Who is tuff?

That boy in the back row at school,

Who dresses like a rebel? Is he tuff?

No, he's not tough, or tuff.

What about those girls,

Who spread rumors and swear,

And act like they're great? Are they tuff?

Nope, they're not, either.

The, who is tuff?

Maybe not you, and maybe not me,

And certainly not that dark-haired boy with a reckless grin,

Who drank and jumped other kids for no reason.

Look where he ended up.

But what about those seven boys,

Who stuck together, no matter what?

Are they tuff? After all:

One's a hood, who went around,

And actually tried to break the rules.

Who was hard because he was arrested at ten.

Another is a clown,

Who goes to school for fun.

And can't stop making jokes to save his life.

The third is carefree and glad all the time.

He's the one who fights for fun and drag races,

And gets high on just plain living.

And what about the oldest one?

He had to give up all those dreams of college,

So he could give his brothers a home.

And another, he works at the garage.

He's great with cars.

He's the one who's best friends with the drag racer.

Another is a dreamer,

Who watches sunsets and reads,

And wants people to know his side of life.

The last one, he was hurt real bad,

And was practically scared of his own shadow.

But when his friend needed him,

He was there to help.

He's the one who knew what it meant

To be gold, and gallant.

Some people might think

These boys are just no-good hoods,

JD's, or thugs.

But those of us who understand how they felt,

We all know what it means

To be tuff,

Like the Outsiders.