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"Kyuubi speech"

'Kyuubi thought'

(I don't know Japanese so…techniques are in English, Sorry)

Oh yes…This is a NARUTO x HINATA FIC! LONG LIVE NARUHINA! MWHAHAHAHA! Also I might add slight Lee x Sakura, Shika x Tenmari and/or Ayame x Neji (Lol I dunno why but I find that last pair funny and I just seem to think Neji x Ten-Ten over done)



Naruto walked down the roads which lead to the fire nation and soon to his home village. It had been three years since he had last laid eyes upon the town that hated him and whom he protected everyday.

"ah I see, kit your on the way back to the snake hole…"

'Shut up! I told you once before, Kohona is a place of gold…' naruto thought angrily to the fox.

"Then if it is golden why are you treated like…" the Kyuubi stated pompously.

Naruto flared with anger, 'Gold may be pretty but it takes steel to defend it!' Suddenly a picture of a girl with pearl like eyes standing before him with a blush entered his mind.

Kyubbi began a fit of laughter, "It seems kit has found his own gold eh?" 'Bout time too'

Naruto face flushed and tripped on a stone in the path and fell on his face causing more laughter from the fox.

Ever since leaving with Ero-Sennin who at the moment was MIA, Naruto had begun to converse with the fox more often, even though they both still fought with each other they had begun to gain a sense of trust between them and even to the point of calling Naruto kit. Which to the demon meant a lot since he never had a child, and began to treat this one as his own…he remembered the conversation they had after a day of training…


Flashback- Dreamscape

Naruto woke with a start, last he remembered, he was in a clearing perfecting the "über-fist o' doom technique" which consisted of filling his hand with chakra to the point that it would glow blue and then send out a chakra spike before the fist itself made contact. And now he was…'Aw shit!' he thought as he looked around and saw the dark grey walls and heard the sound of dripping water.

He slowly stood you and began to walk toward the room that held the kitsune.

The demon smiled at seeing a boy clad in orange and black walk toward him. 'This boy has something I have never seen in a human before…' he thought to himself.

"BAKA! I TOLD YOU BEFORE AND I'LL TELL YOU AGAIN! I WILL NOT LET YOU FEAST ON THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT!" yelled a now peeved blonde. All this week he had to put up with ,what he would call, whining of the demon for the taste of blood.

"I assure you boy I didn't call you here to ask for that again…besides innocent ones taste like chocolate…I am more of a miso-fox…which is more of courage mixed with evil…" the fox began to ramble.

Naruto sweat-dropped while he stared at the towering fox. Before the fox would never just talk, it would always be demands or sarcastic remarks. "Oi! Baka Fox I really don't care but why the hell did you summon me?" said in his distinctive shouting. He smirked and then finished his shout, "Is it because you gotta go to the bathroom and the pipe is leaking? Sorry I am not a plumber…" Naruto began to laugh.

Kyuubi began to growl which made Naruto stop and stare at the gigantic creature. "Boy! Stop acting like such a fool! You and I both know you are a lot smarter than to lead on to!" Naruto looked as if he was going to protest before the fox cut him to the chase, "Don't give me any bullshit! I live in your MIND! I KNOW what you think, do and act!" said the fox dangerously.

The smirk on Naruto's face dropped. His voice turned very serious and stated, "Then you KNOW why I have been forced to act like this! I had to because of you, you Son-of-a…"

Kyubbi yelled, "DO YOU WANT TO FINISH THAT STATEMENT!" his eyes glinted and began to pump charka into his eyes and shoved his claws through the gate.

Naruto let out an audible gulp and whispered, "…uh…vixen?"

The fox smiled and said softer, "Much better! But why must you blame ME for everything?"

Naruto's mouth fell agape, "W-w-WHY! YOU DAMN FOX DO YOU RELIZE WHAT YOU DID TO ME!"

"yes, you no longer have to put up with the trash that are humans…"


"And they say you're dumb…you might be a card short but you are still smart enough to keep yourself safe…I told you so…"He added the last part to annoy the boy.

The boy looked dumbfounded, he never found the fox so…friendly…if you could call it that… "WHA-? Whatever just tell me why you need to speak to me for and then I would like to go and get to a pleasant dream…"

"About the white eyed female?" the demon said with a smirk.

"Ye-…WAIT YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT?" said the now angering boy.

"OF COURSE! I told you, I LIVE in YOUR mind. I know everything you think, do , see, hear, touch, eat, like, dislike and DREAM!" said the exasperated Demon.

