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Warfare's Seed


Summary: Athrun finds out from Cagalli that Kira is in the same ship that he's in, but it's just that, unlike him, Kira seems to be lacking a certain beat in her heart. So when the time for him to come with Zaft draws near, will he leave his friend once again with a heavy heart, or will he choose to stay until her last breath breaks what little is left of it?

But what's the point of staying if there's a huge possibility that Kira will be leaving Earth as well… for good?


Chapter 12: Leaving Behind a Broken Heart


"Kira…" came a soft familiar voice, "are you awake?"

Awake? A crazy idea popped in my head and I had to bite my tongue just to stop a not-so-subtle grin from showing on my face. I could already feel my mouth itching to make a move and the amused laughter shaking in my throat threatened to burst out loud for the world to hear.

Yes, I am awake enough to pretend that I am still quite asleep.

I hear footsteps becoming louder, only to stop abruptly when a shadow loomed over my loving bed and sleeping form.

"Kira,"—I had to keep my eyes shut tight when something warm tickled my ear and a few strands of hair gently brushed my face—"I know you're awake."

That was so uncalled for, not to mention unfair, and it was more than enough to distract my concentration.

The sweet scent in the air that I could only assume belonged to a certain someone who's currently all over my face right now made my head spin and the butterflies in my stomach flutter, and I didn't need to second guess the identity of this person who was currently invading my personal space.

Only one person can make me feel like giggling in such a high-pitched tone like some lovesick girl who has lost her mind.

But that's something I can't do right now because my certain one and only might just freak out on me.

"Oh Athrun, you're no fun!"

The amused chuckle that escaped his throat and reverberated in my ear completely took my breath away, and I'm sure that I could just die from it now with a content smile on my face.

But I don't think that it's practical to die at the moment when my heart is still beating furiously at such a fast pace when Athrun spoke once more into my ear with his deep cool voice that literally gave me chills.

"See if a good scolding from your teacher in first period is fun when you come to class late."

"Shoot! I forgot to do my homework and it's due first period! Athrun, do we still have enough time for me to copy yours?"

I finally let a sheepish grin form on my face as I opened my eyes to find him looking at me with a lighthearted smugness in his expression.

"We'd be lucky if we even have enough time to make it to our first class, no thanks to you."

"C'mon, it's not that bad…"

I glanced at the clock on the wall next to my bed. What time was first period again?

As if reading my exact thoughts, "School starts in half an hour."

Oh. It was that bad.

I gave Athrun an apologetic smile and threw him such a pitiful pout, the kind that he couldn't stand, before adding, "I'm sorry Ath—"

I couldn't finish what I was about say, nor could I even remember a word of it, when he cut me off with a quick kiss—yes it's just a quick and chaste one, but it's still a kiss nevertheless—on my cheek.

Blink. Blink.

That wasn't supposed to happen.


My hand reflexively touched the place his soft lips touched. The skin was cold, but it surely felt warm inside.

"You might as well hurry up and get dress Kira…"

He turned and walked away, as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening. Nothing out of the ordinary if…

I suddenly had this urge to slap myself hard in the face. I dozed-off, didn't I?

But the smirk on his face was too cruel and haughty to be in my dreams when he said, "…because there's no way I'm letting you copy my homework. I worked hard on that Chemistry assignment."

Wait, what? Chemistry?

Why would we be given chemistry homework in prep school?

Have the teachers there gone insane?

Then it hit me, like a bullet fired straight in my head. It was fast, it was strong, and it was —a lot—painful.

We weren't in prep school anymore. If we were, then surely that scene won't be anything out of the ordinary.

I was just dreaming, wasn't I?

Because as I watched this grown-up Athrun—an older version of the Athrun who gave me Tori that day in the cherry tree, a boy with that cocky grin on his handsome face, no more than a sixteen year old boy, an Athrun who grew up untainted by the harshness of war—leave me in the same bedroom I've been sleeping on during my younger days, looking like a lovesick teen who's finally been kissed by that cool boy in school, I realize that…

"Kira? I know we're already late for first period, but that doesn't mean I'm going to miss that class!"

…this was too good to be true.

Because… this was nothing more than a silly dream, a childish make-believe, wasn't it?

Because the idea of Athrun and I ever being together, especially at this time and at this age, it was nothing more than a fantasy in my head.

