Ah, Home was sort of cute, ne? xD Gloom was pre-released, if you could say that.


This popped into Our head... It was too cute to pass up. RoyEd warning! We'd like to do a HyuRoi next, but... That's not really Our terrain. We'll try anyway, though!

Disclaimer: We.. as you should KNOW BY NOW: do NOT own Ed, Roy, or any of the other characters within these ficlets. HOWEVER. We do own Our Greed, and Lieutenant Rubens. (Who, BTW, both look alike: Rubens dies in some plots and becomes Greed. Yesh? Yesh.)



The sun peeked in through the half-drawn blinds; a body shifted under the blankets. The cerulean comforter was pulled back to reveal a very sleepy-looking Roy Mustang below it, shielding his eyes with a slow hand. What time was it? Ah, it didn't matter. He craned his neck forward to look for the clock, even though he didn't care, but let it drop back down in defeat. He was too groggy to do that right now.

His head hit something soft. Definitely not one of his expensive eiderdown pillows. This one was warm. And... it was breathing softly, the skin of whatever the hell it was lifting up and down lightly.

Ah, that was right... It was Edward. He recalled faintly a mention of "You're soft and fairly the right size, Fullmetal" from last night, but it didn't matter. What mattered was that it was right here, as if Edward had actually given his consent to be a human pillow.

Nope. Definitely not his eiderdown pillow. Better.