Author's Note: Hi folks! I am back with the first chapter of the sequel to "Scandalicious"! I've taken the privilege of the 3 months of summer to write you this chapter! No, actually not really, I only write this in like a week. It was really easy to start writing the first chapter, but then I got one of those writer's block things, and then I stopped writing. Well, it wasn't until 3 weeks ago that I got over it so I finally finish the chapter. So with no more rambling, here is your sequel!

Return To Tokyo


She could not believe that she had survived throughout this whole day and still live to be in one piece. The exhausted Kagome made a left turn down Tokyo Square just in time after the traffic light had turn red. Even though it has only been 8 hours, Kagome felt like it had been days since she had start babysitting.

Damn, another red light. 30 minutes until Inuyasha will be home and I haven't even made dinner yet. And I still have to make two different stops before I could go home. Why did I decide to be a teacher? And furthermore, why did I ever agree to take babysitting as a weekend part time job? Kagome thought as she stepped on the brake pedal.

Exhaling once her SUV had come down to a stop, the raven hair woman turned her head toward the passenger seat; suddenly all of her stress went away. Sleeping peacefully in the baby cradle was her barely 5-year-old son, Keiki. No matter how stressful a day was for the industrious teacher or how all of the students in her kindergarten class drove her crazy, Keiki had the ability to sooth away all of her stress once she took a glance at the cheerful child.

"Owww Kagome, Seiya just bit me!" Cried a high-pitched voice.

Kagome groaned in fatigue as she looked up in the rearview mirror, "Seiya, let go of your sister's hair," she said robotically. Sango has better paid me quadruple for taking care of both of her energetic children. How did Miroku and her put up with them all day?

"Kagome-san!" Cried the same voice, "Seiya is pulling on my hair."

"Misao," said Kagome while rolling her eyes, "if you would just teasing Seiya by using your hair as a toy, he would have not come after it."

"I wasn't using my hair as a--," argued the girl.

"Okay!" Kagome cut in suddenly when she parked in front of a two stories house, "we're here at last!"

"Home!" Seiya shouted happily when he saw the house.

Kagome turned around to look at the back, "I will be right back, Sara. Will you watch Keiki while I'm gone?"

Three pairs of eyes stared back at Kagome when she gazed over them. In the middle was a boy of two years; on his right was a girl who was a few years older than him with identical chocolaty brown eyes and silky dark hair. On the baby boy's left was another girl who was the oldest out of all the children. Her silver hair, which matched Keiki's, and her teddy-bear-like eyes stared back at Kagome's russet.

"I'll see you at school tomorrow Sara," said Misao as she took off her seatbelt.

The other girl in the vehicle smiled and nodded in silent. She then turned to Seiya and ruffled his hair in adoration.

Kagome quickly got out of her SUV and opened the backdoor to unhook the seatbelt for the baby boy. She lifted him out of his seat and set him down to the ground. Following shortly after the boy was a girl who was a few years older than him. Kagome took the siblings on each of her side and lead them to the door of their home.

"Hey! I was planning to call to see where you guys are right now," The happy Sango greeted Kagome at the door with a pan in one of her hands, "how was it?"

"When Miroku warned me about how exhausted your children can make their babysitter to be, I really didn't expect it to be this horrible," Kagome smiled back at her best friend as she let go of Seiya and Misao.

Instantly, the two bouncing children raced into the living room and upstairs they climbed.

"I love your children, you know that Sango or else I would not have agreed to become their godmother, but I don't think I can pull another day with both of them at the same time," sighed Kagome, "Keiki was already hard enough considering he is only one, and having two more kids just really kill me."

"Wasn't Sara with you today too?" Asked Sango.

"Yeah, that is why Keiki is in the car," replied Sango's best friend.

"Hey before you go, what time are you going to be at the party tonight?" Sango asked.

"The party started at eight so I would imagine my family will be there at seven," replied Kagome, "and talking about time, I need to go pronto. I haven't made diner yet and I still need to drop off Sara by her father's work."

"Alright, I will see you tonight then," Sango called to Kagome as her friend hurriedly walked toward the gate.

The bright smile of Sara and Keiki greeted Kagome when she opened the driver's door.

"Did mama wake you up?" Kagome said to Keiki in her baby-talk voice.

"Actually he woke up when you closed the door a while ago," the little girl said softly, "he started to cry but he stopped when he saw that Sara was in here."

"Thank you for watching out for Keiki, Sara," Kagome smiled at Sara as she gave the little girl a lollipop, "here you go."

The tiny hands took the lollipop from and Kagome, but instead of eating the candy, Sara stored it away in her backpack. "Thank you, but daddy say that Sara can't have too much sweets in a day because it's not very healthy so Sara will eat it tomorrow."

"Oh your father and his health diet. He is such a hypocrite," Kagome scoffed, "Sara, someday you will have to make your own decisions and stop following your dad's rules all the time. You are not a baby anymore, you are old enough to break little rules like these."

"Sara is only 7 auntie," Sara giggled, "What time is it? Daddy say Sara need to be at his office at 5 o'clock sharp."

"Don't worry, I will get you there in time," Kagome said, "I see that your father had influence you a lot."

The 7-year-old shrugged lightly, "Where else would Sara turn to? It's not like Sara have a mother."

This remark of Sara caught Kagome off guard. "What do you call Kaguya? She has been living with you and your father since you were born." Kagome asked.

Sara opened her mouth slightly to reply but then she paused and decided to say something else, "You are right, Sara was just being silly."

Kagome's green SUV then pulled up to a huge building along the busy and industrious streets of Tokyo Square, "Well off you go, princess."

"Thank you very much for the ride, auntie," Sara smiled, "bye bye Keiki!"

At the mention of his name, Keiki waved his chubby hands in the air, "Boo-bye!" He yelled.

Laughing at her son, Kagome waved to Sara, and then she suddenly remember something. Rolling down her window, she poked her head out and yelled after her niece, "Hey Sara! Tell you father he had to be at the meeting tonight at seven!"

Just in time, Sara turned around before the automatic doors of the building close and smiled at Kagome with a nod.

Sighing in relief, the busy mother began to turn her wheel to turn the SUV around. "Mama is going to make your father's favorite dessert tonight," Kagome said to her baby, "Keiki!" (A/N: Keiki means cake in English.)

Sara's big pair of golden eyes searched across the full-of-activity room. The hall was humongous compare to most the rooms that Sara seen in her life. The ceiling reached up to 60 feet high with ancient Roman and Greek's images painted upon the calming sandy color cement. Brass and gold chandeliers hung in circular patterns around the room as neat as a newly spin spider web. There were 30 white poles surrounding the warm-nude color chamber, one in every 20 feet or so. The room was stretched out in the shape of a circle with multiple doors for entrances and exits leading toward elevators and other working offices.

Men and women in black business suit walked back and forth; several people were sitting on the waiting chairs and a big, round clerk counter stood opposite to them on the opposite side of the chamber. Skipping with a grin on her face, Sara approached the tall counter and walked through the side door like it was her home. Once she got inside, Sara hopped like a rabbit toward a woman that was sitting at one of the office desks.

The woman looked down at the petite figure and smiled knowingly, "Your father is in a meeting in his office right now. I'll call him and inform him that you are here."

Sara didn't say anything but to smile at the woman, and without a word, she climbed onto a chair and waited patiently.

The woman then dialed up a number, "I am sorry to interrupt your meeting, president," she say, "but your little jewel is here… Okay I'll tell her."

Sara raised her head to the woman when she hung up the phone.

"Your father says that he will be down shortly."



Los Angeles:

After three goddamn years of suffering and six years of struggling, it is about time! Rin grinned at a pair of bright brown eyes that was staring back at her from the bathroom mirror. Her black hair hung tamely behind her shoulder like a long sheer drape. Her collarbones stuck out above her chest like hills. Her tan hallowed cheekbones and straight nose stood out of her asymmetry face.

