Tsubasa sat impatiently at home. She looked at her watch. It was eleven pm. "Where the hell is he?" she thought to herself. She sat in a chair in her house. "Damn Kazuma! Where are yooooooou?"

She looked up at the clock. "Tick tick tick tick" spoke the clock which made Tsubasa more furious. She began thinking of all the horrible things he was doing. Maybe he was out with Joker, becoming gay! Oh no! She couldn't let her husband become gay! No way! Then she thought the most horrible thing. Kazuma at a bar drinking with a prostitute!

She imagined it now.

"Oh Kazuma! Stop! You're just too funny!" went the whore girl she imagined Kazuma was with at a bar in her mind.

"Well let's continue this funniness at a hotel" said Kazuma with a smirk as she thought about it.

"You ungrateful bastard!" she yelled up at the ceiling. She ran to his room and began ripping it apart, piece by piece. "You think you can hit on some sleazy slut and get away with it without me being mad! Think again!" she said as she ripped up his lyric book. "Damn you! Damn you! Damn you!" screamed Tsubasa. She then began trashing all the other rooms in her house.

Then, at that time, she could hear the door opening. She looked out from her kitchen and saw Kazuma smiling and holding something behind his back.

"Probably condoms or something worse" Tsubasa thought as she gave him a glare. She stomped up to him and yelled,"Listen buddy! I'm not gonna be married to a guy who takes me for granted! I'm still cute and I can get men as fast as you can get woman!"

Kazuma stared at her in confusion. "Um..What are you talking about?" he asked confused.

"Don't get all innocent!", she yelled. "I know what you've been up too!"

Kazuma frowned and slumped a little. Tsubasa smirked. "Thought you could get away with a prostitute eh?"

Kazuma sadly replied,"It was supposed to be a surprise…Now what?"

Tsubasa became confused. "Huh?"

Kazuma pulled out a Totoro plushie. "I know you like it and..Well..I thought it would be special…"

Tsubasa blinked. She then squealed and jumped onto her husband. "You are so wonderful! I can't believe I thought you were with a prostitute" she said happily.

Kazuma stared at her. "What?" he asked shocked.

Tsubasa smiled and said, "Oh nothing nothing…Nothing at all!"