The package came, unmarked except for the name of the recipient in bold handwriting. The box was stained with water droplets probably from the rain the previous night. As the box was carried in, he set it on the kitchen table and opened it slowly. Using the knife he found left over from the morning's breakfast, he stabbed it with all his might and then slowly drew it across the box. Pealing the box open, he grabbed the letter that lay on top, and unfolded twice.

Dear Rem, it said. I know you don't want me sending things to you, but I thought if it were for your birthday, you wouldn't be too mad. You never return my letters, nor let me in your home, and so I had no idea what to get you. I ended up buying you everything I thought you would like. There are books, including that encyclopedia set you always wanted, some good muggle movies Ginny and I tested out and something to play them in. I bought your favorite candy from Honeydukes, and some of Zonko's new jokes. I even got you a few free meals at the Three Broomsticks.

Yet all these things will never be enough to statisfy me. I wish I were with you Rem, celebrating with a bottle of firewhiskey and and curling up in the grass watching the stars. I wish I could hold you close and fall asleep in your arms. But these are just dreams, never to become reality I love you Remus, from the bottom of my heart.

Ginny Weasley"

He put down the tear stained letter and wiped away his own silent tears that slid slowly down his weathered face. "You shouldn't have, Gin." he whispered. "You shouldn't have.