Being a call girl was not exactly what the 25-year-old had imagined for her life to be after an unsuccessful engagement, experienced a few life and death situations, a lost lover, a son of 7, and running away from Japan.

At the same time from the previous failures, Rin had gained much wisdom. People in life mature as they grew older; Rin was no different. Her betrothal that her parents had promised before she was born had gone rotten and left her with too much damage. She was forced to move to Japan from L.A. when she was 16 and in the end she moved back to America again when the roof fell on top of her. She was put through hell by her ex-fiancé and furthermore the jerk left her a baby when he suddenly disappeared and no one knew where.

Rin was determined to come back to Los Angeles after the disaster of Tokyo and restart her life from scratch. She was determined to gave her son everything that a child desire and if she had to become a hooker to get enough money to raise her son, she would goddamn do it; that was exactly what happened. Indeed being a call girl was not exactly a decent or a proud job to talk about for Rin, but the job paid off the bills and fed her son.

The Riari's, Rin's family, was known for being the popular and picture-perfect family in America. Her father was a successful and respected businessman and her mother was a rich heiress with beautiful and grace beyond any women that Rin have met. Her little brother, Kohaku who was only 9 had also accomplished many things for his short life span.

Of course, being part of her seemingly perfect family, Rin was now considered an odd ball. She used to be like all of them, the sweet, smart, and beautiful girl next door that had the perfect life but all of that changed once she came back to America with a two-year-old baby in her arms. Her parents were ashamed of her though they were glad that she had made it through the coma, which she had pull through back in her previous year. They took her in after she came back in L.A., but Rin had enough with pretending to be perfect in her family. Japan had changed her, and Rin was not about to sit around to do nothing all day.

She knew that she could not depend on her father's money for the rest of her life, and she needed to get out of her mother's shadow. Though Rin resembled much of her mother's physique, she knew that she was nothing like her mother. She was never Miss. Asian American nor was she ever the collected and calm woman that her mother was.

When she turned 20, Rin moved out of her parents' house and rent a small condo for her son and herself. Her parents were content with the idea of their only daughter being independent, but they were appalled when Rin told them about her job. Even though they still support her idea about being a call girl, they did not agree with it like any parents would.

Nonetheless, Rin did not care. She had become cold and harsh compare to her old teenage years. She was shameless to tell people that, that was her job and whether they stick around or ran away, she did not care. She did not give any crap about the men that always surrounded themselves around her anymore. She did not care about men, period. All she cared about was making her son happy. All she cared about was how she will get through life without her parents help. She had made it clear to her parents that she does not need any assistant from them. That means no money being send to her.

But time will come, She told her herself, time will come when I would pull myself up from all of these messes.

Indeed, time did come. Six months earlier, the young woman received a phone call from a new client asking nervously for her to accompany him on a business date. Now business date was one of Rin's least favorite dates to go on, but she was broke at the time so she obliged to his proposition. It turned out that the guy she went on the date with was a multi-millionaire who was also a generous and respectable man. He was in his early 30's, and he took interest in Rin once they've met over dinner before their actual business date.

After the successful business date, this curious man called Rin again and asked her if she would be willing to go out with him on another business date. Instantly, Rin agreed for he paid her quite well the last time. Then paid business dates turned into paid party dates, which turned into friendly dates, which turned into, paid family union's dates! They were all paid jobs and Caleb Klein, this inquisitive man, never did touched her in any inappropriate places like any of her past customers, which made her puzzled. She came to respect the man, and she kept on dating him when he called. It was not until two months after their business dates-jobs that he popped the question of asking Rin on a real date.

She had to admit that Caleb was a quite something. And that something is going to support her financially and helped her son and herself out of their poverty state. She likes Caleb, yes, but only in a business manner. There was only one love in her life, and that is her son.

Tonight the mid-twenty beauty was getting ready to go on a date, a very special date, with this very special man. He says that it was only dinner at a fancy restaurant, but Rin knew better. Caleb Klein did not just fly to Beverly Hill for a day and then had a family reunion without her company for nothing. Something was up and Rin knew exactly what.

"Is that a new dress?"

"Oh my god!" Rin jumped to see a pair of golden-tiger eyes staring at her. "You scared me, Katan."

"My apology," said Katan still staring at his young mother, "is that a new dress?" He repeated.

"Oh, why yes," smiled Rin, "I didn't know that you were so interest in what I wear until now."

"I am not," the 7-year-old shrugged, "but that dress looks too flashy to be unnoticeable. What is the special occasion?"

"A date."

"A date?" Katan raised one of his eyebrows, and then it hit him. "Mr. Klein, is it not?"

Rin nodded.

Though her Katan had only live for seven years, Rin could not believe the person that was standing in front of her was her son. He looked practically like a young teenager, a very handsome one at that. People had told Rin often that her son should apply for Abercrombie and Fitch's Kid, but she knew Katan better. The elementary kid could care less about some cheesy modeling job that would only hold a contract of a couple of years for him. Her adolescent son was more into the reality of life.

Not only was Katan was intellectual sharp; he was also a very accomplished boy. Though he never applied for Abercrombie and Fitch, he was voted baby of the year when he was three. His pictures were posted everywhere in California for diaper ads. In addition, Katan was also ASB president of his school. He made the junior baseball's league with the average of pitch of 95 MPH! (A/N: For those who don't have a clue about baseball, 90 mph is considered to be pro-league speed.)

Taking a long breath, Katan said quietly, "the land lord came by the house today, he told me that if we don't pay the rent for next month he will kick us out."

Well, that just ruined my excellent mood. Rin thought lightly of the situation.

Even though her job covered for their food, Katan's private school fee, and the basic needs for everyday, Rin still doesn't have enough money to pay her every month apartment's fee. She wanted the best of the best for her son, therefore Rin moved them into a very expensive condo, and the price was rather costly but she did not care.

"I will have a talk with him tonight," sighed Rin, "why don't you go play outside with some kids."

"I prefer not."

"Why not?"

"Mother," said Katan with his monotone, "unlike most 7-year-old children, I, to put this nicely, am not as ludicrous. Why should this Katan spend his valuable time with a bunch of worthless bamboozles."

"For the millionth time, Katan, please don't refer yourself in third person like that."

"Can't help it," Katan vaguely rebut.

"Anyways, I think it's nonsense," Rin said defensively, "You are just as normal as any kids."

"Really?" Katan raised one of his eyebrows, "tell me then. How many 7-year-old do you know that is 5'6, have silver hair and golden eyes, able to fluently speak four different languages, skipped three grades because he was too smart, and was able to carry on intelligent conversation with adults about the holocaust, Greek and Roman historical sights, political news, Italian arts, and the importance of self-esteem?"

"Okay so you are not exactly the everyday elementary kid, but look on the bright side. Everyone loves you," Rin smiled.

"I don't need society's approval. I live my life by my own rule and if people don't like it then they are welcome to get lost," Katan said stubbornly as he stood up, "I'm going to work out at the O-Gym."

"With who?"

"A female companion."

"Uh huh," Rin said slowly, "and may I ask how old is this female companion of your?"

"Old enough."

"Don't start with me young man," Rin made a face.

"Alright, she's in middle school."

At this, Rin could only make a mischievous face. "Another word, she is at least four years older than you. I assume that she does not know your real age?"


"Are you going to tell her?"



"Mother, we are just going to work out. I am not interest in any kind of romantic relationship with this particular one or anyone else at present for that matter," Katan informed Rin, "Now if you would excuse me, I am going to be late for my date."

"Make sure you are back here--."

"9 PM, I know," Katan waved to Rin as he left for the front door.

With a knowing smile on her face, Rin stared after her speedy matured son. The way he walked away from her, such confident and pride.

Just like him…



The light hair youngster nodded as she started to kick her dangling feet up and down while waiting quietly. Suddenly, Sara noticed heads of women started to turn. The little elementary scholar knew who it was immediately; she hopped off the chair and ran out of the check-in area with her arms stretched out like an airplane.

