A/N: Just note that I haven't actually seen the Impossible Planet/Satan Pit yet, (TIP airs this Saturday). I'm just presuming that the Doctor got out of the pit, and back to Rose. And it's not going to take them 500 years to get back to Earth. Oh the joys of fan fic!

"I'll have to get a house! With - with doors and carpets, can you imagine? Me, living in a house?"

"You'll have to get a mortgage!" she teased.


"Oh yes," Now Rose was rubbing it in.

"No. That's it, I'm dying, it is all over."

"I'll have to get one too. Or - it could be the same one. We could...I don't know...share. Yeah, we'll see," Uh oh, very awkard.


At the time he'd been freaked. Scared. He avoided domestic like the plague and here it was staring him in the face, teasing him. And it had come in the form of Rose Tyler. Could he settle down? Would he be able to do it? He had to. With the TARDIS gone… he had no choice. But could he be domestic with Rose Tyler?

'Yes.' A little voice told him. They were sort of already living together in the TARDIS anyway. His TARDIS was gone… he couldn't believe it. The last Timelord, and no TARDIS.

'You've got Rose,' the little voice said again.

And that he did. For now anyway. He lay in his bunk and looked across at her, he watched her chest rise and fall with each breath, watched the way she was smiling. Why did he like to watch Rose Tyler so much?

'Do you love her?'

Such a simple question, and yet he could not give an answer. Timelords do not, cannot fall in love with humans. But here he was, doubting the answer. How long could he act jovial about it? How long? Because in a matter of hours, he'd be back on earth. Stranded in this time period for the rest of his lives.

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