I'm sorry that I haven't written a sequel, like I promised, but I'm afraid that the sequel won't be happening(My explanation is at the end of the chapter). As a consolation, I wrote this bonus chapter, something I hope you enjoy.

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You have a pre-avatar ritual, which you righteously perform before every episode. It takes you three hours to complete this ritual, not including the hours which you spend watching the previous five episodes online. You do this even if it is not a new episode.

The ritual involves burning candles in front of a shrine detailing your favorite pairing, chanting, and sacrificing fruit to the gods in hopes of an amazing episode.

When you look up in the sky, you look for clouds that are shaped like Appa.

When you do see one of the above you scream 'APPA!' to all of your friends, even the ones who are unbelievers.

You also randomly search the sky for clouds from Aunt Wu's cloud book and when you see one shaped like a fluffy bunny, you are terrified of volcanic doom and don't hesitate to warn everyone in the area by screaming and/or running for cover.

You refer to the Loch Ness monster as the Unagi, and present a report detailing your theory to your unimpressed biology class.

You want to try cactus juice.

When your family has a reunion in the Grand Canyon, you spend most of the weekend in the hospital, due to poisoning from the half-dozen cacti you sampled juice from.

You make valiant attempts to convince anyone who will listen/watch that you are a bender.

You insist that instead of going to the Dominican Republic for your family vacation, you want to go to Ba Sing Sae and throw a temper tantrum on the plane when your parents refuse and try to tell you that it's not a real place.

When you try to explain to them (after your tantrum) that you need to go help the Avatar overthrow the Dai Lee, they totally ignore you and you end up throwing another one.

You are forbidden to ever fly with this airline again.

You are convinced that during the Solar Eclipse you must travel to the fire nation to help overthrow the Fire Lord.

You want to travel to the North Pole so you can meet the Northern Water Tribe.

You buy all of the avatar episodes possible and them stay up all night so you can watch them all in order.

During a full moon, you just like to sit and stare at it.

When you visit the zoo, you ask where you can find the platypus bears.

When you are told that no such animal exists, you cause quite a spectacle as you storm from the zoo, threatening to sue.

All the people you know with similar names to Avatar characters get renamed. For example, Zack becomes Zuko, Katherine becomes Katara, and Tom becomes Toph.

When you switch peoples' names to their character names, you disregard gender.

Upon being grounded from the TV and missing the newest episode of Avatar, you ask Ozai-Or as your ignorant siblings call him, Dad-why he didn't just burn half your face off and make it less painful.

When you receive your punishment for the above action (You have to mow the lawn and are on garbage duty for the next week), you try to bargain with him, asking if he would prefer for you to bring back the Avatar and restore your honor, and more importantly, your TV privileges.

You try to convince your school to change the name of your sports teams to 'the freedom fighters', and make the school mascot dress up as Jet.

You organize a protest rally to march to the Nickelodeon headquarters to demand another season of Avatar.

When that doesn't work, you make plans to hold DiMartino or Koneitzkos' children hostage until you get a new episode.

You actually pull off the above plan, and probably would have gotten away with it if your mom hadn't come into your room to look for her car keys.

You know you're obsessed with Avatar when you write lists like this.

You know you're obsessed with Avatar when you review lists like this.

I guess that means we're all obsessed with Avatar.

To all the fans who were hoping to see a sequel to this: I'm sorry, but I've left the Avatar fandom, mostly because my Avatar muse has dried up. I hope you enjoyed it, and aren't too mad at me for not writing a sequel! I hope you all have many happy fic-readings and see lots of cool new episodes, hopefully starting this fall.

Your Devoted Authoress,