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Background: Nick and Sara have been dating for a year and none of their friends know.

Chapter 1

A Secret

Nick and Sara are lying in bed, Sara's head is resting on Nick's chest, and Nick is rubbing her bear shoulder.

"Nick did we actually get married?"

"You bet babe." Nick said while playing with her wedding rings.

Nick took her left hand and intertwined hers with his left hand.

"Nick we match."

"Yes, we do sweetheart."

"It just feels like yesterday that we started dating, but can you believe it has been a year today and still no one knows about it."

"Well that is what you get when you put to really good CSI's together we can hide the evidence."

"Nick our wedding anniversary is going to be the day we started dating."

"I know that babe that is why a proposed to you and why I wanted to get married on the same day."

"This is the happiest day of my life."

"Mine as well sweets."

Nick leans forward and kisses Sara.

"Sar, we better get up or we will be late for work."

"Ok, babe, I will leave first."

"Like always."

"Want to keep me company in the shower?"

"Thought you would never ask."

"Come on cowboy, we do not want to be late now do we."

The Lab

Sara pulled her SUV into her parking space and turned off the engine and got out of her car and headed into the lab. Her first stop was the locker room so she can drop of her stuff, then to the break room to get some coffee.

Sara was playing with her wedding rings as she walked into the break room with a huge smile on her face. Both her and Nick agreed that she would keep her wedding rings on her left ring finger, and he would just switch his wedding band onto his right ring finger while at work.

Break Room

"Hey, Cath." Sara said as she walked into the break room.

"Hey, Sara." Cath looked up to a smiling Sara like she had never seen.

"What is with that smile, in all my seven years of knowing you, you have never smiled like that before."

"Well is it a crime to be happy."

"No." Cath said with a suspicious look.

"OK, I will drop it for know, but do not think I am going to forget about it. I am not done with you."

"Who are you not done with?" Greg asks as he enters the room.

"Sara, she has this big goofy smile on her face and I want to get to the bottom of it."

"Sara, Since you are in a good mood and everything,"

"Yes, Greg what to you want to ask me?"

"Will you go out with me?"

At that said Sara's smile just got bigger if that was possible

"Sorry Greg, but I am already taken." Sara says while holding up her left ring ringer to show him her wedding rings.

Catherine and Greg just stood there with eyes wide open.

"Sara when you left work this morning you were not married and seven hours later you are married." Greg asked.

"Well that is a great observation Greg, no wonder you became a CSI."

"Sara, I did not know you were dating anyone." Cath said.

"Yah for a year to day, and he proposed on our one year anniversary and we got married the same day."


"Yah, it was amazing."

"Sounds like a great guy."

"He is not great, he is amazing."

"Sara, why didn't you tell any of us, I thought we were your friends." Greg asked in a hurt tone.

Sara walked over to were Greg stood.

"Greg, you guys are my friends, but better yet you guys are my family, the reason I did not tell anyone is because I wanted something to be completely mine. You see we all spend so much time together at work and outside of work that I wanted to have something all mine. When my husband and I are ready we will tell our family."


"Greg you know that I love you and that I would not hurt you intentionally you are like a baby brother to me."

"Yah, I know."

"That makes me happy to hear."

Sara leans forward and places a kiss on Greg's cheek.

"What did I just walk in on, Sara kissing Sanders?"

"Warrick don't get ahead of yourself."

"Well what should I think?"

"Will Rick if you really want to know I was just comforting Greg here."

"With a kiss Sar."

"Hey, I just found out some news and I was a bit hurt by Sara and she was just reassuring me.

"Ok, how did Sara hurt you?"

Greg just looked at Warrick and then turned his eyes to Sara.

"Sara I think this is something he should her from you." Greg said.

"Warrick why don't you sit down."

"Sara, what is going on?"

"Rick just trusts me and sit."

"Ok." Warrick sits at one of the chairs that surround the table and Sara sits opposite him. She takes his hands in to hers.

"Sar, you are scaring me what is going on?"

"Warrick, I am sorry if you get hurt, that was the farthest thing from my mind, Rick I got married tonight. Before you say anything, my husband and I agreed that when we decided to tell people we are going to have a vow renewal with all our friends and family and it will be a big white wedding."

"Ok." Sara looks at Cath, Warrick and Greg to see their reactions.

They all node there heads in agreement.

At that time Nick and Grissiom walk in to the room at the same time.

"What is happening here?" Nick asks and Grissiom just looks up from the paper he was looking at.

"Is there something we missed?" Grissiom asks the rest of the team.

"Griss, I just told the rest of the team that I was married this evening." Sara said while holding up her left ring ringer to show her wedding rings.

Grissiom just looked at her like he saw a ghost until he got his bearings and congratulated her.

"So when will we meet the hubby?" Nick asks.


"Soon, what do you mean by soon? Do you mean like soon tonight, or soon next week, or soon in a month….when." Catherine asks.

"Just soon."

"Whatever, let's get to work."

Stokes residence

"Nick did you call your parents?"

"Yah and I told them that we are going to have a vow renewal soon and they will come down for that."

"That's good." Sara said coming to join Nick on the couch in the living room.

"Nick when are we going to tell the rest of the team, we have already hurt them this much, just imagine when they find out you are my husband they will feel even more hurt that we kept it from them for a year."

"Well why don't we tell them next week, then Cath can help you plan the wedding."

"That sounds like a good idea."

"I thought so."

A Week Latter

Stokes Residence

Nick and Sara were getting ready to go to work; today they were going to tell the rest of the team.

"Sar, sweets are you ready to go?"

"Yah, Nick did you remember to switch your wedding band to your left ring finger."

"Yes darling I did."

"Ok, then we are all set to go."

The Lab

Nick and Sara headed into the lab together for the first time. Their first stop was the locker room to put away their stuff.

"Sara you have your new id tag."

"Yep" Sara said while clipping her tag to a place were it would be noticed.

During the weekend Sara had gotten a new id tag with her new name on it.

"You ready for the show, sweets?"

"As ready as I will ever be."

They both headed out of the locker room and made their way to the break room.

"Hey guys." Sara greeted. The other four were already in the room waiting for the shift to start.

"Hey, Sara" they all said back.

Nick just took a seat next to Sara and he just grind at her.

"So Sara, will we ever find out who your mystery husband is?s" Catherine asked.

As Catherine finished Sara's cell rang, she just looked at Nick and gave him a look and he just nodded his head.

"Is that the hubby calling and making sure you are alright?" Cath asks

Sara just gives her a look and smiles and unhooks her cell from her waist.

Every one is looking at her to see who is on the other end of the phone.

Sara flips open her phone and put it to her hear and says,


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