Don't Die on Me

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters or Hustle

Summary: Missing scene (ep2, series 1) from when Danny got shot. Mickey takes control

Rating: T

Mickey suppressed his anger as he watched Danny fall to his knees, blood spreading in a patch across his shirt. 'Dammit Danny' Mickey thought angrily, 'I told you by the book' as Danny gasped 'Frank'.

How fast the situation changed… was beyond Mickey. One minute everything was going to plan and then… it was all out of control. His breathing suddenly became deeper and quickened, his heart pumped wildly against his chest as the room suddenly became longer, almost swallowing them up as Danny's body fell back down on the floor, his body slumping heavily. With Stacie's scream still echoing in his ears, he froze in the well furnished and overpriced room, not knowing his next move.

'Get me out of here Frank' Stacie pleaded with the overweight mark, grabbing hold of his arms from the back, trying to pull him away from the prone Danny. He kicked out viciously, his face contorted in feral rage, and Danny made a feeble attempt to move his body into a foetal position, moaning in undisguised pain.

'Go' Mickey said, regaining his posture, 'You can't be found here… it's ok, I'll take care of things'. With that Stacie hurried to the door, closely followed by Frank. Mickey watched and waited for Frank to disappear out of site before dropping down to Danny's head, cupping it, gently in his hands. He let the gun with the blank bullets drop to the floor beside him. 'Don't die on me Danny' he pleaded as Danny slowly moved his body, as a quiet moan escaped his lips. He took his mobile out of his pocket, and snapped it open, 'Ambulance' he barked at the operator, looking at the amount of blood spreading out across Danny's shirt, and coming back to the operators voice he reeled of the address of Frank's club.

'Can you please state the manner of the emergency, sir?' the operator asked

'My friend, he's been shot' Mickey informed her, looking down at Danny's face, as his eyes fluttered open and closed

'Ok, sir' the operator said, calmly, 'an ambulance is on it's way, but in the mean time, just keep pressure on…' he snapped the phone shut and dropped it to the floor, moving his body, so he could place his hand over the alarming amount of blood seeping through, pressing down.

Danny's eyes suddenly fluttered open, and a breathless moan, escaped from his lips.

'I know, I know' Mickey said gently, 'The ambulance will be here soon… your going to be fine'

'I… think… I'm… dying' Danny managed to whisper out.

'No… your not Danny' Mickey reassured him, 'Not on my watch anyway. I've got plans for you… you did well today.'

'I did?' Danny asked as, opening his eyes, in the distance there was the faint, but unmistakeable sound of sirens.

'Yeah… you did real good' Mickey said, smiling down at him, 'You totally sold the idea to him, because you figured out what makes him tick' Danny smiled slightly than grimaced, his eyes closing, 'Stay with me Danny' Mickey ordered, shaking his shoulder, but Danny didn't respond – instead his head rolled sideways, as he slipped into the depths of unconsciousness 'Don't die on me Danny' Mickey pleaded, as he pressed harder on to his bloodied shirt