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"Birdy! Birdy!" The sound of his phone going off roused, Athrun from his sleep. Rolling over in his bed, he turned to look at the clock on his bed side table while fumbling around blindly for his cell phone.

Wincing as the numbers 3:15, registered in his sleep clouded mind, Athrun flicked open the phone he had just found and in a low grumble said,"Kira, you better be near death."

Not even a glimmer of a chuckle met his ears over his smart aleck comment, instead he heard his beat friend asking in a frantic tone,"What on earth did you tell her, Athrun?"

Still groggy from sleep, Athrun was clueless as to what or who had caused his best friend to go into such a tizzy. Much less how he had anything to do with it."Kira, who are you talking about?"

"Cagalli, Athrun. That's who I'm talking about. She canceled one of my meetings today and insisted that I take her out to lunch.And if that isn't odd enough since she rarely takes the time to even eat lunch much less go out for it! She suddenly demands that I take her on a two week vacation in Paris,France in three days time! I know I told you that I needed some time alone with her to discuss some things but this over kill!"

Laughing guiltily, Athrun said,"Um, well the reason she is acting so odd is because I told her that you and Lacus hadn't spoken to each other in two months."

"You what?!!"

Quickly pulling the phone away from his ear at Kira's shout of surprise, he said hurriedly,"Well you hadn't."

"Yeah, I know we hadn't and I also happen to know that you know that we made up over two weeks ago!"

Shrugging his shoulders even though he knew Kira couldn't see him do so, Athrun said in a vaguely sheepish tone, "So, I didn't tell her everything, We can clear that up in Paris. I'm sure she will find the whole thing very amusing."

"Athrun." Kira growled warningly.

"Okay, fine she will probably try to kill me. But Kira, you asked me to get her to take some time off so you could have a serious discussion with her. And this was the only thing I could think of that would drag her attention away from her country."

The bitterness in his voice as he spoke surprised even himself with the intensity of it, but before Kira was able to draw attention to it, Athrun swiftly changed the subject.

"Have you told Lacus about the trip?"

At the mention of his lady love, Kira's mood lightened considerably and for the next fifteen minutes he did nothing but chatter on about the plans the two of them had made for the Paris trip.

As Kira began winding down the conversation, the tension that had been lurking inside of Athrun's chest over his earlier slip up began to fade as it became less and less likely that Kira was going to bring it up.

Which is why it caught him off guard when Kira did exactly that. Right after discussing the best places to go for a romantic evening, Kira said in a gentle tone, "Athrun, I thought you had forgiven Cagalli for breaking off the engagement."

Flinching slightly as the memory of the moment in time when he had come face to face with the cold hard fact that his and Cagalli's relationship in a romantic sense was over,(after all what else could he assume when she took off the symbol of his love for her and then never said a word about it!)Athrun took a deep breath and silently counting to ten spoke when he was sure that his voice would be steady.

"I have Kira, it's just that it still... It still hurts,Kira."

For a moment nothing but silence met this heart broken statement then in a sympathetic tone Kira said,"I know Athrun and I know you don't want to hear this but she is still hurting too."

Letting out a brittle laugh, Athrun said,"I wish I could believe that Kira," and hung up the phone.

For the rest of the night his sleep was restless and haunted by the image of crying golden eyes.


Across a field of stars and millions of miles away those same golden eyes were refusing to close even though their owner's body begged for rest.

Tossing and turning in her elegant bed, Cagalli let out an angry huff as sleep continued to elude her. After several more tries at trying to find a comfortable spot, she jerked upright and tossing off the dark red covers, got up out of bed and stalking over to her dresser,plopped herself down in the chair in front of it.

Staring into the large, plain framed mirror, Cagalli began to take stock of her features as her mind flipped relentlessly through the days dealings for the hundredth time.

As she thought of what she should have said to the King of England instead of what she had said, ( which hadn't been rude or anything just not exactly what she had wanted to say.) with one part of her mind the other part was busy telling her that she had bags under her eyes that a raccoon would envy.

Pulling down on her eyelids, Cagalli stuck out her tongue at her pale and sickly looking features and in a dry and defeated voice said,"This is what you are going to sweep Athrun off his feet with? You have got your work cut out for you, my girl. Wait, do women sweep men off their feet?" Cagalli wondered out loud.

Shrugging her shoulders in a dismissive gesture, she continued with her odd pep talk.

"Well anyways, even if most women don't sweep men off their feet, I am going to sweep Athrun off of his. Of course I don't know how I am going to sweep him off his feet, but it doesn't look like I will be able to depend on my looks to win him over. Not unless I can manage to sleep 12 hours everyday until the day I see him again in Paris."

Dropping her chin into her hands, Cagalli shook her head at her reflection and said," Come now, Cagalli let's be serious now. If winning him over was a contest of looks you would have lost before the game began. After all look at his ex."

Leaning back in her chair, Cagalli scrubbed at her face with her hands trying to some how clear the fog from her mind so she could at least be able to sort out her thoughts enough to silence them for a little while, so she could get some sleep.

Of course it wasn't her thoughts that were really causing her sleeplessness.

It was the unrelenting feeling of loneliness that had come back with a vengeance after Athrun's visit earlier that was keeping her awake.

Realizing that sitting around dwelling on all the problems that she had not solved in the past week was not helping her get to sleep, Cagalli shoved herself away from the dresser and turning to go another round with the sandman, she stopped suddenly when her eyes lighted up on the top right drawer of the dresser.

It was no different from the other drawers in the dresser at least not on the outside. On the inside on the other hand it was very different.

For one it was empty except for one item, an item that happened to be more precious to her than all of her other possessions combined.

Staring at the drawer, she debated with herself the wisdom of opening said drawer and seeing the symbol of a love thrown away, but as the image of green eyes and a laughing smile came back to her, the desire to have something of his became to strong for her to resist and in a quick motion she wrenched open the drawer and grabbing the ring that she had placed inside she slipped it on to her finger and climbed into her bed before she could change her mind.

The simple feel of that metal band on her finger soothed away almost all of the loneliness that had been building up to a breaking point in the last few days and as her emotional pain eased the sleep that had been trying to capture her finally did and for the first time in ages she had a peaceful night sleep.

In fact it was such a great night of sleep that she continued to wear the ring every night after it, removing it every morning so no one would question her about it.

Every morning that is except the morning that she arrived in Paris.


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