Summary: Kira has been hiding the truth from Athrun that she is a girl. On their graduation day, Kira decides on telling Athrun about her secret, but before Kira could say a word, she immediately fell into tears because of what Athrun had told her.

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Chapter 1: 'Till We Meet Again

At Athrun's house (the night before his graduation)

In front of Athrun's door

"So you'll go at my house at around, umm, what time?" asked by a little brown-haired kid.

"Uhuh," replied with a nod by a small blue-haired boy not really paying attention at what his companion was saying while searching for his keys.

Kira sighed, "You know Athrun, you could just ring the doorbell," Kira said while reaching for it.

"Hey!" shouted Athrun and at the same time slapping Kira's poor hands.

"Ouch!" Kira shouted after being slapped by Athrun, "What was that all about?" questioned Kira in a complaining voice with a pouting tone while rubbing her now aching hand.

"Kira, lower your voice," Athrun said in an almost growling voice. "If my father were to find out or hear about this, he would probably get angry at me for losing my keys. This is the second time I lost it this month and if people were to hear about this, they would probably think that the chairman of the supreme council of Zaft's son is an irresponsible child, reputation here is at stakes." Said Athrun in an almost whisper voice but still growling tone that no natural could hear, but Kira being a coordinator heard everything as clear as water.

"Here about what?" questioned Kira with a face as innocent as ever.

"About me losing my keys, you idiot!" Athrun shouted at Kira.

"Hey! Do not call me an idiot; I am not the one who lost my keys to my house," retorted Kira, her hands on her waist.

"You're right," Athrun said aloud for Kira to hear but still in a calm way, "there is no way for you to lose your keys since you always forget to bring them or always leaves it at your house." Athrun smirked at his proud statement 'there is no way he could reply from what I said.' thought Athrun.

"I hate this," said Kira in a pouting way.

"Hate what?" Athrun asked in confusion and at shock at the sudden change of the topic.

"I hate you always winning our fights," answered Kira in a defeated tone.

After a few minutes

Athrun sighed and then chuckled then said in a calm manner "Kira, it only shows that you should always listen to me so that we wouldn't end up fighting and you losing, okay?"

"Okay," Kira said with a smile, "but," Kira added, "what you said, is that an advice or an insult?" Kira asked with a laugh.

"Both," answered by Athrun in a firm and strong voice then a huge grin came on Athruns face. Then both kids just started laughing until they heard the door open and some coughing sounds beside them.

Cough, cough, and cough

Athrun was lost for the moment but once he regained his composure he immediately glared at an amethyst eyed boy, giving him a 'did you ring the doorbell while I wasn't looking or while I was still talking' look.

Kira felt the hard glare shot at her by Athrun and started waving her hands that says 'no, it wasn't me, I didn't ring the doorbell, and really it wasn't me'. Athrun just hardened his glare. Patrick Zala just sighed at the long silence then starting to understand what was going on now between the two; starting to feel sorry for Kira for having to receive his sons long death glares, finally spoke, " I didn't hear the doorbell ring, but I did hear two little voices, screaming their lungs out." Said by Patrick Zala, "oh, and Athrun, you left your keys this morning at the table during breakfast," he added

The silence came again

"Oh," was all that came out from Athruns mouth.

"Oops, sorry 'bout the noise Uncle Patrick" said Kira with her innocent so ever face. Then she looked at her watch, then this time approached both Zala's and said, "I need to go now, I still need to prepare my room for later when Athrun comes and sleeps there."

"Don't you want to go in for awhile and have a drink or a snack maybe?" offered Patrick Zala.

"Thanks, but no thanks. If I don't go now and start cleaning my room, I would never finish," Kira said in a very polite manner with a smile.

Athrun chuckled, "okay then, so that by the time I get to your house, I would probably be able to spot your room," Athrun teased with a smirk in his face.

"See yah later Athrun, Uncle Patrick, bye," Kira said while running to the direction of her house and waving at them at the same time, not looking on her way.

"Okay, bye Kira. See yah later & watch where you're going!" Athrun shouted at Kira then smiled.

"Athrun" called by his father.

Remembering who was left with him, Athrun said "yes?" to the person who was calling his name.

"We need to talk," said by Patrick Zala in a very cold way.

"Talk about what?" Athrun asked in curiosity.

"About your mother," replied by his father in a tone of cold and sadness.

"What about-" Athrun was cut-off by his father, not able to finish his question.

"We will talk inside," Patrick Zala said in an unusual, very cold and impatient manner.

Athrun's POV

Never have I ever heard in my 13 years of living my father use that tone with me nor to anyone or even to those who failed their tasks, well as far as I know or can remember. This must be very important. Nevertheless, what is it that he wants to talk to me about my mother? I would just probably find out eventually or maybe even now. I think that he wants to talk to me ASAP because he has been tapping his foot, urging me to go inside toward our living room. So both of us went inside towards our living room and then we sat onto opposing side, so now we are face to face with one another. 'This must be really serious,' then one of the house helpers came in and brought two glasses of water, one for my father and of course, one for me. After we both took a sip on our glass of water, hmm I think my father got wine and not water, but anyway after that, our conversation began.

