With the Love of Parents

Chapter 20: A trip

Ron Weasley walked the familiar halls without really thinking about it. His mind, instead, was on what he would tell his sister today. His back pack, slung over his shoulder, held his school books as well as a Wizarding Wireless that one of his room mates, Dean Thomas, had leant him for the day. He was so distracted, he had sat in his seat before he realized that his sister was sitting up in bed, gazing at him with a gentle smile as she idly stroked Gwilym.

"G-Ginny…" Ron stuttered it softly before he slid weakly out of his seat and knelt by her bedside. His hand shaking viciously, he reached out for her, brushing the hair from her face, "Merlin…"

Gwilym was happy for her quick reflexes as she only just missed being squashed between the red-haired siblings. Ron lunged forward and Ginny met him halfway, happily letting herself be crushed against her older brother's chest with enough force to squeeze the air from her lungs. Together, they were laughing and crying and babbling, but it didn't matter what was said and what was or wasn't heard.

All that mattered was that she was "back".

Neville gaped at the pair standing before him. His grandmother's hand gripped his shoulder painfully, but he didn't even notice it as he gazed at the pair in front of him. Though his grandmother had warned him beforehand…

"Hello Neville," Alice gripped her husband's hand in fear as she gazed at the quiet boy gaping at her…her little Neville who'd been a baby the last time she remembered seeing him…

"Hey, Nev," Frank added softly, flicking a nervous look to his wife.


Suddenly, Neville was across the few steps that separated them as if there hadn't been any. His parents crushed him between them and he gloried in it. His mother's hands smoothed his hair instead of laying limply by her side and his father's arms were fiercely gripping both he and his mother together.

Neville had never been ashamed of his parents, he had just always known they wouldn't have liked having people seeing them in their weakest state. But he'd never been able to communicate that to anyone, but now…

His grandmother's soft cough interrupted the moment and Neville looked up in surprise to see the tears leaking down her face. For 12 years she'd raised him without complaint, and often without a lot of affection, and he'd often resented her. But, unexpectedly, he realized the sacrifice she'd made, raising him as best she could when he must have reminded her everyday of her lost son. And then, she would lose him now, too, when he went to live with his parents…he realized suddenly that his grandmother was not only crying because she was happy, but also because she was sad.

Gently, he wriggled free of his parents' embrace and crossed to his grandmother's side. She looked at him in surprise as he wrapped his arms around her warmly, whispering, "I love you Gran. Thank you."

"I love you too, Nev," Augusta returned the hug hard before letting go and brushing her face free of tears briskly and taking his hand. "Come, let's go hug your parents again."

Harry gaped at his parents open mouthed. His siblings too, looked at his parents in stunned amazement.

"But, Mom…I love the farm," Harry looked between them with hurt in his eyes, "I love the horses…we can't just abandon them to go traveling the world!"

"Harry, we love the horses too," Jenna reminded him softly as, in the corner of the room, Remus and Tonks looked on uncomfortably, "But Remus just told you-Dumbledore is very close to the farm in his searching. We can't stay there and be safe-"

"Why won't he leave us alone!?" Draco yelled angrily, "I hate him!"

"You don't hate him," Sirius chided him gently, "Dumbledore is a good man, but he is set in his ways and doesn't always hear anything but what he wants to. One day, we'll be able to send you to Hogwarts and you'll see that."

"But the farm" Hemrione whispered softly, leaning against Draco sadly, "It was ours."

"It still will be, Hermione," Jenna hugged her daughter gently, "We'll keep ownership. I'm going to ask Evan if he'll look after it for us while we-"

"Traipse around the world and are forced to abandon our home," Ryan muttered bitterly.

"Ryan," Sirius sighed tiredly, "Look, pups, I don't want to leave it anymore than you do. The farm is a big part of our life. But I would rather have us all together and safe than on the farm until Dumbledore catches us."

"We'll be taking Cooper, Boomer, Stu and Sarah," Jenna wheedled softly, "And think of all the places we'll get to see…"

"Plus, Remus and Tonks are coming with us," Sirius threw a grin at the pair, "They're want to get to know the nieces and nephews they've missed out on."

"Not our fault," Draco muttered rebelliously.

Sirius sighed, raising his eyes to the Heavens before opening his mouth, only to have Harry beat him to it. Harry smiled, suddenly, before reaching over to give his brother a push, "Hush up, Drake! Come on guys, it's just another adventure, right? And it's not like we'll never see this place again, right? We'll be coming back for holidays!"

The other three grumbled, but, as always, their brother's attitudes changed theirs. As they went off to pack, they were smiling slightly, thinking of the adventures ahead. Harry threw his father a smile before going after them, happy that he'd grown up with the love of parents.

The End


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