Sesshoumaru nodded his head one side to a woman that was looking at him and then another as he approached the register counter of the company. Out of the horde of intoxicated women with strong perfume sticking to clothing, Sesshoumaru spotted a little girl running toward him with a big smile on her baby face.

"Daddy!" Sara exclaimed as she wrapped her little arms around his neck once Sesshoumaru had lean down to pick his daughter up. "How was your day, daddy?"

"Decent," replied Sesshoumaru. He then turned toward the woman that was behind the counter, "Do you have any more paper work that needs my approval?"

"Yes sir, but it's not crucial because they can be settle over during the meeting before the big show," said the secretary.

"Does that mean daddy will get the rest of the day off with Sara?" Asked Sara.

"That is correct," said Sesshoumaru as he set Sara down onto the ground, "Where did you get that candy from?"

"Auntie," Sara answered, "but Sara listened to Daddy by not eating it. See?" The little girl raised up her fully wrapped lollipop to Sesshoumaru.

"Yes, I see that," Sesshoumaru said.

At that moment, a woman with blonde hair walked up to Sesshoumaru and smiled seductively at him as she gave him a light peck on the cheek. She then gasped when she saw Sara, "My, my what marvelous eyes you have!"

"This is Sara," Sesshoumaru explained.

"Please to meet you," Sara smiled brightly at the blonde.

"Oh please tell me that you are putting her in the company's anniversary fashion show, Sesshoumaru-sama!"

"Sara is not a model," Sesshoumaru said vaguely.

"Well--then why is she here?" The curious woman was obviously confused, "Oh well whatever, listen I need to talk to you--"

"--This is not a good time," Sesshoumaru frowned.

"--Of course it is!" Smirked the woman, "I'm free tomorrow night and I was thinking that perhaps we--"

Once again Sesshoumaru interrupted the woman, "--I am busy tomorrow night."

The blonde pouted and tried to look hurt as she grabbed Sesshoumaru's collar and pulled him toward her perky chest, "I am sure that you could spare some time for me, right?" She whispered in his ear, "I bought something especially for you yesterday. It would be a shame if you decide to miss out."

Sesshoumaru was beginning to feel aggravated with this woman's forwardness. He had only met her about two days ago (or was it three?), and they end up spending one night together. He was partially drunk that night and he didn't feel like going home; she offered a place for him to stay so he obliged. Sesshoumaru felt nothing for this blonde-wanna-be and moreover he can't even remember the woman's name. He greatly disliked women who became attached to him just after a one-night stand and this woman was no exception.

Even though Sara had no idea what was going on, she could tell that her father did not like the woman. This seemed to always happen to her father, women always swarm all over him and no matter how he put it; they never seem to get the message. The 7-year-old blinked a couple times as she started to grasp onto Sesshoumaru's sleeve, "You can't be with her tomorrow night, we are suppose to head to the dojo, remember?"

"I remember clearly, Sara," Sesshoumaru turned to Sara and then back to the blonde, "as you can see, I'm going to be busy."

"And just who are you anyways" The blonde smiled as she whispered to Sara, "you dumb, obnoxious little girl?!"

"My daughter always come first," Sesshoumaru growled at the woman's remark.

Instantly, the woman let go of Sesshoumaru. "Daughter?" Her head quickly looked down at Kanna and then back at Sesshoumaru's face, "...Daughter!?"

"Could you not see the resemblance?" Sara laughed as she pulled Sesshoumaru out of the blonde's grasp.

"N-no, of course, I mean yes… but daughter?!" The blonde repeated.

"Like I said," Sesshoumaru said, ignoring the woman's reaction, "I am occupied tomorrow night. Now if you excused us uhh--"


"That's right, I remember now," Sesshoumaru played along, "Good night April."

Leaving the pissed off blonde behind him, Sesshoumaru lead Sara out of the main door of the building. He was glad to get away from the wretched woman along with many others that were in that place at that moment.

"Can we stop by Vera Wang?" Sara asked Sesshoumaru as approached a green Toyota Tacoma.

Opening the door, Sesshoumaru lifted his little girl up on the tall truck. "Why?"

"Well, you see? Sara got a dress from there yesterday morning--"

"Sara, how many times did I have to tell you--"

"If it makes you feel better, you don't have to pay for it," Sara ducked her head with a cheesy smile. She was scared to look up to see the expression on her father's face. It was no surprise to her that her father's face was like a rock, but there will be time when it would have some expressions on it, and at those time it was either you would be beyond happy to see him or you would be extremely scared to death.

Sesshoumaru was concentrating driving on the road but the quick-minded child knew that this was not over. It was obvious that he was angry with her.

It was not until when they parked in front of the designer's door that Sesshoumaru began to speak, "Who is it this time? Is one of my models? Photographers? Friends? Designers? Secretaries?"

"It's hard not to be tempted, Daddy. You just have too many admirers that Sara doesn't see why Sara should not use them to her advantage. They all wanted to buy Sara presents so Sara just took what was offered to her," Sara explained, "Is that so wrong?"

"Yes, very," Sesshoumaru said as he opened the door for his daughter.

"But you do it all the time," Sara argued back, "you always went on business trips with all of those pretty ladies."

"And it is exactly like you said, they were only business trips," Sesshoumaru told Sara. He then turned to the clerk at the counter.

"May I assist you?" Said the clerk.

"I have a dress that was put under the name 'Sara Michiyo' this morning?" Sara said in her most formal tone, "Here is my ID."

The clerk smiled at Sara, "Oh no, you don't need to show your ID. I remember you from yesterday when you came in. Let me go and get your box. If you two would excuse me."

A short awkward moment followed and the woman was back with a big rectangular beige box in her arms. She handed the box to Sesshoumaru and thanked the customers for stopping by.

"Good bye, please come again," The clerk bowed as the two walked out of the shop.

Hugging the wrapped gift box, Sara bit her lower lip for she did not know what to do or say next. Her first option was to apologize to her father and hopefully he would let her keep the dress that was already purchased, or he might make her return it. On the other hand, she could just open her present and enjoy herself to see the dress that her father's secretary bought for her, but her father would be, in no doubt, angry with her. Considering the pros and cons for both choices, Sara took a deep breath before speaking in her most sincere voice.

"Daddy, you are not mad at Sara, are you?" She gave Sesshoumaru the puppy-dog eyes.

Taking his eyes off the road for a mere second to look at the young girl, Sesshoumaru felt quite uneasy at his daughter's attempt of the eye-trick. He quickly returned his attention toward the road just in time to see a red traffic light ahead.

"I am extremely disappointed in your misbehavior, Sara," Sesshoumaru started with his lecture while stepping on the brake.

"I am sorry. I feel awfully terrible," Sara nodded.

Nothing more were said throughout their whole trip toward downtown of Tokyo. Sesshoumaru parked his truck against he street's curb when they were near the food quarter. They, father and daughter, side by side started toward a fancy French restaurant with the label "Bon Appetite" in the front.

"Ummm Daddy?" Sara waited patiently after the waitress set their dinner down the table.

"What is it?"

"Do you think that Sara could still keep her present?" Sara asked, referring to her Vera Wang gown.

Sesshoumaru took a look at Sara for a while and then at her food plate. "If you would eat all of the veggies then I shall consider of this possibility?" He demanded.

Sara, like her father, stared down at her dinner plate. She gave a quizzical look at the colorful vegetables that were displayed upon her serving dish. "Are you sure this food is sanitary?"

"This restaurant did not received a 5-star rated restaurant three years in a row for nothing."

At this, the young daughter of Sesshoumaru started to smile. She looked innocently at her father and then back at her dinner plate. "But how do you know that they might not just get a new chef, and he might be a clumsy cook and accidentally left some poisons in my food."


