My first Avatar story and my twelfth story overall, this is a onshot on how to tell whether you are obsessed with Avatar.

You would rather poke your own eyes out with red hot pokers than read a story of a pairing you don't like.

If asked to name the major religions of the world, you will respond without hesitation," Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and Avatarism."

Blue arrows are a recurring theme in your doodles.

Or flame insignas.

Regardless if there is a new episode, every Friday night at 8:00 you sit in front of your television and stare at it for a half hour without turning it on.

You have a shrine dedicated to DiMartino and Koneitzko in your bedroom.

If asked to name three major religious symbols, you answer," The cross, the star of David, and the blue arrow."

Every single report or project that you do is based either Avatar or the cultures of Asia.

One entire side of your favorite binder/folder is decorated with either arrows or flames.

After every new episode, you get online or on the phone with your closest fan friend, and have a two hour analysis of a half hour episode.

The analysis usually sounds something like this," Okay, so she took three steps forward, and started with her right foot, and ended on her right as well. When she stopped walking, was her weight in the left or right foot?"

" I think it was the left foot."

" Lemme check my book on body language…….Let's see, three steps starting on the right foot, ending with weight in left foot…………….. it means that she was thinking about getting something to eat!"

" Ooooh, now what about Momo's noises?"

" What sounds did he make?"

" Cheep squeal chirp chatter."

" That should mean………"

You consider non-fans the "unbelievers" and do not hesitate to tell them that.

You have every rumor on the new episode memorized, as well as your own theories.

You are seriously considering forming the Brotherhood of Cabbage People.

If you were given the option between being crowned Supreme Ruler of the World or watching the new episode, you would take the new episode, hands down.

You devote hours to pondering questions like what nation your cat would be if he/she was a member of Avatar.

You announce discoveries like this to random strangers.

Your family no longer questions this behavior.

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