Because Athrun and I, we're in the middle of this bloody war where we wouldn't bother think twice about killing each other.



Two different sides screaming at each other with one sole purpose in mind: the bloody kill of the other. Blinded by rage, they show no mercy in their eyes as they try to hurt each other without thinking of the consequences that could scar them for life.

One explosion came and it caused another one. One heart will stop beating and it will cause another one to break into sorrowful tears. One life will die and it will cause another one an unbearable heartache.

Because I knew that if I had thought about it, of killing Athrun with my own hands, then he'll kill me with one swift blow before I could even make the decision I'm sure to regret later on should I live long enough.


"Zaft will be coming in a few hours."

I gave her a silent nod in respond, though I didn't really find the need to, but it was just to be polite. She took me in her care afterall, it's the least I could do when I have nothing else to give in return. Besides, in the past few days that I've been staying in here, in her care, I don't think I've been very polite with the arguments we throw at each other.

Sure, she's been rude as well, but she's just some girl in the backdrop of war, trying to find a way to help out even though she has no actual part in the mayhem She was nothing more but an innocent girl who can't seem to find her place in this warfare—just some restless bystander with nothing much to do with her time. She was just like all those innocent people who died for nothing—innocent, naïve, and perhaps even weak as well.

I can only guess that she's not used to the heartless bloodshed that was only to be expected in the battle field, nor was she prepared to get slaughtered by the callousness of soldiers like me.

In the calm environment where she brought me in her care, I could tell that the war was yet to taint her. I wonder if her innocence will remain and if her compassion wouldn't change for the worse.

But at times like these, at times of war and chaos, change is a very painful scar, and it's nearly impossible not to get wounded.

Just look at what happened to Kira, an example of those innocent bystanders who unwillingly took part of this war, and got hurt trying to protect those they cared for, those who took advantage of their naïve ideals.

I couldn't help but laugh quietly to myself at that thought.

Getting hurt for trying to protect those you care for…?

See if you survive the war with only that naïve ideal for a motivation because Kira certainly didn't.

"What if…"

I couldn't help but be amused as I watch this girl stare at me anxiously like I was going to attack her any moment now. I'm not that scary, am I?

She stood across me, her posture was confident and poised, and her face was masked with apathy for an enemy, for me. But there was something in her eyes that resembled a faint glimpse of doubt.

I quirked an eyebrow at her and she took it as a signal to continue what she was stuttering to say.

"What if Kira"—there was now an evident frown on my face and I couldn't care much less what this girl thought about it—"is alive?"

Just the mere mention of her name made my stomach churn and my body turn numb.

"What of it?"Even I could feelthe sharpness in my voice when I spoke and there's no doubt that she did too.

"What of it?! What the hell?! Is that all you could say about it?! It's Kira we're talking—"

"What do you want me to say then?"

"What if she survives?! Don't you want to be by her side when that happens?! Aren't you going to stay?!"

A ruthless smirk twisted in my mouth.

"Kira will not surive. I made sure of it."

I didn't even flinch at the heated sting that came when the back of her hand hit my cheek and turned it into a swollen red. I glared hard at her as she dared to look at my face with disgust and disbelief.

"You son of a—!"

I couldn't take it anymore.

"Supposedly, Kira somehow—miraculously—lives. What do you expect will happen then if I confront her? Do you think it will be a happy ending? I wanted her to be dead. I wanted to kill her as much as she wanted to kill me. She betrayed me and I hurt her. She killed my friend and I killed hers. Do you think that everything that happened between us can be easily forgotten? Because I certainly think that you have this foolish idea in your mind that Kira and I are still friends when it's already been decided that we'll be enemies until one of us is dead."

"But Kira…"she trailed-off before her voice could break.

I know my words hurt her but, "Kira"—I continued for her—"isnotthe only victim here."

And it's true.

"Besides, if I confront her now and find out that she's still breathing, I don't think I'd be able to stop myself from pointing another gun at her face and finish the job of ending the Strike's legacy with my own hands."

This was why I can't stay here much longer.


I heard voices blurring around me, but there was one voice that stood out amongst the rest. I couldn't quite put a finger on it, but I'm sure it's still a very familiar one.