"It is a possibility, daddy! You would not want for your only child to get poisoned, do you?"

Sesshoumaru looked at his daughter with an unemotional expression, "Just eat the food."

"Do I still get to keep my dress though?"

Sesshoumaru turned his head toward his daughter and gave out an unnoticeable sigh. She was his only intimate bloodline that is still alive. After a year of residency in Australia, Sesshoumaru was contact by his half-brother, Inuyasha, and was confirmed that his fiancé had just awoke from her two-year coma, but Katan -Sara's twin- was dead due to the child's terrible health. However, before, he could plan a flight back to Japan, Inuyasha had contact him again informing Sesshoumaru that his now ex-fiancé had coldly signed the disengaging contract to Sesshoumaru and her marriage, and left Japan. Now all he really had left is Sara.. Though troublesome and diva-like the child may be, she is his only family.

So what will he do with this troublesome little girl of his? He supposed there was no point of returning a dress that was already purchased.

Sesshoumaru concluded while rubbing his temples. "If I were to say yes, would you let your father eat his dinner without any further disturbances?"

"Thank you, daddy! You are my hero," Sara exclaimed and began to eat her vegetables.


Los Angeles:

Similar to most guys, Caleb picked Rin up at the wrong time. They would always say a certain time, but they always either late or early.

'He' was the only one that always on time, Rin smiled to herself when an image of her ex-fiancé appeared in her head. She then suddenly stopped on her track. Why was she thinking of him all of a sudden? This was supposed to be a special night involving only Caleb and herself. She was not supposed to think about another man.

"Eg-hem," Rin cleared her throat and looked across the table to see Caleb's cavernous eyes looking at her. It was a clear fact that Caleb was much older than her, but he did not even look his part. Shaggy brown hair and green hazel eyes, Caleb's face reminded Rin of the one guy from Smallville whom played Clark Kent, whom real name she forgot.

"I am glad it's humid outside tonight," said Caleb, "perfect to walk off those calories, don't you think?"

But you haven't propose to me yet. Rin thought in anguish. She was waiting for him to pop the question the whole night during dinner, but he was just eating his food like nothing was going on. It was not like the 25-year-old had much to look forward to this date beside the proposal that she thought would happen. Rin, from the first time that they went on an official date, knew that Caleb would be the man to take care of her son and her. He was easy to please emotionally because their relationship depend on none, and he has money, lots and lots of green!

At times in her life, Rin wanted to slap herself at her growing selfishness. She would looked at her reflection and wanted to destroy it for she hated who she was becoming, a gold digger. She wanted everything for her child so much that she was willing to sacrifice her happiness for his. For this reason, she needed to marry Caleb; she needed him to be there to support her.

"Um-hm," Rin nodded with a bright smile. If it's one thing she had learn from her years of being a call girl, it is to be flawlessly fake. She had master this skill while watching the way the other call girls from her company acted around their dates.

"Waiter," Caleb waved his hand in the air to call for assistant.

"I have a proposition for you, Rin," Caleb said in his business tone.

Rin gulped hard as she gave him another fake assuring smile, "What is it?"

"I'm leaving for a business trip very soon," explained Caleb, "there is a colossal project that my company is a part of and it requires my absent in America."

"How long will you be gone for?" Rin's heart sank.

"Two months," Caleb replied, "and I want you to come with me."

"What?" Rin abruptly turned to face her boyfriend, "Why? When? Where?"

"This is a very important opportunity for me," Caleb continued on with his speech as if he didn't hear Rin, "it would bring my company publicity and profit if everything go according to plan."

"Well Caleb, I'll be glad to come along with you but what about Katan? You can't just simply think that I'll leave my son home for two months."

"Of course not," said Caleb faintly, "I have consider this issue, and I think that it would not be a bother if he was to come with us."

"Like a vacation?" Rin asked slowly.

"Yes," Caleb said as if he had never heard of the phrase, "I guess that would be an appropriate term."

"Oh wow!" Rin exclaimed while thinking of her son, "I am sure that Katan will be excited to come along. When are you leaving?"

"One week."

Rin nodded. She likes the sound of traveling out of America and to have Katan and Caleb with her would be even better. "I think it'll work out. Where are we going?"

"Oh you'll like it," Caleb negligently remarked. Suddenly, he stopped at his track when he saw something shiny on the sandy beach. He gave it a puzzle look and looked up to see Rin with the same expression.

"What is that?" Rin asked making a face.

"I don't know," Caleb said as he kneeled down and picked up the tiny object. He returned with the little object in his hand and looked up at Rin. "Rin?" He said looking deep into her eyes.


"Will you marry me?" With a faint smile of which Rin had never seen, Caleb held up one of the most beautiful ring that Rin had ever seen.

It was a white gold ring designed to fit perfectly on Rin's ring finger. The luminous object was encrusted with a huge rectangular shaped pink diamond, which was about 1/3 the size of her pinkie finger!

"Oh… my… god!" Rin choked the word out of her mouth. Her shaking hands reached toward Caleb and grabbed him in tremor. "Of course, oh lord!" Rin laughed when Caleb slipped the gold surface upon her finger. She grabbed onto Caleb's shoulder and embraced him fondly.

She knew that Caleb was going to propose to her tonight, but she did not expect it to be like this. This night! This beach! This sunset! This was perfect! This was amazing! This--this was not at all like Caleb.

Someone must have set this up. Either that or someone told Caleb to do this. He is not the gushy type like how I want my future husband to be, but then again it is not like I like Caleb for his characteristics anyways. Rin realized inside her head, though on the exterior her face she was happy beyond heaven.

"Oh my god, I can't wait to tell Katan about this!" Rin exclaimed as Caleb dropped her off at her condo. "I'll call you later."

"Good night, Rin. I love you." He awkwardly said.

"I--" Rin started. "--Good night."

Why was it so hard for her to say those three words to Caleb, or any guy for that matter? Rin tried to say it once to Caleb back when they first dated but the words felt so strange to her lips that she stopped from then on. The only person that she say it to often as she did was Katan, but that stopped too after he turned six. She remembered that day like it was yesterday.

It was Katan's sixth birthday and when Rin asked what he wanted, he told her that he wanted her to stop telling him that she loves him. It shattered Rin's heart into a million pieces to hear her son telling her such things, and the worse was that the way he looked and sounded to her.

"Love is for the weak," Katan said with a stoned expression while looking out the window, "this Katan does not like being weak."

Rin was on the verge of tears when he told her that, and she let it all out in front of her son that night. Katan, with a solemn expression, walked toward his mother and wrapped his arms around her.

"I didn't want to hurt you feeling, mother," Katan had explained, "I know that you cared about me, but I greatly dislike it when you say that phrase to me. I can't explain why I felt like that, but I just do. I care about you, mother; I care about so much that it pissed me off whenever you cry. Just trust me on this, okay? Trust me."

And that was the end of Rin's phrase of "I love you" to anyone for that matter.

Before Rin could reach the door handle, the front door click and crept open.

Katan, from behind the door, moved out of the way for his mother to go in. The child followed her every moves with his pair of sharp amber eyes. There was something different about his mother, Katan was so sure of it, but what? His question was immediately answered as he glanced over his mother's left hand.

"Will I be invite to your wedding?" Katan asked sarcastically while still staring at his mother's hand.

At this, the raven-haired woman smiled, "We haven't set the date yet."

Katan said nothing as he walked into the kitchen. He had always a problem with the men that his mother was seeing. He knew that it was her job and that it involved of his mother being intimate with different people. To Katan, it was no business of him to butt in because he understood why his mother was doing what she did: him.

He liked the person that his mother was dating at the moment, he won't lie. The man was smart, and he was not an asshole like all of the other guys that his mother had dated. What was his name again? Kansis? Carter? Carl? Calvin?

"Caleb and I were talking and--" Rin's voice trailed in the background.

Caleb! That was it! Why did he have such a bad time with remember people's name?

