Chapter 3

Mike and Joe laughed and high-fived each other at the great work they'd done on Solitaire 3000. But they were about to play a game that they could not win. A player known only as thecrazyguycz showed up and challenged the two to a game.

"Mike, do you want to go?" Joe asked.

"I've played the last 15 games," said Mike. "You can go, Joe," he said.

"Thanks," said Joe. He scooted his chair closer to the computer and immediately started clicking and dragging cards, listening to the dazzling sound. But Joe was shocked when he saw that thecrazyguycz had a much better shot at winning. His cards were arranged in a much more desirable pattern. Joe hoped that he would win, despite the fact that thecrazyguycz had the upper hand.

At last, both thecrazyguycz and Joe had three complete stacks of cards, and they both had one stack that needed a 2 of hearts. They clicked on the deck, and they both got their cards. Instantly, they began clicking away so that they could get all their cards in the stacks. Joe was stacking as fast as he could, but thecrazyguycz was much faster than he was.

"Come on, Joe, hurry, you can do it!" Mike said.

"I'm trying," said Joe, frantically clicking away, nearly making his mouse explode, "but he's too fast for me." Nevertheless, he still tried to catch up, but it was to no avail. At last, he reached the top of the stacks, clicking to stack the kings. But it was too late. Thecrazyguycz had already stacked all of his kings. He had won the game. The loud sound effects of applause and fireworks emitted on thecrazyguycz's computer, while a "wrong-answer" buzzer emitted on Joe's computer.

"Don't worry, you tried," said Mike.

"Don't worry? Dude, we promised that Bill Gates would pay the winner $500, and this guy's not going to get it. We'll be in HUGE trouble when they find out it's a fake!" Joe said.

Meanwhile, thecrazyguycz was prancing all around his computer. "Yes! I did it, I did it! I'm winning $500 from Bill Gates! But wait…how do I know when I get it? Maybe I'd better send him an e-mail." Thecrazyguycz went to Microsoft's website and clicked the e-mail link to e-mail Bill Gates.

"Mr. Bill Gates," the e-mail read, "I played Solitaire 3000, and there was a notice that said that you would send the winner $500. When do I get it, and should I send you my address so you can give me the check?"

Thecrazyguycz sent the e-mail to Bill Gates, and he waited patiently. As he waited, he sipped his Dr. Pepper. Finally, he was elated when he found that Bill Gates had actually responded. Wow! The one and only Bill Gates! Thecrazyguycz eagerly opened the e-mail to see when Bill Gates would send his check. But he was dismayed when he read the message.

"You've got to be kidding me, right? Microsoft has not published a game called Solitaire 3000. I Googled the name of the game, and I was shocked to find that someone had taken apart my program and advertised it without permission. I will track these hooligans down and have them charged for illegal modification of my program," said Bill Gates's e-mail.

Over at the Microsoft headquarters, Bill Gates hacked once more into the programming of Solitaire 3000 to find out the crooks that messed with his game. While scanning all the lines of codes, he finally stumbled upon the IP address of the computer. He used one of his programs to track the location of the computer with the IP address and find the e-mail address. He successfully located Joe's computer and e-mail address and sent him a message.

"Sir, I am charging you with illegal modification of my program because you advertised and posted a modified version of my solitaire game without permission. You have broken the Terms of Use for Windows, and that is a very big offense. I'll see you in jail," Bill Gates typed in his e-mail to Joe.

Meanwhile, Mike and Joe were still worried about how to deal with thecrazyguycz, when Joe realized he received an e-mail. He opened it, and his eyes opened in shock when he saw that he was in big trouble. He collapsed on the floor and fainted. "Joe, Joe? Are you okay?" Mike asked. Joe wouldn't respond. He'd learned his lesson. Illegal modification of a program belonging to a major coporation was a big no-no.

The End