It took a reasonable amount of effort just to open my eyes when every part of my body felt numb and my head felt so heavy it hurt to think. Taking in slowly a deep breath, feeling the cold air slide roughly—and painfully—down my parched throat, I finally opened my eyes and let it adjust to the darkness before anything else.

A moment passed before I realized that there was not a single person around. The voices, however, still echoed in my ears.

"I'm sorry, but I don't even know your name."

"It's Cagalli. Cagalli Yula."

"Thank you, Cagalli. For everything. I'm—"

"Miss Cagalli, Zaft has already landed on our territory."

"Alright. Thanks, Kisaka. Hey, are you ready…uh—"

"Athrun. My name is Athrun Zala."


The deep cool voice that used to give me chills in my dreams now froze me in my wake. The air suddenly turned cold and biting and it hurt to swallow even just the lightest breath. Every speck of dust gave me a horrifying illusion of needle-like shards of ice, piercing my skin and leaving it painfully frostbitten.

However, the pain, I'm sure, couldn't have just been an illusion made by the growing apprehension in my head and the crazy twisting in the pit of my stomach.

Because this wasn't just one of those nightmares in my sleep. This felt too real, as real as the undeniable fact that Athrun and I had stopped at nothing to kill each other.

And unlike in those bittersweet dreams I cry over at night when I wake from them, bittersweet dreams where everything was just fine between me and Athrun, and nothing at all had changed, the deep cool voice that could only belong to Athrun didn't make me feel like smiling one bit.

It made me feel like dying with a heavy sack of regrets.

This can't be a nightmare I would usually just wake up from, nor was this one of those bittersweet dreams where Athrun's voice was heavenly in my ears.

This was just what it felt like to wake up after I had—almost—killed Athrun with my own hands. This was what it felt like to regret ever being born, and to regret having to meet Athrun and getting to know him.

So when I stood up from my comfortable bed, resisting the urge to cry at the painful jolts that resulted from my hasty—and tactless—movement, pulling away the tubes that were stuck on my skin for God-knows-how-long, and dripping blood all over the floor as well as I worked on finding an exit from this room with a heavy weight pounding in my head, I couldn't care any less...

Because I knew that if I were given a chance to make a better choice, one that's untainted by vengeance or anger, I wouldn't let myself kill Athrun.

I'd rather die knowing that I made that choice—the choice that may seem silly, stupid and perhaps even wrong, but it doesn't matter to me because it will feel so right.

Because I knew that, I will never regret that irrevocable fact that he was still my first love.

And if it meant that by going to him right now—no pun intended—he will be the last person I'd live to love, then it's alright.

Because it would be so worth it.

But then again, would it still be worth dying—"technically"—for who you think was your one and only love even if it meant walking straight to your grave, only to find out in hell that your love was nothing more than a foolish one-sided kind?

I mentally had to click my tongue—because it would hurt if I did it literally—at the cliché in that selfless romantic fantasy act that only existed in novels.

The bad values taught in fairytale novels. Pitiful children who read those kind of things—pitiful children like me.

Zaft was out there, and Athrun's part of Zaft just as much as I was the pilot of the Strike who was under the EA. We're still enemies, and surviving the death trials we faced didn't change one bit of that fact.

If I go out of this room now, even in this vulnerable state, I don't think Athrun would question his loyalties just like that and dare hesitate to point a gun at my face. I must be delusional if I ever thought something like that could ever happen. I already regret thinking of such a crazy, unlikely idea.

But for someone who already believed in love and cliché, I don't think I could pass up the idea of "destiny" without being called a hypocrite.

I reached for the cold handle of the door and gripped it tight with all the energy I have, even if I had to put through with the entire agonizing twinge that came instantly. I had to smile at how foolish—and idiotic—I am being, but it's already been done.

The click of the door throbbed in my head, but I didn't even bother myself with the pain. The door finally opened, and that's all it took for me to forget my uncertainties about what I am about to do.

I hope I don't regret blaming all this in destiny—or stupidity, more like it.

The hallway was already empty, nothing more than a dark shadow of the night.

I had to hurry then if I still must find Athrun. I couldn't help but to cringe as I suppressed the pain inside my body. Every stride I took hurt... a lot.

A glance in the right took my breath away, but it probably didn't matter when I was already breathless from the exhausting run I've been trying to survive. I had to be careful not to slip on my own blood on the floor.