Katan liked talking to Caleb for he seemed to be very laidback and conversant. However the young boy could only imagined this Caleb to be his mother's business partner or advisor, but never someone whom his mother would be marrying to. From what Katan had observe, the two adults not once have involved in any kind of deeply intimate conversations or moments.

"--So what do you think of it?" Rin asked Katan with a childish smile. She grabbed a throw pillow from the sofa and jumped onto the loveseat that was behind her.

Sometimes the child wonder which one of them was the older person, he or his mother. "I think it's a considered situation," replied Katan tentatively, not really sure what his mother was talking about.

"Oh that's wonderful! I was afraid that you might be upset for missing school for two months--"

"Wait what?" Katan asked, "why would I be missing school for two months?"

"To go on the trip of course! Weren't you listening to me?" Rin asked.

Katan opened his mouth to speak, "I--," then he changed his mind, "who are all going?"

"Just you, me, and Caleb," Rin replied, "wouldn't that be fun?!"

"Wonderful," Katan said without any emotion in his voice, "where may I ask is the destination?"

Rin opened her mouth to answer, but she stopped and scratched her head. "You know? That is a good question. I have to call Caleb, but I'm sure it would be great to go on a vacation outside of the continent. You get to travel and see new places, Katan. You have always loved to learn and see new things!"

"I suppose you do have a point," said Katan, "but I do not want to miss school."

"Then I'll have Caleb enroll you in one of the schools then!"

"When will the departure be?"

"In one week."

Katan was quiet. He took a moment to consider his choice. He could go with his mother along with her new fiancé to wherever-land, tour the place, experience the culture, talked to the people, taste out the exotic gourmet, take a break from L.A.; however the worse part would be that he had to watch his mother with Caleb being romantic in front of his eyes, or perhaps not considering that their version of intimacy is considering of holding hands and kissing here and there. His second option was to stay home away from Caleb and his mother. What would that bring him? Oh yeah, two months with his bratty uncle, his too-nice-of-a-person grandmother, his over-worked grandfather, Californians whom he see everyday, eat the same American food, hear the same language, etc…

"I'll go," Katan decided.

"Alright!" Rin joyfully cheered, "We should go shopping tomorrow--"

"One thing though, mother," Katan rubbed his temples, "please try to keep it for the kid with Caleb when I am around."

"Oh it's not like I'm going to NC-17 in front of my own son," Rin rolled her eyes. "Beside," she added with a light shrug, "that won't happen any time soon. He and I are living in two different world, they don't mesh well together."

"Appreciated," Katan nodded with a fainted smirk, "I'm going to bed. Night."

"Well, alright…Sweet dreams honey," Rin smiled. Now to call Caleb!

Dialing up her new fiancé's phone number, Rin had to wait for three rings until Caleb picked up his cell phone. Without going through the small talks, Rin went into her conversations with Katan instantly. Through this all, the other line was quiet.

"--so he agreed that he would go with us," finished Rin, almost running out of breath.

"That is excellent, I would definitely enjoy the company of your son," said Caleb over the other line, "It would be beneficial for him as well if I take him to some of the business meetings that I will be attending in Tokyo on our trip."

"Oh Katan loves commerce!" Rin exclaimed in happiness, "I'm sure he would be with you in speed of light if you were to ask him to go with you in your To--"


"Rin?" Caleb's voice questioned after several seconds of silence, "are you there, Rin? Hello? Rin?"

"Tokyo?!" Rin's voice suddenly rang out loud, "as in Japan, Tokyo?!"

"The one and only," said Caleb as if Rin was too dim not to know where Tokyo was, "I told you that you would love this place. I'd figure that it would be the perfect opportunity for you to visit your own country."

"Y-yeah," Rin stuttered quietly, "Tokyo…great… yeah, you know what? It's late, I have to go. I'll talk to you later."

"Did I say something wrong?"

"Oh no!" Rin blurted, "no, nothing wrong at all. You can never be wrong, dear. I'm just kind of shock that's all."

"Okay well, I will give you a call tomorrow if I received any updates on our trip."

"Sounds good, sweet dreams."

"Good night."

As soon as Rin heard the click from the other line, her body gave in and she fell on the loveseat like a dead man. How could this happen? After six years of hiding, she could not believe that she was about to return to her nightmare again. The problem was not the people; it was the vibe that the city gave her. Everything there reminded her of him, and if Katan were to be with her surely nothing good can come out of that.

You got to think positive Rin! Rin started to hit herself on the forehead. Now what are the positive possibilities? I basically get to visit everyone again, to see how much he or she change or stay the same over the past years. I will get to see Sango, Kagome, Inuyasha, and Miroku again, that's good! But what would happen when Katan saw Inuyasha? Wouldn't he start to ask question about his origin then? Fuck!!!



"Quick people! I don't have all day!" A busy looking woman yelled out loud in the enormous ballroom. Her two working hands were on her hip as she barked at the men and women that were arranging furniture and party supplies around the room. Her ID tag printed with the text Aya. Party Planner.

"Aya-san!" Called a young man with a clipboard, "We've got all of the supplies in place and everything is going smoothly to plan so far."

"So far? So far?" Repeated the angry woman, "So far is not good enough. I want it to go perfect the whole way! Sesshoumaru Michiyo paid me 35,000 yen an hour for being his party planner with the expectation of a perfect get-together with all of his trained partnerships and if tonight does not go the whole way, I'm screwed. And if I'm screwed then YOU ALL will get screwed. What are you looking at, hammer-face, get back to work!" She then turned to the helpless man with the clipboard, "And you, you keep checking around to make sure that everyone is attending at their own station."

"Yes maim," obeyed the assistant.

"Oh one more thing," said Aya, "how much time do we have left before Sesshoumaru Michiyo will get here?"

"Half an hour, maim."

"Good," smiled the woman, "now GET BACK TO WORK!"

Meanwhile about 20 blocks and a short highway distance away passed Tokyo's Square, the anime stations, a residential quarter, and down the avenue of Inu-Youkai stood a massive but isolated new mansion, which belonged to the official heir of Inutaisho Michiyo, Sesshoumaru. It was not necessary for the full pledged demon to live in this home of his deliberating that his half-brother's mansion was only about 500 yards away, but because the fact that Sesshoumaru tremendously valued his privacy, he had to built a new place for himself. Beside, he disliked that half-breed brother of his and there was no point of staying in an old house, which used to belong to his deceased father. He wanted his own place; something that he, himself, had constructed and put together with his own hands, just like his multi-millions company.

After buttoning up his iridescent blue blouse, Sesshoumaru turned toward his bed and see laying in front of him were two collar ties, one was black with crisscrossed blue lines while the other was same color as his blouse with strange golden colored roman designs on them. Carelessly, he picked up one of the two ties and was beginning to knot it before a clear-throat stopped him.

"Daddy, you should dress differently from everyone else," Sara remarked. She was sitting on her knees on the bed, and as usual an innocent smile painted on her baby face.

"Explain yourself," said Sesshoumaru.

"Just loose the tie," shrugged Sara, "everyone there will be wearing them, and you want to stand out. Sara thinks that daddy should just wear his blouse and suits."

"It's a business function, Sara."

"But it's your business function," Sara smiled knowingly. She waited a while for a reply, but there was none. At this point, the little girl knew that she had convinced her father to wear what she wants him to wear…again.

She did not know how she does it all the time, but it seemed as if her father would only listen to her and her only. Sesshoumaru was a thickheaded person and very controlling with his workers and people around him, family and friends. When it comes to Sara on the other hand, he was as loose as a water; maybe because it was just the Michiyo's charm.

Everyone in her family seems to carry that gene. Sara's grandfather, as Izayoi told her, was very charming, that was how he became so well known in Japan. Her father, without a doubt, certainly had more than enough charm. How could one explain all of the women that surrounded themselves with him all the time? Her uncle obviously had some charms as well or else he would not be able to marry such a beautiful woman like Kagome.

