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Summary: The end of an abstract beginning and middle. Erik and Raoul converge.

Warning(s): Nothing incredibly bad.

Pairing(s): ErikRaoul (well, not really, but in my mind there's the connection)

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A Mask for All Occasions



By: Lucifer Rosemaunt


Though we are accustomed to the roles we play, we can eventually find ourselves dissatisfied with those roles. Dissatisfied with the path that we are walking. Dissatisfied that everything has already been figured out for us. Dissatisfied with who we have become.

We begin to desire something more than reactions and set emotions. We begin to be able to see a life apart from our own, a life that we could have.

Then there comes that moment when it becomes all too clear that we are trapped behind the masks and the roles. We are trapped in constructs of society that have been in place for as long as there have been humans. We are trapped with no other way out than something extreme and we begin to realize that we want that freedom more than anything else we'd ever desired.

That freedom. That deepest yearning to be someone we think we could be, someone we want to be. The question arises of how much of life are we willing to give up just to have this one thing? This one thing that's more of a concept than something we can truly hold. And we have to wonder if we will know it even when we have it? Would freedom be everything we hoped it would be?

We run into a wall at this time though for we can never go back to the oblivious lifestyle of living each role and being content with those roles, but we cannot move forward without making a decision that would irreparably change our paths.

It's a time where a choice can be made. A time when a choice has to made. To choose between accepting and becoming who society and others have decided or to become who we want to be.

It's a moment in life where we can bury every other hopes but the ones we've been allowed or we can set ourselves free.

In a world full of so many constraints, so many rules, regulations, laws… don't we all want a certain amount of freedom?


We all know what happens when Raoul and Erik bury their true desires and become the people they'd been defined by society. But what if they hadn't.


word count: 372


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