Kira's POV

Wow, I actually finished cleaning my room, I was even able to hide my girl stuffs, not wanting Athrun to freak out once he enters my room, I don't want him thinking I'm gay or something like that. "Today's the day I would tell him that I'm a girl." I said to my parents when they passed by my room, shocked and has the question "what happened here, why is this room so clean, and hey where are you girl stuffs?" written all over their faces. You see, it was always I who goes to Athrun's house, well actually most of the time and the "sometimes" that was left, Athrun sleeps in my house, not just in my room for I was always sick, don't know why. He keeps on saying, "For some coordinator, you get sick so often." So today would be the day where in Athrun would sleep in my room. I really cannot believe I finished cleaning my room, yippee! I am so proud of myself and my work. I think that this is the best thing that I have ever done in my 12 whole years of living. Hmmm… I still have 1 hour to spare. I remember Athrun telling me that he would already eat at his house that is why I already ate my dinner. A nice shower seems nice; I think I will just hit the showers then. Kira pondered to herself.

Athrun's POV

I immediately lost my appetite after my conversation with my father and immediately ran to my room, which where I am now, sulking about the two things that my father told me.


"Athrun," his father said to him, "your mother," then Patrick Zala looked at the cheery face in his son, and Athrun noticed this so he gave his father a nod saying that 'I'm listening.' So he continued on what he was saying, "she's dead." Athrun was playing with his glass, since he was holding it, too much shock went to him and so his glass slipped from his little hands, shattered into pieces on the floor. It seems that Athrun lost his voice for no words would come out of his mouth but he was able to manage to whisper a soft "what?" with a cracking voice. 'I thought I just heard wrong, then my father repeated what he was saying a while ago with more details.' "Your mother was killed by those naturals. They sabotaged the place she was staying at with nukes. Thousands of lives died, including your mother. They say that us coordinators is disgust in this world but what they did is the one that is disgusting, those ignorant fools. Your mother is now dead, she is never going to come back, she will never return, that is why we are going to PLANTS. We are leaving for PLANTS tomorrow. I will take revenge on those naturals and I swear that I will kill everyone of their kind. Tomorrow after your graduation we will leave for PLANTS, understand? He asked me. I was not able to answer because of my shock and also because of the hatred building right now and now filling me, so my father just left me alone in the living room, alone with my thoughts wandering in my head and my hatred for those naturals.

End of Flashback

While lying down at my bed staring at the ceiling, I closed my eyes. Then I said loud enough for me to hear "they took my mother away and now they are parting me from Kira, what's next?" I asked myself, and then I saw a picture playing in my head wherein Kira, being slaughtered by a group of naturals while I was just standing there, frozen. I can see myself tremble in fear and not being able to do anything. I wanted to use my body to shield him but I could not move. I wanted to protect him but I couldn't. Then tears started pouring down from my eyes and then I looked into my hands to see nothing but Kira's blood, then I saw Kira's body dead, but I can hear him say, "You said you'd protect me, so why didn't you protect me?" The image kept on playing; it goes on and on, it would never stop until tears already poured down from my eyes, "Kira, I swear I'll protect you, I will not lose you," then I just laid there, eyes closed, tears pouring and unconsciously I 'am being drifted to sleep.

End of POV

At the Yamato's residence

"Where is he?" a little brown haired girl asked worriedly, afraid that something bad had happened to her friend.

"Kira," Kira's mother called. "Yes?" was the reply that Ms. Caridad Y. received. "I received a call from one of the household helpers of Athrun and I am afraid to say that he couldn't make it-" she was cut-of by a very loud gasp from an amethyst-eyed girl "did something happened to Athrun, what's wrong? Is he okay? Should I go to his house? What-" eyes wide close to tears, non-stop questions are being asked but was stopped by her mother, "nothing happened, it's just that, Athrun and his father, well, we could say they had a family crisis or something like that, Athrun didn't get hurt physically." The last word of Ms. Caridad's statement said more to herself rather. Kira was sure that her mother said something that she was not able to hear but instead of asking about it, she just shrugged it off and yawned.

"Hmph," Kira pouted. "I was planning to tell him tonight about me being a girl." Kira said followed by another yawn.

"You'll just have to wait 'till tomorrow to tell him that, okay dear?" Haruma, Kira's father, said.

"Hmm" Kira said while nodding and yawning, saying 'okay' to her father.

"You seem tired, what's wrong?" asked Kira's mother, worried.

"Well, I fixed my room today, remember? I even hid my girly stuffs so that Athrun wouldn't freak out or something" Kira said, another yawn came from her, yawn.

"Of course who wouldn't get tired fixing their rooms especially your room, Kira?" Her father teased. "I get it, I get it. Next time I would never forget to fix my room," Kira said. "Yawn, I am so sleepy, I guess I'll go to bed now, goodnight mom, dad" Kira said while climbing up the stairs groggily.