The silver haired heiress lived by the name of Michiyo, and surely Sara did a good job carrying out their famous last name. Young Sara had skipped three grades back when she first entered her elementary school for she was too bright; she was also an excellent pianist and already had single handedly composed her own music, which were played in the symphonic concert constantly. Not only that, she was voted Miss. Tiny-Tokyo two years in a row, and she is a talented dancer who had dedicate herself to ballet, jazz, and ballroom ever since the age of three.

"Ms. Maki say that you arecoming to my school tomorrow," said Sara, "may I ask why?"

"Considering that we are organizing an international fashion show in several weeks, the company needs all the promotion and self publicity that it could get. In all of this necessity, Jakken thought that we should sponsor some of the most popular places in Tokyo to get people talking."

"--And one of those places is my school?"

"That is correct."

"So what exactly are you planning to do?"

"I am sponsoring scholarship for potential athletes," replied Sesshoumaru, "I will be at your school for most of the day tomorrow meeting with your principal, gym teachers, and coaches."

"Is Kaguya coming with you?" Asked Sara.


"How about tonight?"

"Yes," replied Sesshoumaru, "why do you want to know?"

"Just wondering," shrugged Sara as she ran out of her father's bedroom.

Sesshoumaru watched his daughter as she zoomed out of his room with her two arms stretch out like an airplane. At that moment a faint smile appeared on his faultless face. Sara seemed so fragile and simple, yet those were the two farthest things, which his daughter was from. It was amazing for Sesshoumaru to watch how his daughter could one moment acted like a regular seven-year-old, eating ice cream cone or crying over a dirty dress, and then the next moment she would think instinctively like a clever fox.

It was her ever-changing characteristics that kept people guessing which one of them was the real Sara. So far, no one knew except Sesshoumaru and sometimes even he still doubted himself. However, it was good that no one truly know the real Sara. If that trend was to continue, she can stay protected and he would make sure that she would become stronger than any demons would dream to be because unlike most demons, Sara has received the ultimate gift...


Tokyo Airport:

It was only 25 hours ago before that an anxious and fidgety Rin loaded her suitcases into the carriage machine at Lost Angeles Airport. Now 25 hours later, she was standing outside of Tokyo Airport waiting for a cab while in the background, her fiancé and son was carrying out their suitcases.

"So?" Caleb asked her when they got into the yellow taxi.

"What?" Rin asked.

"How do you feel?"

Rin took a deep breath as she think of the exact right word that would explain the way she was feeling at that moment. "Apprehensive," she decided.

"How come?" Asked Caleb, though he seemed to be attentive to something else at that moment.

"Just--I haven't seen or been in contact with anyone since I left six years ago," Rin shrugged and then laugh nervously, "I'll get over this feeling soon, don't worry."

From the passenger seat in the front, Katan stared at his mother from the rear-view mirror. Something was obviously wrong, and Caleb was too dense to notice it, but Katan knew. He had never seen his mother fidget so much before; she was nervous and appeared to fear over something.

"When will you be back from the meeting tonight, Caleb?" Katan asked the older man through his black sunglasses.

"11:00 PM in approximation," replied Caleb, "you are welcome to come with your mother and me."

"That is okay," Katan said, "I prefer to explore the city on my first night here."

"Where do you plan to go?" Rin asked her son.

"Touring the city, I suppose," Katan shrugged.

At this Caleb stared at Rin, "Are you sure that would be safe for him?" he whispered.

"My third degree black belt in martial art and fluent Japanese will get me through, don't worry," said Katan impassively.

"How did you--" Caleb started.

"Umm Katan has very sharp ears," smiled Rin nervously. She then gave her son a quick warning look. Katan was supposed to keep quiet about his keen senses.

"You look wonderful," Caleb took a glance at Rin when she stepped out of the bathroom, and then returned to his cell phone talking to some business partner.

Rin nervously grinned, "I haven't wear something like this for years."

Caleb had surprised her early that night by bringing in a big silver box with the label of "Poison" engraved on top. Inside the gift box was an assemble of the most exquisite kimono that Rin had ever seen. Silk and shiny the fabrics were with faded shades of pink water lilies and deep green leaves patterned upon the soft leaf-colored kimono. This kimono contained three parts of clothing: a simple sheer white robe, then the deep green top, and last but not least, the beautiful light green kimono skirt with the water lilies design.

"You look like a million buck," said Caleb, now hanging up his phone, "remind me of a geisha back in the day."

"Thank you," said Rin, "say have you seen Katan? I want to say goodbye to him before we go."

"He left 10 minutes ago, saying that he was heading out to see the city," replied Caleb.

"I see. Well, I'm ready to go. Look like you are too," said Rin as she grabbed a matching green handbag engraved with emeralds and sapphire gems.

They arrived at an over-elaborated, 30-stories-high building in a black limousine. There were flashes of cameras everywhere, which Caleb had warn Rin about. However, there were more cameras than what she had expected. With her three inches heel, Rin was taller than her date, which made her felt quite uneasy. Nonetheless, Rin flashed the paparazzi with her most daring and brightest smile.

After they had crossed the red carpet area and passed the paparazzi, Caleb and Rin approached the entry door of the building. Looking around, Rin noticed the real gold logo text that was marked in front of the building.

Playpen huh? Rin looked at the Japanese and English text. "Caleb, you did not tell me that you are in partnership with a porno magazine cooperation." She whispered.

At this, Caleb looked amusedly at Rin, "This is not a porn company. It's true that this company has some of the most daring photographs of erotic models and collections, but they are not pornography. There is a difference between porn and sultry."

They entered the big hall of Playpen and were direct toward the third floor, which was supposedly where the gathering was.

"Do you want something to drink?" Caleb asked Rin when they entered the ballroom.

Rin, who was too distracted from the scenery, did not reply. The cream color ballroom was shaped in a circle with a gigantic, crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Surrounding the room were French windows that stood approximately 9 feet tall. In the background, a music piece composed by Wolfgang Mozart was playing by a pianist and a symphony orchestra in a far corner. There were men and women dressed in elegant western and eastern clothing standing all over the room with strong and toxic colognes sticking to their skin. They were all of different races, Caucasian, Asian, African, American, Europeans, and even Australians. This was obviously a big night for the host.

Caleb had not told Rin much about the host of the bash, nor did she care to ask either. All her fiancé told her was that this meeting was the night that all of Playpen's sponsors, supporters, and partners were getting together to talk over the upcoming fashion show that was held by this company. It was their five-year anniversary fashion show and it was going to be huge.

"Do you want something to drink?" Caleb asked Rin again.

This time she heard him and turned her head. "No, I'm fine for right now."

"Rin?!" A masculine voice called out, "Rin Riari?!"

Rin turned toward the voice and her jaw dropped, seemingly can't go any lower. It had been six years and he had changed but she could still recognize the boyish face behind the dark mustache. "Miroku!"

"It is you! I knew it was your ass when I saw it walked into the room," Miroku said.

"Long time no see," smiled Rin at her old friend. Still the joker!

"It has been too long," Miroku said as he gave Rin a hug, "wait 'til I tell Sango and Kagome about this."

"A-are they both here?" Rin asked, now with a nervous feeling growing.

"Of course, and Inuyasha as well."

Rin's heart leaped at the thought of her old friends being in the same place as her. She was planning to visit them all one by one at their house, taking thing slowly, but this was too fast.

"Oh I want you to meet someone," Rin said as she grabbed Caleb's arm out of the blue, "this is my fiancé, Caleb Klein."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Klein," Miroku said in English as he shook Caleb's hand. If he was surprised, Miroku did not show it one bit. "I heard of you before, are you not one of the CEO from Sephora?"

"Yes," nodded Caleb, "I have heard plenty about you, as well, but never did I imagine Rin to know Miroku Goto."