Just there around the corner, I saw a very familiar blue in the air—my chest suddenly felt light and free of any weight.

Now if my feet would just move a little faster, then I could...

There Athrun stood, his back on me, just straight ahead, with Cagalli on the side—only but a mere distance away. A smile, I couldn't help, forming in my face—a smile so big in my mind it felt quite sore when I couldn't find enough strength to put it on my face.

It was breathtaking and heartbreaking, all at the same time.

Athrun... I tried to say, and I dreaded to realize that couldn't. My hand instinctively reached for my throat as I felt my legs give in. The pain when I collapsed on the floor didn't even sink in. My bones crushing me to death didn't matter so much.

Why...?! Why won't it make a sound?! Why can't I...?!

Athrun...?! Athrun?!

Why?! What's wrong with me?!

I gripped my throat tighter it almost hurt, but the tighter I hold it the number it only seemed to get. It's like I couldn't feel it anymore, as much as I couldn't hear it in my ears.

Athrun can't hear me. How can I call him when he can't hear me?! How can I make him turn his back so that he could face me?

How can I see his face if I can't even say his name out loud?!


The floor was getting colder, and my chest didn't feel light anymore, it never did—it was empty all along.

Athrun was so close to me now, I was so close... But it wasn't enough, was it? Had all my effort been for nothing? Fate was too cruel for playing tricks on me.

"Kira!" I heard my name shouted in distress, and I looked up from the floor. My knees were probably bruising now as they carried all my weight. A warm embrace wrapped around my shoulders as a mop of yellow blurred my vision.

Cagalli...? I felt warm waterworks filling up in my eyes as I close them. In my mind, I see an image of myself mouthing words I can't seem to express out loud. It was a sad, pitiful picture of myself, and it would seem I wasn't the only one who noticed.

"K-Kira?" Cagalli's voice trembled as the fact that I have lost my voice dawned to her as well. I opened my eyes and met with a beautiful pair of green eyes marred with something I can't describe.

Anger? Surprise? Pity?

Athrun... I tried once more, hoping that—even if just once—my voice wouldn't betray me. But when Athrun turned his back on me once again, and walked away on me and Cagalli, leaving us in the dark shadows of the night without a word...

...it just didn't seem to matter anymore.


A year has passed until the bloody war reached its end. A year of killing, and a year of innocent people dying was all it took to put an end to it. A year of guns firing, homes turning into ashes and endless explosions in the sky was simply what the world needed to see before the war had reached its final cry. Smeared blood all over the ground, a crimson sky, and tainted bodies of water. The war had affected even the littlest things. Red used to be a beautiful, vibrant color, now it was just a sad thing to look at.

Blood is the color red. Blood symbolized life.

A life used to be beautiful, vibrant—alive. But after it has finished toying—or being toyed—around with the big guns and unruly explosions of war, it becomes such a sad thing to look at, doesn't it? It becomes dirty, tainted, and it won't take long 'til it's been washed away and thrown out when it couldn't be unsoiled no more.

What's been done cannot be so easily taken back. So stop looking in the past, and prepare to face tomorrow's battle scars. It will hurt, but you can't do anything about it. It's permanent—it's already been done and what's done can no longer be undone.

You can forget if it will lessen the pain. It's always easy to forget, and hard to remember. It's easy to forget your problems, for now. But when you remember them, it will hurt twice as much because you've already forgotten how to deal with them.

Just because it seems easy, doesn't mean it's any easier, now does it?

So live every part of life and don't put anything aside, unless you want to have a harder time when the end draws near. Time is short. Don't put anything aside just because you want to look at something behind—it won't get you anywhere if you keep looking back.

What's done has been done and it cannot be undone. It, however, can be redone. So don't forget the mistakes you make in the past or you'll regret it someday when you bring those mistakes again in the present, when you bring the past all over again.

You won't get anywhere that way.

So start thinking and stop regretting. Regret is not worth your time when it only makes you feel bad or sorry for yourself.

Putting yourself in the dump won't get you anywhere if you'll just get dirty. Unless you can stand going somewhere smelling like a rat, start cleaning up your act.


"The sunset is beautiful. It just makes you feel at ease..."—an exhausted sigh followed—"Watching the day end so peacefully, I can definitely get used to this!"