"Goodnight" said her parents in unison, suppressing a laugh at Kira's sleepiness.

The next thing you know, Kira is already cuddled up in bed, getting ready to sleep and for the next day, that awaits her.

The next day

The Yamato's and the Zala's met at the ceremony for Athrun's graduation. The three adults took their seats while Athrun, removing his gaze from the three adults, turned around and was about to go and prepare until he met a pair of amethyst eyes, glaring at him.

Kira came to his sight and said "Athrun, you made me clean my room for no reason at all" Kira pouted, hands at her hips. Athrun just found it very funny and unconsciously, he allowed a laugh to escape his mouth.

"And what's so funny?" again Kira pouted.

"Nothing" was the lifeless reply from Athrun Zala because he suddenly remembered what happened last night. A frown replaced Athrun's smile. He suddenly remembered that today's the day he'll be leaving for PLANTS. 'I'll be leaving for PLANTS today' Athrun thought sadly. "Kira-" Athrun spoke but was cut-off by an energetic brunette. "Yah know, you should be smiling not frowning, did you know how early I have to wake up just to get here." Kira sighed not letting Athrun cut her off, she immediately spoke in a serious tone. "Let's meet later, okay? I need to tell you something," then starting to become so excited especially about the thought that she would be telling Athrun her you know what. Athrun tried to force a smile so that Kira wouldn't worry about him but it didn't look like a smile one bit. "Athrun are you al-" Kira wasn't able to finish because she was cut-off by Athrun. "Okay" Athrun said.

"Huh?" asked a very confused brunette.

"Okay, later let's meet, I have to tell you something too." Athrun said.

"Oh, okay then, later at that big cherry tree," Kira stated while pointing at it, "the place where we first met, wherein everything began." Kira added with a giggle.

"Okay" Athrun replied and was able to force a laugh . "I have to go now; I think that the ceremony would probably be starting, I don't wanna be late." Athrun added with a grin.

"Oh, I should be going too, my parents might be worried already," Kira said, grinning.

"Then see yah later!" Athrun said, running off. "You too!" shouted Kira then started heading at her seat.

At the cherry tree

"you're leaving me?" questioned by a brown-haired girl with watery eyes and tears pouring down.

"we'll meet again" said Athrun "you'll come too, okay?" questioned by an azure haired boy. "You'll follow me too in plants when you graduate, okay?" "I'll wait for you there" said Athrun

"Kira?" Athrun saw tears running down from amethyst eyes.

Without thinking, Athrun hugged her and wiped her tears with his hands, forcing Kira to look into her friend's deep emerald eyes.

"Athrun" Kira whispered, still not being able to accept the departure of her friend.

"I promise you I'll protect you and will never hurt you again like this, I'll swear I'll never make you cry like this." Athrun promised.

Kira's POV

'there is no need for him to worry more about me, so I guess I'll have to wait to tell him that I'm a girl. Maybe its not destined for him to know.

End of POV

"okay" Kira said softly and a tint of pink can now be seen on her cheeks. But luckily Athrun wasn't able to notice.

"It's time to go" Patrick Zala said.

The two kids suddenly, from shock, forcefully parted themselves from their very long hug.

"err, I need to go now, here take this." Said a blushing Athrun. He then reached for her hands and handed to her a green mechanical bird. Kira took it and then looked at it with curiosity.

Athrun seemed to notice this, "Its name is Tori" Athrun told her. "I made it, it's a mechanical bird, for you. So that you'll have a companion with you for at least a year. Athrun said smiling, a bit forced but some of the smile is natural, sorta.

Kira clutched Tori near her chest, afraid that it might leave also. "thanks"

Kira whispered to Athrun who is now running towards his father.

"I'll wait for you in PLANTS." Athrun shouted, not able to notice Kira's quiet tears.

"Okay" Kira shouted back.

After awhile when Athrun is already gone.

Kira sat alone leaning onto the cherry tree.

"'till we meet again, my friend." Kira said to no one but to the wind and to Tori, holding Tori not so tight to harm it, but tight enough to not lose it, she held it next to her heart. Warm tears started pouring again down here eyes.

Then she stood up, wiped her tears, cleaned herself then just in time her parents came and fetched her, then they went home.

Inside a shuttle

"Athrun, Kira and her family will follow us to PLANTS so don't worry."

"But father, what about Kira, you know how soft he is, what if bullies bully him again and what if he gets hurt?" said Athrun, thousands of questions came to his head.

'Hmm, I guess Kira hasn't yet told Athrun' thought Patrick Zala. "He'll be fine, don't worry, he can protect himself, besides it'll just be a year.

"I hope you're right father, but it doesn't stop my worries though." Athrun said with a frown. "Its just that it hurts me so much about me leaving him and the way he looked before I left."

"Kira take care of yourself" Athrun whispered.

'till we meet again my friend'

Athrun thought he heard something, "hmm must have been the wind."

He said to himself.

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