A/N : Just taking a creative break from "The Challenge". I felt like making up a dialogue that is totally different from what I have been writing about for the past few days. The drabble is meant to be taken as a joke. Please don't hate.


Mai, Mikoto, Natsuki, Shizuru, Nao, and Midori are hanging out in a karaoke room on a Sunday night. Everyone is drunk, and weird shit happens.

Midori: "I'm thinking about getting a tattoo, and it has to be something that represents me. Oh, I know, I can surprise my professor with a tattoo in his favorite ancient language! Everyone, what words come to your minds when you think about me?"

Nao: "Who do you think you are? Why would I think about you to begin with? Hey, get your hands off me! Why don't you go bother the dykes sitting next to you?"

Natsuki: "Who the hell are you calling a dyke? You after school hooker."

Shizuru: "Ara, it's not polite to use slangs like that, Yuki-san. These words are only empowering if you belong to that particular minority group. What would your mother think if she hears those words coming out of your mouth?"

Midori: "Drop it, you three. Hey, c'mon, people. Pay attention to ME! Let's get back to talking about my tattoo!"

Mikoto: "Mai, does a tattoo taste good?"

Mai: "Mikoto, a tattoo is not something you can eat. It is like a drawing on your body."

Shizuru: "I think that depending on the location of the tattoo on the body, sometimes it is possible to eat the tattoo, and may I add, the taste is quite exquisite."

Mikoto: "Kaichou, can you tell me where I can put a tattoo on Mai's body so that I can eat it? There are too many places on my own body that my lips can't reach."

Mai: "Kaichou, please stop giving Mikoto any weird ideas."

Nao: "Now I'm curious. Where will a tattoo have to be in order for you to eat it, Kyoto bitch?"

Midori: "For once, I'll let it slide that the spotlight is not on me. C'mon, spill it, Fujino."

Natsuki: "FIREBALL!"

Everyone except Natsuki: "Huh?"

Natsuki: "Don't you all think Midori will look good with a fireball on her arm? She's always so passionate about fighting crime, so the fireball can symbolize the fire she uses to burn away all the bad guys out there."

Mai: "That's not what we were just …"

Natsuki: "AND you can have really colorful tattoo nowadays! You can even have a rainbow color tattoo if you want to. I think Midori should get a bright red fireball as a tattoo. Don't you all think the color suits her well?"

Mikoto: "Kaichou, will a red fireball tattoo taste good? Will the shape of the tattoo change its taste too?"

Shizuru: "I think the location matters more."

Mai: "Which leads us back to the burning question. Kaichou, did you eat a tattoo on someone's body and where was the tattoo?"

Natsuki: "Burning! Mai, so you agree with me that Midori should get a fireball tattoo on her arm also, right?"

Shizuru: "Inner thigh. Ouch!"

Natsuki: "Shizuru, I don't think Midori can stand the pain of getting a tattoo there. The skin is too sensitive."

Nao: "Oh shut up, Natsuki. Go hang out with the dykes on bikes. Fujino, whose inner thigh have you been kissing?"

Mai: "Yea, I wanna know, too! Mikoto, why are you squeezing ketchup on my thighs?"

Mikoto: "I don't have any crayons on me, so I thought I would use ketchup to put a tattoo on you. A ketchup tattoo should taste pretty good, right?"

Mai: "Mikoto, don't put your head there. Ah Please….Please stop, Mikoto."

Natsuki: "Mikoto, keep licking the ketchup off of Mai and you get 10 bowls of ramen. My treat!"

Midori: "You think we will stop bugging Fujino just because Mai got distracted? You're too naïve, Natsuki. What a baby dyke."

Nao: "Wait a minute, Natsuki. You have been trying to make us switch the topic ever since Fujino brought up the whole idea of eating a tattoo? Could it be…, huh, I never knew you had a tattoo there."


Shizuru: "But thinking of it as a tattoo is so much sexier."

Midori: "Damn, it's late. Gotta run. You two, get a room. But remember to show up to school on time tomorrow!"

Nao: "Ha, I knew it, Shizuru is a top and you're a bottom, you dog. Now that we're clear about this, I'm going to excuse myself and go hang out with Mom. Ciao."

Shizuru: "Natsuki, can we go home now so that I can take a look at your 'tattoo' again?"

Natsuki: "Yea, right. Like all you're going to do is look."

The gang splits up.

Wait, did we forget some people?

Mikoto: "Mai tastes good. I hope the ten bowls of ramen that Natsuki is going to buy me will taste as good as Mai."

Mai is too tired to speak.