Love Sucks

Character Analysis

Before the story starts, I'd like to present some info on the main characters. Thank you in advance to anyone who reviews! I hope we shall have fun with this one.


Name: Nami

Occupation: Traveler, if that's any of your business!

Place of Work: The World

Residence: Upstairs room in Tim and Ruby's inn

Age: 22

Description: Short red hair, blue eyes, 5' 3'' not pale, not tan

Family and Background: Nami has no boyfriend, no job, no siblings, and no parents. It's not as if she misses them or anything, though.

Who is Nami: Nami loves watching the weather, clouds, and pressure zones, while plotting them down on a notebook. She is very quiet, but can come out of her shell when encouraged. She has a temper to match her hair, and is inclined to keep her feelings in a clam shell. Nami also loves spicy food and detests flowers, with the exception of Trick Blue. She enjoys music and unbeknownst to her friends, can play the harp well. Nami is the smartest of the girls, can speak Spanish, and is very much a tomboy. Can a boy succeed in wooing her? Will she freeze him with a death glare? That is the question.


Name: Lumina

Occupation: Temperamental Musician

Place of Work: N/A

Residence: A Mansion at the top of the town

Age: 21

Description: Shoulder length caramel hair, hazel eyes, 5' 1'' and tan

Family and Background: She lives with her grandma, Romana, after her parents died. She does have a brother, but I won't spoil that for you.

Who is Lumina: Lumina plays piano obsessively, and composes songs to play. She is very artsy, and is reasonably skilled in all forms of art, except dancing. The girl can't dance to save her life. Singing is another form of art she practices borderline obsessively. Lumina is mostly kind, but is also a schemer. Revenge is sweet, whenever she feels that she has been wronged. Her scheming side seems to come out around Nami, never Romana. She longs to go and find her brother, to find out how her parents died. Her grandmother never discusses it. I wouldn't describe Lumina as a perfect lady, but she's no wild girl either….or is she?


Name: Muffy

Occupation: Waitress

Place of Work: Griffin's Bar

Residence: The loft in the back of the bar

Age: 24

Description: Mounds of bright, curly blonde hair. Green eyes, pale skin, and is 5' 3''

Family and Background: She came to FMN valley at the age of 19. Griffin is her father figure. She does indeed have a cousin, named Eve.

Who is Muffy: Muffy can't cook at all. In fact, her cooking rivals Karen's. But she can make specialty drinks like nobody's business. Muffy is also gifted with dancing and flexibility, having taken numerous classes when she was younger. Her temperament is generally boisterous. What the girl lacks in brains is readily made up in sheer likeability, however! Maybe she is blonde sometimes….often….but she doesn't hold grudges. She's also not afraid to tell you what she thinks. Muffy and Rock have been friends for a long time, and maybe something will come of it.


Name: Celia

Occupation: General Farmhand

Place of Work: Vesta's Farm

Residence: The attic of Vesta's farmhouse

Age: 25

Description: Long, straight dark brown hair usually pulled up in a bandanna. Brown eyes, tan skin, 5' 2'' aprox. She doesn't care enough to measure.

Family and Background: Celia's parents sent her to live with her aunt, Vesta, when she was two. They said that they needed space- yeah right, room to travel the world and have fun. She has no clue that she does indeed have a brother.

Who is Celia: Celia isn't the boldest girl the world has ever seen. She doesn't like to deliberately pick a fight, unless it's with Marlin. Cooking is her strength, but she has yet to drill some chef sense into Muffy's head. Celia could cook almost anything, if given proper ingredients. She also possesses a rather lovely voice. It might not be as strong as Lumina's, but it's gorgeous in a quiet way. One of her character flaws is lying to keep the peace. She will also nurse a grudge until kingdom come, which is why Marlin has yet to win her heart.


Name: Jack

Occupation: Aspiring Farmer

Place of Work: Calendula Farm

Residence: Calendula Farm

Age: 23

Description: Short, messy chocolate-brown hair, tan skin, brown eyes, medium height for a guy.

Family and Background: He moves to FMN at the beginning of our tale, to try and start being productive with his life. Takakura was his father's best friend, and is the only parent he has.

Who is Jack: Jack is a good natured guy who is trying to earn an honest living on his new farm. Takakura sent him a letter telling him about the farm, and how cute the valley girls were. Jack is only human, and of course accepted the offer. His parents took him to school one day, and never picked him up, so he was eventually legally adopted. He knows that his big sister is out in the world somewhere, and searches for a girl named "Fairlight". The boy can be accused of trying to act cool, as well as being insensitive at times. (But then again, what boy isn't? Come on, admit it guys.) All the same, he's still a sweetie, which is why all the girls love him.


Name: Gustafa

Occupation: Hugging trees

Place of Work: Mother Nature

Residence: A yurt behind Tim's inn

Age: 25

Description: Shoulder length mouse brown hair, pale skin, green eyes, a bit shorter than Jack.

Family and Background: Gustafa has lived in FMN ever since he was a child. His parents moved away, but he stayed behind. He has no siblings.

Who is Gustafa: Gustafa, in short, loves no one but himself, his guitar, and nature. He would happily spend his days strumming his instrument, picking flowers, and painting abstract pictures. Even though Nami favors him, he won't marry. Or will he?


Name: Rock

Occupation: Professional Flirt

Place of Work: He doesn't. Plain and simple.

Residence: His parent's inn

Age: 24

Description: A shock of white-blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and is actually kind of tall

Family and Background: Tim and Ruby adopted Rock from infancy. He tries…sometimes…to help at the Inn. No siblings exist that he knows of.

Who is Rock: If Rock couldn't flirt, he'd shrivel up into a tiny blonde piece of dirt, and die. The only girl he hasn't succeeded in hitting on is Nami. This is directly resulting of the fact that she scares him. He's easygoing, bubbly, and very shallow. This (and the hair) is what makes him and Muffy such a cute pair. You could step in a puddle of the two of them and barely wet your feet. We do love our blondies, don't we though? Rock can be lazy, but it's not like his parents don't try to fix it. Will our flirtatious friend ever learn to flirt with just one girl?


Name: Marlin

Occupation: Grumpy Farmhand

Place of Work: Vesta's Farm

Residence: A shed on the farm

Age: 27

Description: Black, Elvis-style hair, black eyes, average skin tone, not as tall as Rock, but taller than Jack.

Family and Background: Marlin's parents are both lawyers, and aren't important. Neither are his siblings.

Who is Marlin: Doctors told this angsty man to move somewhere in the country and escape the stress of city life. Little did Marlin know that moving to FMN valley would bring another stress-Celia. When he first met her, he called her a name and she never forgave him. Marlin is shy, grumpy and prideful. He is also very nice, loving, and hard-working. Vesta took him in and is raising him like her own little temperamental pride and joy.