Hello my friends! Lol. It's me, Erena. Hmmm.. lookey lookey. I wrote a little KttK oneshot...a little short fic...and I absolutely love it. It's fucking adorable. Lol.

Hm, anyway. In case you didn't notice (living under a rock, much?) I don't own KttK...that's are beloved Mr. Nix. However, I do enjoy writing about his fascinating (undeniably gorgeous) characters. Lol ...(Can you tell I'm a fangirl?)

So Here We Go!

In Monday's Dayroom

--The event as follows takes place before the events of Monday…

The room was silent, the drapes drawn closed because, after all, it was Monday and it just wouldn't do for Dawn to catch them like this. She'd never let them live it down.

More silence and a light snoring, even though, technically denizens were not dependent upon sleep. It felt good occasionally to drift mindlessly into oblivion after a particularly exhausting bit of night work. It actually seemed to help with their stamina; boy, did they need their stamina.

Yep…stamina and a lot of it.

There was another bout of light snoring and then a smothered "oomph" as an elbow jabbed into someone's ribs sharply. There was string of muffled curses, muffled because someone's face was still pressed into a silken pillow, but the elbowing partner gave another jab and then rolled over, taking a large expanse of the coverlet with him.

A pale, naked body shivered and elegant hands reached out to snag back a bit of the covers, only to be blocked by a rather stringent grip on the other end. A mumbled curse, and a bit of maneuvering but there was little success to be had. Dusky eyes opened to glare at his bedmate, "Damn you, Noon." He wiggled closer and pressed himself into Noon's back. "Damn cover thief."

There was a chuckle, oddly light despite his regal nature. "All's fair in love and bed-cover tug-a-war, Dusk." He burrowed deeper into his own pillow, "And I win…again."

The End.

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