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Occam's Razor: The Simplest Happy Ending

When Fakir had told Ahiru that he would stay beside her forever, he had meant it. He had fallen in love with her, the girl who had willingly sacrificed all to gain nothing. And so after days of sitting by the lake as he wrestled with the endings of the incomplete tales Drosselmeyer had left behind, Fakir lifted quill to parchment for the last time.

He was done with doubt, he was done with fear. After the battle against the Raven, Fakir had vowed he would never become Drosselmeyer, thoughtlessly toying with the lives of others. For this reason he would never write Ahiru into a girl. Which is why one blustery cold autumn afternoon, when the trees were stark and the lake water a crystalline blue with only one small duck floating on its surface, Fakir sat down and spun his last tale:

Once there was a boy who had no reason for continuing his life. And so he decided to end it. Fakir's hand began to tremble as the tale began to transform into reality. Still he continued writing: As he looked at his heart's desire, he entered her world. And in that instant, the boy Fakir was no more.

Instead a little slate gray duck began making his way toward the lake.

The End