Two figures stood by each other as they watched the sun fall down. One exuded so much energy despite the languid feeling in her body. The other figure, however, lacked even the most humble hope of life in her eyes.

"Yesterday was just terrible!"—the blonde girl continued as her companion listened intently to her lively tale—"The other representatives are shaken while the others are just scared to death. Thankfully their fear was easily—though it took quite awhile—overcome by their obligations to Orb."

"I guess it just really helps that Orb is a neutral country, but it could be such a hassle at times!"

The girl that remained solemnly quiet as she stared at the setting sun couldn't help but smile slightly at her distressed friend and sister. She knew everything would be alright and that Cagalli has it all figured out already, but she could only assume that the butterflies were still there, making her sister a bit hysteric and nervous.

'Don't worry. Everything will turn out fine,' she wanted to say, but her voice just wouldn't make a sound. Instead, she gave a reassuring smile for the distressed representative of Orb, hoping to placate the girl's mind, and when Cagalli smiled back at her, Kira knew her sentiments had been heard.

"But the representatives from the EA Forces and Zaft that would come here tomorrow... What if things get out of hand? And just to make matters worse, I hear that Zaft is planning to send children..."

'But Cagalli, aren't you a child yourself?' Kira now showed amusement in her face as Cagalli began to pull her hair out in a not-so-gentle manner. She placed an arm over the girl's shoulders in a gesture of comfort, hoping it would work on her sister as it did many times before.

"I'm just glad that you're here, Kira. I don't know what I'd do without you," Cagalli mumbled under her breath as she leaned her head on Kira's shoulder, furrowing her brows disapprovingly at the few inches that Kira seemed to have grown without her. "Kira, when did you get taller than me?"

Kira resisted the urge to roll her eyes at that. One minute they were talking about the crazy events that just might occur at tomorrow's meeting between the EAF and Zaft in Orb, and then...

'It's only fair that I'm taller—'

As if predicting where Kira's thoughts were landing, "No, Kira. I'm definitely the older one here."

Kira glared at her instantly at that remark, but let it slide for now as the sun started to disappear completely. The two waited as dusk fell from the sky and told them that tomorrow will be coming soon, and fast. Both the girls could only hope that everything will go peacefully the next day, just like how their day had ended nicely.

But then again, the butterflies were still there, fluttering furiously—and anxiously—inside them, and something about those beautiful, yet nerve-racking creatures made Kira feel that not everything will go so smoothly at tomorrow's conference.


Kira made a run for it when a strange shadow just wouldn't leave her alone on her trail. She sensed trouble, and trouble will not put a good show in a very crowded street, filled with so many possibilities for a bystander to get hurt in so many ways.

There was no way she was going to allow something like that to happen. But that didn't mean she was capable enough to protect herself from harm's way...

She cursed under her breath as she reached a dead-end in an isolated corner. Atleast no one—else—could get hurt in there...

"Looks like you've got nowhere to run now, little missy," came a gruff comment over her shoulder, followed by a nasty sneer that made her stomach churn in slight disgust.

Heavy footsteps echoed in the small alley, along with the sound of water splashing around when the stranger would carelessly step on the dirty puddles that a drizzle had left on the ground earlier that morning.

Kira took the gun she kept in her pocket, the one Cagalli thankfully insisted she bring along with her at all times, gripping it tightly, and prepared to shoot at any second. She wouldn't want to pull the trigger on the man who's shadow now loomed over her, but she was definitely getting out of this one alive.

Afterall, she still had a very important meeting to attend to with Cagalli—a meeting that would start in just a few hours from now.

Even if she got out of here alive, Cagalli's wrath will unquestionably fry her should she be even just a minute late for that conference, which meant that she had to get whatever business this man has with her over as quickly as possible, whatever that business might have been...

Kira turned swiftly to face the man on her trail, the gun already in an accurate position in her grip. Expecting the man to attack first, the harsh impact of that strange man on the ground took her by surprise. Her eyes narrowed in suspicion at the man below her.

Dangerous men like this guy here wouldn't just suddenly collapse like the way he had...

But the man remained motionless, and she felt tempted to poke him with her pistol.

"Hello," came a gentle greet.

Kira's gaze instantly landed on the loud footsteps that have just arrived. White army boots...? She lifted her eyes from the man that slept soundly on the floor and gaped in surprise at the foreign red uniforms before her eyes.

