman frowned and Jack was surprised to feel Elizabeth slapping his back from behind. "It ain't mine," Anamaria half growled. "It's from the women. They wanted me ta give this ta you an' Will."

Jack motioned for Elizabeth to take the basket since he was currently busy holding his baby. The young woman did so, holding it in her arms so she could look through its content. Peeking over her shoulder, Jack saw that the basket was actually a bassinet for the baby to sleep and was in filled to the brim with baby goods. There were blankets, a pillow, toys, clothes, even little cloths and pins for diapers.

"Well, they certainly are a helpful bunch o' ladies," Jack mused as he began feeding the infant. "Elizabeth why don' ye go put those things away in the hut an' then take Nathan ta get some dinner."

"Can't I stay and help you with the baby, Papa Jack?" Nathan asked.

"Sorry son," he laughed. "Ye need ta go get dinner. I'll catch up with the two o' ye."

Nathan nodded reluctantly as he followed Elizabeth back towards the Doctor's hut.

Jack motioned for Anamaria to follow him as he began walking towards the beach. The moon was full tonight and the massive waves crashed onto the beach. "I 'ave a feelin' that these ladies are tryin' ta tell us somethin' with all these gifts."

Anamaria nodded. "They want Will an' the children ta stay here," she told him. "They're worried that you're gonna take Will and the children back onto the Pearl. They don' think it's safe for small children ta live on a pirate ship."

Jack laughed softly. It was ironic that these women Anamaria was talking about hadn't even met them, but they already seemed to think exactly like Will. Perhaps Will really did think like a woman? "Will had said the same thing ta me," he sighed, "but I doubt that he'll want ta stay here."

"An' why is dat?" Anamaria said, already starting to get offended.

"It's a pirate community luv," Jack said simply. "Will told me he wanted the children ta be raised somewhere... normal. I can try ta talk him into the idea o' stayin' here, but I dunno if he would go for it."

"Well, if he's as against the idea of takin' his children onto a pirate ship as the women here are, then he'll at least consider it."


"Stay here? On the island?" Will repeated sceptically. "I don't know about that, Jack."

"Why not?" Jack pushed. "It'll be a great place ta raise the children. The ladies here are more than helpful an' the men said they'd be willin' ta build ye yer own hut."

The truth of the matter was that Jack really did like the idea of Will and the children living here. Sure the homes left something to be desired and there weren't many opportunities for a blacksmith to find work, but he felt that it was a perfect fit for all of them. Will and the children would be safe and Jack would have easy access to them. Little Nathan had already made fast friends with some of the younger lads and since all the women had taken such a shine to Will, he could count on them to make sure that the stubborn young man didn't work himself to death.

"But they're pirates Jack," Will stressed. "I told you that I wanted the children to have options and not be forced into piracy."

"Not everyone here is a pirate, luv," he pointed out. "Besides, I'm sure havin' ye around would be such a help ta the community. Think of how much work ye'll get done here. You'll definitely be appreciated and well respected."

Will sighed as he looked over at their baby sleeping peacefully in her new bassinet. "I don't know, Jack. It just wouldn't feel right being here."

Jack pretended to pout as he sat down in the bunk that he had found for Will. "But this way I'll be able ta see all of ye as much as I want," he pointed out. "Don' ye want the children ta get ta know their Papa Jack?"

A weary sigh escaped the blacksmith's lips as he sat up straighter in his bunk. "It isn't normal!" Will argued. "That's all I want for the children, a chance at normality. Living here, in this place, with these people... I'd feel like I was giving them some sort of disadvantage."

The pirate frowned at the blacksmith's words. The young man always had been a stubborn fool so he hadn't expected him to make this easy. "Darlin'," Jack started as he held Will's hands in his. "I know that yer afraid, but ye don't have ta be. As long as the children are safe and loved then they'll be jus' fine."

Jack watched as the young man considered his words, his chocolate brown orbs filling with worry and uncertainty. "Alright," he said at last, "we'll stay for a few months, but if I still don't feel comfortable here than we'll find somewhere else."

Jack smiled as he leaned in to press a kiss onto Will's lips. "We have an accord," he said. "Now what 'bout our pretty little lass? Any thoughts on a name for her yet, because I've managed ta come up with a few."

The blacksmith sighed, rolling his eyes at the older man. "No Jack," Will said in exasperation, "we are not naming our daughter after your ship."

Jack frowned, pursing his lips in disappointment. "But Pearl is such a pretty name."

"It's the name of your ship," Will countered. "Our baby deserves a name that's unique and her own, not one taken from another person or object."

This from a man who was named after his father! "I suppose that means 'Wilhemina' is out of the question?" Will frowned, not at all amused by the pirate's comment. There's that hateful look I'd gotten so used to! Where have ye been these past few months, darlin'? "Well then, what d'ye want ta name the little lass?"

Will was silent as he took a moment to consider the name. "Rosemary," he said finally.

"Rosemary?" Jack repeated. He looked at the baby, smiling as he thought of her new name. "What d'ye think lass? Rosemary?"

The baby gurgled as her lip twitched upward in what appeared to be a smile.

"I think she approves," Will chuckled.

"Well then, Rosemary it is."

The End