Naruto blushed, "So could you tell me why I can't stop thinking about her… I mean I hardly even talked to Hinata before I left and now every time I think about Kohona she pops into my mind…"

A burst of laughter came from the giant kitsune, "Kit your smitten with her…"

An odd expression came across Naruto's face before he retaliated, "T-T-That is not true! I love Sakura-chan!"

The kitsune's face turned grave, "Really?"


"What is your birthday?"

"October 10" Naruto replied confused but happily. "The worst day in your life" Naruto prodded to get ruse from the demon…he got none.

"When is this "HINATA" girl's birthday?"

"December 27" he smiled confidently

"When is pinky's birthday?


"How can you like her when you don't even know her birthday let alone LOVE her when you know another girl's birthday by heart? Besides her Birthday is March 28…remember the day when you forgot to get her a present and were thrown into the garbage…It took me a week to heal the concussion and the broken nose…"

Naruto grimaced at the memory…that is where he had got the idea for the "über-fist o' doom technique". Then he suddenly got an idea to prove that he liked Sakura, " I know many people's birthday like…uh…Iruka-sensei and the third's and and and um… well…" He paused trying to remember some other birthdays.

"My point exactly you only know those two because you love them…Iruka as a father or brother and the third as a grandpa…also the fact it is a FREAKING NATIONAL HOLIDAY! You only remember things like that about your extremely precious people Naruto…" stated the Kyuubi

He thought on that for a moment, thoughts fling through his head a mile a minute. When he was about to respond the giant fox stopped him form his ponderings…

"We will worry about vixens later Kit, I called you here because I am going to offer you something that I thought I would never do…and this is your ONLY chance!"

"Pifft! It's probably really stupid…Beside why would you offer me something?"

The Kitsune smiled, "Because you have the divine spark…"

"Wha-?" asked a puzzled blonde

"To be expected…It is a trait that no human has ever received from Kami-sama…except you…"said a gravely serious Kyuubi.

The boy stared at his form for a minute, "Coo-l! Do get cool jutsu or awesome eyes like the bastard or Hinata?" his face grinning eagerly.

The beast chuckled, "No. The divine spark is your soul, kit. It allows you to judge someones character with one glance and decide one's fate…to see if they are good or bad…to determine if they live or die…you are god's tool in ridding the world of evil…Usually demon's are given this task…you are the first human."

"So…. I am kind of like a Santa Clause of Death?" asked the boy.

The demon sighed, "No….you know what? For the sake of argument I changed my mind. Yes, Yes you are the Santa Clause of death." Said a very annoyed fox.


"Yes, yes. Anyway as I was saying boy, I offer you something you have always wanted. Power, Friendship and…Family." The great fox did something very unlike the demon he was, when he whispered the last part.


The fox rolled his eyes, "I want to make you my son, I will be your father… I shall grant you the powers of a half-demon kitsune and the jutsu of my demon clan."

Naruto's eyes began to water…he was just offered to have a father, a hated demon fox for a father but it was a REAL father, "You…want to be my father and you will…give me powers of a half-demon?...What are these powers?"

'Ahh quick on the uptake, I knew he wasn't as stupid as he looks.' "Ahh! The powers, boy, are very powerful. I will essentially make you a Kitsune half-demon, you will gain many powers in genjutsu, speed, power over fire, help of our brethren, immense chakra reserves, our appearance and immortality in a sense."

Naruto gasped at then amount he had to gain but soon he remembered an old proverb, 'In order for something to be received, something of equal value must be lost.' After thinking this he looked into the demon's eyes and asked, "What do you gain…I mean I gain a father and many powers, almost everything I always wanted…what do you get?"

The kyuubi smiled evilly, "Remember the divine spark you have? When it tells you someone should die…you let me take over and kill them and enjoy their blood."

Naruto gasped again, "WHAT! How can I trust you? How do I know you won't take over at will and destroy Kohona or kill my precious or innocent people?"

"A demon's word is binding, and I give you my word, If you become my son I will not harm anyone without your permission…Besides you have the seal just use it and I can't do anything remember?"

"Oh…"Naruto was still in shock

"So do you accept the terms and become my son and heir?"

Naruto looked into the demons eyes. Soon a smile crossed his face and said for the first time in his life and savored every moment of it,

"Yes father" he said as he dropped to one knee and bowed.



How was that for beginning? This is my first Naruto Fic so be kind… I know this is short but I want to make the next chapter to longer and this is just a taste of what I am planning. I have many things in store for the young man named Naruto Uzumaki. I hope to have the next chapter up soon…but I am kind of lazy so it might be awhile for the next update…so be patient.

Next time: The " New" Naruto and his return.

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