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Staring down at the document before her, Cagalli Yula Attha ran a hand through her blond hair, or at least she would have if she hadn't started keeping it super short six months ago.

Letting out a soft growl of frustration as she tried yet again to figure out what the heck to say to the writer of the document, Cagalli could not help but hope that something, anything would happen to keep her from having to reread the thing yet again in an effort to write something to the bigot that would not cause her to be reprimanded by her council members but at the same time let the author know that she hated his guts.

Putting her pen to paper once more, Cagalli began to write hoping that if she at least started the letter the rest of it would come easily.

It didn't.

Throwing down the pen after writing down Dear Sir, and then nothing else for a whole twenty minutes, Cagalli was just about to start beating her head against her desk when a wonderful sound reached her ears.

Her personal assistant's voice.

"Representative Attha, a man is here to see you. Should I let him in?"

Her eyes lighting up with relief, Cagalli pushed the button on her phone and said eagerly,"Yes,send him in."

At this her assistant said in a hesitant voice, "But, ma'am you don't know..."

Cagalli cut in before the poor woman could get another word out,"Miss Shaw, I said send him in. Now send him in!"

Falling back into her chair, Cagalli look in the mini mirror she kept hidden away in the top drawer of her desk to be sure that her appearance was presentable and then straightening her shoulders waited for her guest to make his apperance.

She didn't have long to wait, for just seconds after she had told Miss Shaw to let him in her guest appeared before her.

As her dark golden eyes took him in all thoughts in her head scattered to the fore winds so that when he said hello in a deep rich voice, all she was able to say in return was,"Athrun?"


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