"The same goes with myself," Miroku said. He then turned to Rin, "Kagome and Sango are at the food court right now. I think you should go and find them, Rin."

"Of course," Rin jumped, "I'll see you later." And without the time to wait for her fiancé to reply, Rin hurried away toward the food court leaving Caleb and Miroku to discuss their business.

The food court was clear across the floor of the ballroom, and it took Rin a while to get to the other side, but she finally managed to reach her destination. Like two peas in a pod, Rin spotted her two old friends right away. Rin's heart pounded faster and faster as she approached the back of Sango and Kagome.

"Excuse me?" Rin asked and touched the shoulder of the two women.

Instantly, Kagome and Sango turned around to face a familiar face that they haven't seen or heard from in six years.

Kagome's jaw dropped and Sango's eyes blinked furiously as if she had saw an UFO.

"Rin?!" Sango spoke finally.

"OH MY GOD! It's you!!!" Kagome exclaimed.

"Hey!" Rin forward herself into Sango's and Kagome's arms as the three embraced one another.

"When did you get here?" Sango asked.

"How long are you staying?" Kagome questioned, "Where on earth did you get this gorgeous kimono?"

"Why didn't you call us?" Sango butted in.

"How come you didn't write to us? Or contact us when we tried to reach you?" Asked Kagome.

"Why are you here?" Both girls said together.

Sometimes, Rin thought that she smiled too much but she could not help at this moment. Her teeth were shown the entire time while she watched her two best friends interrogated her.

"Well…" Rin began by answering her friends' questions, "…and that is why I am here."

"Oh god," Sango remarked.

"I know," Kagome agreed, "so what have you been doing for the last six years?"

"Yeah, since you don't ever write or talk to us, none of us have any idea," Sango said.

Oh jeez, this is something I haven't rehearsed on the airplane. Rin thought as she began to bite on her nails. She certainly did not want her successful friends to know about her current job, but she did not want to lie to them either. Taking a deep breath, Rin decided she was just going to lay it flat out onto the ground.

"I am taking a vacation right now from work," Rin started, "so basically I don't have a job. My family is doing fantastic as usual, all the kids are doing great, and--" Good Rin! You haven't lie so far…

By the time that she was finish with her story, Sango and Kagome were on verge of tears. Not tears of sorrow, tears of joy.

"Oh Rin," Sango cried as she grabbed her old friend again and embraced her, "we missed you so much!"

"Aw I miss you guys too," Rin said, "so why are you all here?"

"Inuyasha and Miroku co-owned Inutaisho's old company remember?" Kagome reminded Rin, "Playpen is one of their supporter and the two companies have been partners since Playpen first started out."

"Oh I see," Rin nodded.

"I have two kids!" Sango blurted out proudly, "Misao and Seiya. See? Say hi to Auntie Rin, you two."

Rin followed the finger of which Sango pointed and spot out two adorable little kids smiling back at her.

"Hi!" They both waved.

Rin smiled back at them and waved as well. She then noticed a baby boy in a cradle that was next to them.

"Who's that?"

"My son," Kagome answered, "Keiki is his name. Inuyasha and I named him after Inuyasha's favorite food."

"Oh," Rin said knowingly, "of course, how could I miss the eyes and hair color?"

"Well talking about kids and all," Sango said as she looked around, "where's your little boy? He should be seven by now right?"

"Oh yes, Katan," Rin nodded, "he is certainly seven though you would not believe it when you look at him."

"What do you mean?"

"Well--" Rin started.

"I see you have found the wives," Inuyasha's voice came from behind Rin.

She turned around with a bright smile on her face to see Inuyasha, Miroku, and Caleb all walking toward them. Instantly, the young woman ran toward them and hooked an arm around Caleb's.

"This is him," Rin said to Kagome and Sango.

Both of her friends looked at the man that was standing next to Rin and smiled approvingly. On the outside all of them was happy and joyful to see Rin while on the inside, they were about to jump off of a cliff. If only Rin knew who was going to be here tonight. If only Rin knew whom the host of this party was. If only Rin would get out of this place right this instant!

"Nice to meet you," Caleb bowed toward the women.

Rin then introduced all of her friends to her fiancé and vice versa. At that moment, they were interrupted by an awfully loud clear-throat. Everyone in the room turned their attention to the mini stage set in front of the orchestra and piano to see a bald Japanese man dressed in black suits.

"Jakken?" Rin whispered out loud.

"The old geezer hasn't change one bit, has he?" Inuyasha asked Rin rhetorically.

"Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, I wanted to interrupt your precious time to bring out the host of the party that was given tonight. The brilliant man whom created this dynamic enterprise, the creative person whom build this empire--" There was already a crescendo of noises of people who were talking.

"Oh my god, I am going to finally get to see him in person!" Shrieked a woman with an Australian accent beside Rin.

"I heard he looks ten times better in real life," said another woman beside the Australian female.

"Who's this man that all of the women are going goo-goo-ga-ga over?" Rin asked Kagome.

"Uhhh why don't we take you outside, Rin," Kagome said as she hurriedly grabbed onto Rin's arm.

"Wait, but I wanna see who this guy is," Rin protested.

"Yeah! It's too crowded in here, let's go get some fresh air," Sango said, "Hey Miroku, watch the kids for us. We're going outside for some air."

"Alright," Miroku nodded to his wife.

As her two girls led Rin away from the ballroom, she could still hear the echoing of Jakken's voice over the microphone's speaker. "Please put your hands together for Se--" Slowly the voice faded away as Kagome and Sango started to pick up their speed.

"Okay! We're safe," Sango said absently, while breathing heavily.

"Safe from what?" Rin asked in confusion.

"Uhhh safe from the loud noises of the room, of course!"

"Uh-huh," Rin said suspiciously, "okay, what is going on here? I know you two were trying to get me away in there for a reason, so come on, spill it."

Kagome and Sango took a moment to exchange look. It was a while until one of them decided to speak.

"We just wanted some privacy time with an old friend," Sango smiled at Rin, "you know. For old time sake!"

"Right before the host come out?"

"--And to ask you if you were sure that, that Caleb guy was the right one," added Kagome, "We just don't want to talk about the guy right in front of him, right?"

"Right," Sango agreed at once.

"Well what is there to talk about Caleb?" Rin rhetorically asked, "He is smart, mature, good looking, not to mention rich. What else could I ask for?"

"Does he get along with Katan?" Asked Kagome.

"Better than most of my ex's… yes."

"Is he funny?" Asked Sango.

"In his own way… yes."

"Does he treat you like a princess."

"Of course, I told you, he is rich."

"Are you satisfied with your sexual life?" Asked Sango.

"Sango!" Kagome and Rin said at the same time.

"Well, it's true! Sex is an important part of a relationship," Sango argued.

Rin shook her head in amusement, "I haven't have sex with anyone since--well since a long time ago." Rin paused at the thought of her old fiancé. "But if you were referring to his size, Sango, I assured you that I'll be fine."

"Oh," Sango looked down on the ground.

"Do you love him?" Kagome asked.

"Of course I--" Rin stopped mid-sentence. "I don't know." She admitted.

"You are not sure about loving this guy, but you say yes when he proposed to you?" Sango looked at Rin with a horrid expression.

"Please tell me that you are not in it for his money, Rin," Kagome said.

"No!" Rin snapped. "I mean no, of course not. Don't get me wrong, I like Caleb and all but I just-- I just don't think that I love him… yet." Her friends guessed right, she was in it for the money, but a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do. Oh how she felt the string of shallowness at this moment.

"Okay? So you are going to wait after your wedding, after you fucked him, after you bear his child to find out if you love the guy or not?" Asked Sango.

"I don't know, okay," Rin said desperately. "I mean it's not like I could turn him down now. And why are you guys so negative about me marrying to a nice man like Caleb anyways? I thought you two like him."

"We do, don't take it the wrong way," Kagome said, "it's just that, I think that you should consider all possibilities to make sure that he is the right one."

