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Huajun Chen


Wicked Enough

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Chapter One: Entries 1-33

Entry One

Stop calling me slim!

Just because I can fit into a size zero in Women's doesn't mean that I have an eating disorder! I call it an accomplishment.

Entry Two

…Not like I was trying or anything.

Entry Three

Huh? What's that? Mokuba's been captured? And by that transsexual too? Damn, I have my work cut out for me.

Entry Four—

Wait, I have to rescue him? But why! I was about to enjoy my lunch!

"Half a Tic Tac isn't lunch, sir."


Entry Five—

Great, and now I have to walk. I knew I shouldn't have starched my trench coat for eight hours! I should've went to that meeting!

Entry Six—

Ugh. Who is that?

Entry Seven—

Oh, right.. Pegasus's goon.

Entry Eight—

I mean sex slave.

Entry Nine—

"Will you look at that? It's the famous Seto Kaiba, searching for his baby brother."

Wow, nothing gets past you.

Entry Ten—

Great. Now you're pointing a gun to my head? Oh yeah, real original. I bet it's not even loaded.

Entry Eleven—

"Too bad we have to meet like this."

Pfft, to bad we have to meet at all.

Entry Twelve

"I'll take you to Mr. Pegasus now."

Two words: Hell. No.

Entry Thirteen—

Screw you! I don't have time for crap like this!

I'm pulling out the secret weapon.

Entry Fourteen—

"If you refuse, I'll have to use force."

You use force on me? Just try it, loser! Touch me and I'll break off that oversized thorn that you call your hair!

..Among other things.

Entry Fifteen—

"Die then."

You must be joking.

Entry Sixteen—

Time to pull a fast one.

Entry Seventeen

HA! Sheer brilliance! James Bond couldn't have done it better himself!

No, seriously..he must be like sixty by now.

Entry Eighteen—

I now christen myself Duelist 007.

Entry Nineteen—

My card! Damn you, you made me scar my card! And it was rare, too! Do you know how much this cost me? Not like that it makes a difference…BUT STILL!

Go. To. HELL.

Entry Twenty—

What's your problem? Are you trying to get killed?

Right! You work/are owned by Pegasus. No wonder..

Entry Twenty-one

Yeah. I don't know what's going on in your queer little head right now, but listen up:

Take me to Mokuba. NOW.

Get it? Got it? Good.

Entry Twenty-two—

Gawd! More walking? Should've brought my Converse.

Entry Twenty-three—

Hmm. Giant trees, eerie shadows, creepy castle… All we need now are some bats.

And a Dracula.

Entry Twenty-four—

I hope I didn't just jinx myself. I don't appreciate the thought of waking up as a lifeless corpse with a hickey.

Entry Twenty-five—

Was that a bat?

Entry Twenty-six

False alarm. It was just one of Pegasus's toons.

Entry Twenty-seven—

God damn, Kemo. Why are you walking so close? Get away from me! See the bubble? See it? Well LEAVE it!

Entry Twenty-eight—

Help! I'm feeling claustrophobic!

Entry Twenty-nine

Whoa. Here already? Time sure does fly when you're trying not to get raped by a seven-foot giant.

Entry Thirty

What the Hell are you waiting for? You've got security clearance! Open the door before I blow it down with my BEWD!

Entry Thirty-one—

Note to self: Stay away from n00bs on Myspace.

Entry Thirty-two

"Maybe we should ring the bell."


Entry Thirty-three

Heh. That's what I thought.

Current Standings:
Pegasus - 0
Kaiba - 1

Eat your heart out.

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