Episode 55: The Halfa Strikes Back

I don't own anything in this drabble.

Danny Fenton was justifiably furious.

His parents' creepy and psychotic friend, Vlad Masters, had decided to stay with him and his mother following Jack Fenton's funeral, and the man was currently attempting to chat up his mother. Danny was having a hard stopping himself from attacking the man right there and revealing himself as a ghost hybrid. He just sat on the couch opposite his arch-enemy and glared stiffly at him, with a look that would have killed if Danny had the power to do it.

Finally Maddie stood up, said something about fixing tea. The moment she was out of the room, Danny was up and ready to fight.

"What are you doing here, Plasmius?"

"Merely consolling an old acquaintance, my dear boy," Vlad oozed. "What else could I possibly be doing here?"

"Maybe trying to get me to join the Dark Side?"

"Me, the Dark Side? Daniel, you must be mistaking me for someone else." Vlad chuckled.

Danny fired a blast at the man, catching him off-guard and sending him flying hard against a wall.

"No, I don't think so, Vlad. Dad's death may have been labelled an "accident," but I know you killed him!" Danny hit Vlad's chest again as he advanced towards the older man's slumped form. He made no effort to mask his animosity. "You killed my father, Vlad."

Though noticeably in pain, Vlad smiled one of his chilling smiles and looked up at the boy standing over him. He tried to pull himself into a sitting position, and Danny tensed, preparing for a counterattack.

"I never had the heart to tell you this before," Vlad wheezed. The blows to the chest had obviously hurt him badly, but sadly not fatally. "You were so devoted to that idiot Jack." Vlad reached out and caught the hem of Danny's shirt, and pulled it towards him.

"Daniel, I am your father."

Can anyone guess what's being parodied here? And the first two don't count.