"And by all possibilities, she meant all possibilities," added Sango with exaggeration.

"What the hell do you mean by that?" Rin asked.

"Well, let's just pretend that all of a sudden, you met up with a past relationship that never got fully developed and umm you were never satisfied with it, what would you do with Caleb then?" Kagome asked, "Ooh! Like your really hot ex Landin for example!"

"Well if I was never satisfied with it in the first place then why would I be satisfied with it now? I'll go with Caleb," Rin replied, "and as for Landin, he is married and is living happily in London, and we talk on regular basis."

"No, no, but what if you do wanted to find out if it would be satisfied now. Like giving it another chance," said Sango.

Rin made a face at this. "Have you guys been practicing this speech?"

"Not really," Kagome said, "this is the first time we rehearsed it to be honest."

"So what is your intention exactly?"

Kagome cleared her throat before she started, "Rin, this is going to be very--"

"Ms. Riari?" Called a cater from afar.

"Yes?" Rin called back.

"Mr. Klein would like to see you back in the ballroom, maim."

"I'll be right there," Rin said, "sorry girls. I have to go, but hey I'll give you a call tomorrow. Still the old phone number? Okay, great!"

"Rin, you have to listen to us," Sango called after her friend, but it was no use. Rin had already gone inside again. "Oh what will we do when she found out, Kagome?"

"Sit and comfort her, what else could we do?" Kagome sighed and shrugged in disappointment.


Playpen Inc. 2nd Floor:

Meanwhile back in the ballroom, there was a big encore as the host of the party finished up his short speech thanking all of the people that came and wish them a great time in Tokyo with the fashion show coming up within the next several weeks.

"Wow, you were right Annie! He does look way better in person," said a voice of a woman.

"He is so talented for a 20-something president," complimented another voice from the crowd.

"Oh boy, I think I've just come," a feminine voice called out within the crowd, "that is one of the most beautiful mark that I have ever seen. Good bye Brad Pitt! Hello Sesshoumaru Michiyo!"

"Carrie, please keep it quiet on your sexual references."

With a fainted pleasant expression on his face, Sesshoumaru stepped down from the podium of the stage after finishing up his speech. He did not see why it was so important for him to be up there making stupid, pointless talk to a crowd, but Jakken insisted that it would bring good publicity for the company. By the sound of the conversations carrying across from the room, it sounded like Jakken was right.

"Mr. Michiyo," a reporter came beside Sesshoumaru as he walked toward the food stand, "Is it true that Playpen's model of the year will have the chance to be on the cover of Sport Illustrated?"

"Yes," said Sesshoumaru.

"Do you have any idea who this lucky model will be yet?"

"No," replied the golden eyes youkai, keeping all of his answers a short as possible.


With an irritated look, Sesshoumaru turned to see a group of women waving at him. He waved lightly back, and then continued on. The silver identical mane of his half-brother stood out to him like a soar thumb. Sesshoumaru could see that his brother was busy talking to someone, an American.

With his head held high as always, Sesshoumaru approached the small group of men. He looked at the American that was talking to Inuyasha, along with Miroku as well. The American was shorter than the youkai, perhaps about half of a foot or so, but this man has power. The full-pledge demon could tell from the man's aura that he was very independent and proud.

"Hey Sesshoumaru," Inuyasha waved at his older brother.

"Mr. Michiyo," said the American as he held out a hand, "it's an honor to meet you."

"The honor is all mine," said Sesshoumaru.

"Mr. Klein here," began Miroku, "is the CEO of Sephora."

"Ah I see. You will be attending the fashion show next month, won't you?" Inuyasha asked Caleb.

"Yes, my fiancé and I are definitely looking forward to it," Caleb smiled.

When the word fiancé escaped the mouth of this man, Sesshoumaru could tell instantly that he took pride in this woman. Through the years of business, the skillful Playpen president had learned that whatever a man took pride in is what you need to take advantage of and manipulate.

"Oh and shall I assume that the lucky woman is with you here tonight?" Ask Sesshoumaru.

"Yes, actually she is," said Caleb, "Miroku-sama, where did you say that your wife and my fiancé went again?"

"Outside, but don't you think that we should discuss issues that are more important than a woman, no offense to you Mr. Klein," said Miroku.

"Yeah!" Inuyasha agreed, "There are other central matters to talk about beside women at this moment."

Sesshoumaru watched and observe the way his brother's and Miroku's alertness and the way that they suddenly act. There was clearly something that they did not want to happen, but what? The fiancé of this man, of course! Miroku and Inuyasha was both content until Sesshoumaru suggest the idea of this woman. Well, no woman was worth the trouble of Miroku and Inuyasha being so worried, so why not play along with this?

Sesshoumaru shall find out who was this woman that made the half-breed and his human's companion so stressed-out. "It is an obvious that this jewel of Mr. Klein is something to value, this Sesshoumaru does not see why we all should talk about other subjects when Mr. Klein indeed took so much dignity in her. Why don't you introduced us to your fiancé, Mr. Klein?"

"You don't want to do this, Sesshoumaru," Inuyasha whispered harshly into his brother's ear.

"Coming from your rotten mouth, in that case, I will undeniably want to do this," Sesshoumaru nastily rebut. He then waved over a cater and asked of them to find Caleb Klein's fiancé.


Playpen Inc. 5th Floor:

Before she could be back into the ballroom, Rin had to visit the bathroom. She told the cater to wait outside as she ran into the women's room. She has been holding to go to pee ever since she got to the place, but because of the people that she met up with, she forgot all about it until that moment.

Rin sighed in relief as she got out of the bathroom stall, "That was the best piss that I have taken in my life!" Rin said out loud.

She then heard an amusing chuckle and Rin instantly turned around in alarm. Next to her sink, unseeingly at first glance, was a woman that looked to be her age. She had intensive violet eyes and strange dark aquamarine hair, but somehow the woman managed to pull the look off. In fact, she was beautiful.

"S-sorry you got to hear that," Rin apologized in Japanese, "I didn't know anyone was around."

"It's alright," said the woman, "at least you made my day with that remark. Are you from around here?"

"No, I actually came here for a visit. I am from the United States," explained Rin.

"Oh I see, a Japanese American," said the woman with interest, "no wonder why you have a feathery accent. My name is Kaguya."

"Hi," smiled Rin, "my name is Rin. I am guessing you are not originally from Japan either from your accent?"

"I am originally from Australia," Kaguya smiled.

The two shook hands and then they both started to laugh again.

"Uhh well I don't want my fiancé to be waiting," said Rin, "so I'll take my leave now."

"A beautiful girl like yourself must have a great fiancé. Well, have a good night."

"You too," Rin was turning to leave, but then she stopped. "Aren't you going to go back to the party also?" She asked the mysterious woman name Kaguya.

Kaguya sadly shook her head, "I would like to go back to be with my lord again, but he is too busy talking to business partners. Plus, he is far to occupied with other women in the room right now, I'm sure." She then sadly smiled at Rin. "You should go back."

"Okay," Rin smiled and left the room. She felt sorry for the woman. Rin had watched movies like that where the husband was to busy with his life that he ignored his lover, and in the end the lover left the husband. If she had only knew Kaguya better, Rin would have told her to drop the damn bastard and go find a new guy.

The cater was waiting for Rin outside when she opened the bathroom door. They went back into the ballroom and he led Rin through the crowd of people talking to one another. The music was still playing, now a piece that she recognized as "Moonlight Tango." She could hear Caleb's voice talking as they approached a group of male.

"Your fiancé, sir," said the cater that was blocking Rin's view.

"Oh yes," said Caleb as the cater got out of the way. He grabbed onto Rin's wrist and pulled her into the circle of businessmen. All of them were staring at her in awe for some odd reason. Maybe she did look like a million buck like how Caleb had described.

Caleb began, "This is my fiancé--."


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