Ohayo, my darling readers. I know…I'm making another little addition after all this time. I just thought that I should make those of you who aren't aware of the fact…er aware that I'm going to be writing the asked-for sequel to Love Sucks

It's called Die Now Kthnx and it shall be set fifteen years into the future from where we left off at LS. Will your favorite pairing survive? I promise you that some of you will be disappointed! And, like I said in my profile, THERE'S AN ALL NEW SHOCKING PAIRING IN STORE! I'm so excited about it! It comes all the way from another one of my fics. You know how much I love stirring the stories together.

Just to tease you a bit, I thought I'd give you some facts and tantalizing questions.

Ruby isn't dead. Oh, no. But now she has a partner-in-attempted-murder…

One of your favorite pairings hasn't survived. Sorry!

I'm mixing the MTers and the FMNVites once again. Whoohoo.

There'll be 10+ new charries to lavish affection upon.

Someone has moved into Romana's now haunted mansion.

I hope you like scandals. -ahem-

What has Carter dug up that changes his fortune forever?

Is Rock still living in Jack's barn?

What will finally cause Kate to snap?

Heh heh heh! Die Now Kthnx will only be released after Threshold is finished. It can't come before that…because…well…I can't be telling you that, can I? Nope!

Also, I had a few things to address from your reviews (which I found freaking hilarious).

Mei: Omg. I have never been told that I use dry humor. I suppose that's good, though! That was the longest review I've ever gotten and I thank you for it! Why did you think 'Kai' when you read about Hunter? Here's a hint: check Hunter's last name, then skip on over to Threshold and check out Kai and Popuri's last name.

Cloudy.skye: Trust me, you certainly aren't the only one who regards global warming as a huge political joke. Thanks for the review. -waits to get totally flamed-

Thank you for reading! Whoohoo! I love all of you guys!