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Roy Mustang was smiling for once. The reason. Edward Elric was assigned an impossible mission. The mission, well Roy wasn't quite sure himself. All he knew is that the older Elric brother would soon be storming into his office and throwing insults and curses at the Colonel. After a minute thinking about Ed storming into his office and making a ruckus his smile quickly turned back into the same old scowl that was always on his face. While he waited for Ed he picked up a tan folder containing two weeks of unfinished paper work that Hawkeye was hounding him for. If Roy fears anything it's definitely Hawkeye with a loaded gun. Just thinking about her gave him the chills. Oh well he thought.

"She's not going to get this completed in it's entirely by tomorrow. It's at least going to be another two weeks". Roy said chuckling.

Edward went storming up the third story steps and went straight for the Colonel's office.

"The nerve of him. Giving me something impossible. I'm going to wring his scrawny little neck and wipe that smirk right off his face!" Edward yelled.

There gripped in his hands in a crumpled mess was his next assignment. Gripping the paper tightly he stood out side the Colonel's oak colored door. Breathing heavily he pushed the doors open with all his might. They hit the walls and made a banging noise. Roy looked up at the angry Edward. As he began walking towards his desk.

"Ah Fullmetal. I heard you have been assigned to a new mission. I-"

Edward slammed his fists onto Roy's desk cutting him off he began yelling.

"You think your so funny don't you. Well is this funny? Huh?"

Edward un crinkled the paper and shoved it into Roy's face. Roy grabbed the paper and began to read it.

"Fullmetal, your service to the military has been outstanding. We have a difficult and dangerous assignment and you are the right person with the right alchemic skills to complete this mission. Your mission is to Find the head Ishbalian tribe leader and kill him."

Roy's eyes widened and he looked up at Ed who was standing with his arms crossed over his chest. Roy looked back down at the paper and continued reading.

"After you kill him you must bring back his head so the military can go and exterminate all the remaining Ishbalians. You leave tomorrow at eight hundred hours. Do not tell any one about this mission. If you succeed you will be rewarded with the Philosophers Stone."

There was the military emblem on the bottom and under the emblem it was signed

Furher King Bradley.

Hmm… So that's the plan. I knew that the Ishball war wasn't enough… But what if this is something more than just killing off the Ishbalians? What if…

Roy looked up at Ed.

"Do you really think that I had anything to do with this? You know that he's a humunculious." Roy whispered.

"Well I don't know because your an insane Colonel that loves to find ways to torture me. But no... I really don't think you would of done this. I just needed someone to take my anger out on."

"Oh and that just happens to be me right?" Roy replied with his famous smirk.

"Yes it just happens to be you." Edward smiled. "So what's the plan?"

Roy stood up from his chair and leaned over his desk and grabbed Ed's face.

"Now I'm suppose to have a plan? Well come back here tomorrow morning an hour before you leave I guess I can pull an all nighter for you..."

Roy leaned over and kissed Edward's soft tender lips. Edward began resisting but he finally gave in and accepted. After Roy finished kissing the boy, Edward grabbed the paper out or Roy's hands and was released from Roy's grip.

"I really hate you."

With that said Edward turned around and stormed out of the office and slammed the doors behind him. Roy still standing licking the spit off his lips scratched his head.


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