Foreign red uniforms that seemed quite familiar...


Her eyes widened imperceptibly at the realization, and the grip on her pistol only tightened as she carefully held it down. There was no point in fighting this group. They were in Orb territory afterall.

Besides, it's not like she could handle four soldiers from Zaft in one shoot...

"Kira...? Kira Yamato?"

Kira tilted her head slightly when one of the soldiers called her name. She wasn't the only one shocked that her identity had been easily known as it seemed that the three other soldiers in red uniform had incredulous expressions on their faces as well.

But what made it even weirder was that, no one has called her that name for awhile now... She's been using Cagalli's last name since...

She warily pointed the gun at the boy before placing the weapon back at its holster. The boy stared at her with a warm gleam in his eyes, but the rest of his expression was unsure and hesitating.

Kira opened her mouth slightly, as if about to say something, but pursed her lips instead, before a sheepish grip formed on her face.

And that was all it took for that one soldier to run to Kira's lone form, leaving his comrades behind without another thought, and embraced the girl in delight.

Kira happily returned the gesture.

The boy obviously seemed to be familiar with her, somehow, and a pair of darkened green eyes could only watch from a distance, along with the other two soldiers, in bewilderment and shock at the scene unfolding before them.


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Scene 3 (Back to Kira's POV): This is quite hard to explain… I had a difficult time writing that part because I really want that part to work out. It's a very, very heartbreaking scene—for me, atleast—because Kira finds out that Athrun is just over there, so close, but… -sigh- Fate being the b-tch that she is… When Kira tried to call out Athrun, she realized that no sound would come out from her throat. Yes, I took Kira's voice away here. Is it terrible that I made it that way? –becomes-smaller-and-smaller-and-smaller- Okay, maybe the idea is pretty retarded, but I thought it would be a nice twist, ne? But what made this scene even more heartwrenching—for me—was when Athrun finally turned around and found Kira on the floor, looking so helpless at him! And what did Athrun do after he saw sweet and harmless Kira? He walked away on her! –burst-into-tears- That was just so sad!

Scene 4: Oh, this is the crappy, speechy-like thing. No need to go and read this part, it's really nothing. But there is one thing I'm trying to point out there. The war is already over… -gasps!- Yes, you heard it—read it—right! It. Is. Over! –more-gasps!- How did that happen? When Kira was in Orb all along…? Well, it just did… But no worries, I'll make sure Kira's legacy is still out there—even though I didn't put Freedom in the picture. I think there's a likely chance that the Destiny storyline in seed will come very, very, very soon. -laughs-evilly- More or less, let's just say the war ended—of course Orb helped with the peace talks and stuff! -cough-cough-hint!-hint!-

Scene 5 (normal POV, or whatever you wish to call it): It's the Cagalli and Kira watching the sunset scene—it's the one after the crappy, speechy-like thing you probably skipped. Okay, LOL! -grins-a-toothy-grin- Like I said earlier, Kira is—unfortunately—not able to speak out loud, so that scene seemed a bit sad too. I'm sorry if that scene sucked, but I wrote that hours and hours already past my bedtime! -yawns- A meeting will be held in Orb, between the EAF and Zaft—see what I meant about Orb helping out with peace talks and stuff? A lot has happened in a year, a lot has changed. I can't really say what those changes are because the plot is still quite unstable in my head and blabbering about unstable plot in mind would likely unnecessarily spoil some things. –angelic-innocent-face-with-halo-

What happened to Athrun?

What happened to Kira?

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Just to clear things up: Do you guys remember the fact that I made Kira and Cagalli really, really related, as in the blood related kind, with… uh… what again was the name of Cagalli's foster father in Orb? Well the point is, I made Cagalli and Kira are related to him so, yeah, Kira and Cagalli rules Orb! What do you call that again, the representatives of Orb? Well, the point is, the twins are part of that circle. Yay! -clap-clap-clap-

Scene 6: All I can say here is that, can you guess who is that "familiar" guy with Kira? That one soldier who knew her name? Take note, there was a certain pair of green eyes who watched the two being too familiar with one another…

Fine, I can't resist… Here's a hint: What do you guys think of a love triangle? Of course Kira is in the middle! But middle of who…? My lips are sealed—for now.

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