Chapter 5

Sara and Nick woke up that morning in each other's arms. Nick woke up first and looked over to a sleeping Sara and smiled. He did not know what he did to deserve this, a wonderful wife and a baby on the way. He noticed that Sara's pyjama top was showing a bit of her stomach. He gently lifted the rest of the top up and placed his hand on her bear abdominal and started to rub circles on it. Sara slowly started to shift and wake up.

"Hey there handsome."

"Hey there beautiful."

"How are you feeling Sar?"

"Ok, still bit nauseas, but that comes with the territory."

The next evening Sara felt well enough to go into work.

The Lab

Sara walked out of the locker room after putting away her stuff and started heading towards the break room where the rest of the team were waiting. She was almost to the break room when Grissom stopped her.

"Hey Sara, are you feeling better today?"

"Yah, Griss, I feel a lot better thanks for asking. Well I will see you in a bit for assignments."

Sara walked into the break room were Nick and the rest of the team were.

Nick got up from where he was sitting and went to give her a kiss.

"Hey sweetheart are you feeling ok?"

"Nicky, I am feeling fine."

"Ok just asking."

"Sar come sit." Nick directed Sara to the chair he was sitting on before she walked in.

"Nicky I am fine. I do not need to sit. You can sit back down."

Nick went over and sat down but he was not giving up about Sara sitting ether, so after he sat down he pulled Sara down to sit on his lap and held her around her waist.

"Nick, what was that for?"

"You insisted that you did not want to sit down and that I should sit down, so I killed two birds with one stone. You may insist that you did not want to sit, but I insist that you sit down. I do not want you getting sick."

"Nick, I am not handy caped, if I want to sit then I will."

"Sara, please do not act like that, you know that I only do that because I love you and care for you and I do not want anything to go wrong with you."

Sara started crying

"Nick I know and I love you so much it hurts, but you will have plenty of time to fuss over me."

"You promise."

"You bet."

Nick leaned in and placed a kiss on Sara's lips.

Every one else in the room was watching their interactions and Cath just looked at them and smiled at her friends.

Grissom walked into the room while Nick and Sara were still kissing and he cleared his throat.

"Sorry to interrupt this little make out session, but we have criminals to put away."

"Sorry Griss." Sara said.

"That's ok Sara, but it looks like you are feeling much better if you can make out with your husband in the middle of the break room at work."

Sara just started to blush bright red.

"Ok Sara and Catherine B&E on Dessert Road."

"Warrick, Nick you are at a double Homicide at Paris."

"Greg you are with me on a murder suicide."

Every one got up and headed to the locker room to gather their stuff for their scenes. Nick kissed Sara goodbye before he left and told her to be careful. She told him that she would and they parted ways to their different scenes.

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N/A: I do not know what the gender of the baby will be or what the name will be but here is a list of the names and means of them please tell me which ones you like best. I will put names for girls, boys, and

twins. From out of the Girls and Boys Names pick two girls names, two boys names, and one girl and one boy for twin names.

Girls: Meaning:

Amanda Riley Stokes Worthy of Love

Kaitlyn Hope Stokes Pure

Lauren Rachel Stokes Crowned with Laurel

Jennifer Danielle Stokes White Wave

Alison Leigh Stokes Little Alice

Michelle Katie Stokes who is like god

Isabella Jessica Stokes Consecrated to God

Madison Love Stokes Son of Matthew

Mackenzie Grace Stokes Son of Kenneth

Sage Leah Stokes From the spice or prophet

Olivia Alisa Stokes Peace- of the olive tree

Abigail Rose Stokes Joy of the father

Boys: Meanings:

Daniel Jake Stokes God Is my judge

Aaron Mitchell Stokes Teaching, Singing

Benjamin David Stokes Son of my right hand

Jeremy Austin Stokes God will Uplift

Alex Jacob Stokes Defender of men

Ethan Brady Stokes Firm, Strong

Eric Jamie Stokes Always ruler

Kyle Jason Stokes Narrow land, handsome

Jonathan Matthew Stokes Gift of God

Joshua Adam Stokes Jehovah Saves

Benson Luke Stokes Son of Benjamin