This Is The Way The World Ends.

I do not own anything that you can remember from the HP books…. Mmkay?

MOREOVER, I know that technically, there are not any time turners left but I never got to finish this before OotP came out so just go with it. It is actually rather well written.

Prologue: Prepare myself for a war.

The ground, even frozen was burning. Smoke was rising off the mass of men, woman and children who had fallen earlier on in a long and gory battle, which no one was prepared to fight. The wind had blistered over the grounds of Hogwarts as if trying to cleanse the sorrow that had fallen across its field. Now only ten remained after the hundreds that stood.

Hermione and Ron stood flanked to Harry's back throwing out curses to the six hooded Death Eaters that moved swiftly to their triangle, stepping over the bodies of beloved classmates and Professors. Ron's voice rang through the roaring of magic that encased them taking down two of the cloaked figures before a third had shouted causing Ron to sway before falling in a heap surrounded by a brilliant and deadly glow of green. Hermione tucked in closer to Harry's back bridging Ron in between their quivering feet. A slicing hex seared through her robes into the core of her knee, slouching down against Harry's back before her voice rang out binding a hooded demon to the ground.

"Kneel down before me Harry; this is your last chance to save yourself." Hissed Voldemort his wand aimed to Harry's scar.

Hermione felt the curse before it even left Harry's mouth. The hairs tingling on her neck as her binding spells went out to the remainder cloaked men.

" Ada-" Harry voice was strong despite the red hazed spell the soared to him from the hissing lips of his rival. His legs gave way pulling Hermione down as he sunk into the frozen tundra that surrounded them. Voldemort's laughter rang through the night.

"You have to mean it Harry, you can't hesitate." He hissed before waving his wand again.

A clink of metal and a flash of gold hovered above the trio's head before encircling them in a rewinding flash sending them hopefully five turns into the past. Through the shifting shadows of time, the scenes of battle raged on around them, heaving and colliding into their already wounded bodies. A sharp jab in Hermione's elbow sent the Time-turner tumbling from her fingertips, falling tail over head from her hands adding more turns than she could keep count of to its already spinning frenzy. She caught it by its golden cord halting her and her charges in a Hogwarts past.

She blinked a furry of tears from her eyes as she scanned the land before her. There was snow, more so than that, no burning bodies or bloody rivers melting the ice, only the crisp clean and magical air of an early Hogwarts autumn. A wave of pain overrode her wounded leg, which was twisted in unsavoury angle under Harry's quivering body. Her voice cracked out hollow and low before a crescendo of shrill fear and anguish shout from her mouth calling anyone who could see or hear her desperate plea for help. Her heart cringed before a deep dark overtook her eyes and mind.