To Never Let Go

By BEWD Sorcerer

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1. Would Have Been Together in Death

It had started a couple weeks into the summer. Vernon was most displeased with being threatened and in public, no less. Yes, one could understate such a grave situation if one wasn't there to witness the beatings, which no one else was, just the Dursleys and Harry.

His list of injuries was lengthening faster than it was shrinking, being hurt faster than he could heal. Add in the fact that Sirius was dead and Harry could barely get up in the morning.

He was lucky that Vernon thought that he would catch a disease if he raped him; Harry thanked all the deities he had ever heard of extensively because that meant that Vernon warned Dudley off raping him and Dudley warned off his gang.

Harry was still thrashed within an inch of his life, but at least that was one occurrence that would never happen on Privet Drive. He cherished all the small miracles.

One of said miracles was that Hedwig was kept alive for the sole purpose of sending the Order letters that he was alright that Vernon had forced him to right two days after he got back.

The situation got really old really quickly and his temper was rising faster and easier each time he saw one of the Dursleys.

Then one of the times he was let out to use the bathroom and take a quick, cold shower when Vernon muttered something foul about Harry's parents, he snapped, lunging at the beefy man, but was caught and slammed back into the shower. Harry had been about to put on a shirt when it happened, so when he slammed into the bathtub he was only wearing a baggy pair of Dudley's old sweatpants.

Vernon turned on the water again, filling up the tub as Harry tried to regain his bearings. Then Harry snapped to attention as he felt his body start shivering with the bath mostly full of freezing cold water and Vernon looming over him.

"I won't be having you here anymore. You won't be bothering Dudley or distressing Petunia or being a burden on us any longer. This is the end." The walrus of a man came rushing at him.


The Headmaster had called for him hence why he was on his way to his office instead of brewing a potion. He had a bad feeling about this. There hadn't been any Death Eater meetings and Voldemort had been rather quiet since the beginning of summer.

After giving the griffin the password (lemon sticks) with one knock on the door, he enters only to find a very old looking Dumbledore. The man is obviously worrying himself into the grave about something or someone. He had a good idea who.

"Headmaster?" The older wizard looks up, face still grave, his eyes for once not twinkling.

"Severus, would you do me a favor? I'm terribly worried about Mr. Potter. His letters are dull and don't even make a veiled allusion to wanting to leave or asking what Voldemort-" Severus shudders."-is doing." Snape scoffs.

"So the brat finally realizes that he won't-" The look from Dumbledore stops his tirade immediately. "Yes, Headmaster, I'll go check up on him." The Potions Master leaves and Dumbledore sighs.

"Harry, please be alright."


The water is cold, chilling to the bone, and it does not help that he's suffocating, refusing to let the water into his lungs. The beefy hands gripping his neck are warmer than the rest of his body combined. Thin arms and legs are flailing about in an attempt to get away from the cold water. Weak hands slap at the walrus' purple face and shaky legs kick at the walrus' side.

It doesn't change anything.

The child suffocating under the water is becoming desperate, screaming mentally to make up for not being able to scream physically. The screams are of death and the cold. He knows someone is there, so faint, and he reaches out to shake them. Why aren't they helping? Why are they letting him die? The aching pain in his chest, the death looming closer, the cold seizing him and making him shiver.

Downstairs there are shouts and thumps, but the shuddering boy cannot hear it and the raging muggle is too intent upon his nephew's death. Loose fists slow their attack as do the scrawny legs and the muggle sneers in victory.

The door to the bathroom bursts open to reveal a disgusted man in flowing black robes, who becomes enraged when he sees the weakly struggling savior of the Wizarding world in the tub being strangled by his uncle. He rips the muggle off his tiny nephew then hauls the boy up. The child clings to black robes, eyes wide and blinking up at the feared teachers face comically. The black robed one would have laughed had it been another situation; he wouldn't have allowed the blue-lipped child to touch him, much less draw comfort from his presence had it been another situation.

The shouting purple muggle stays far enough away to not be an immediate threat as the older wizard sweeps away with the one recovering from another near-death experience. He summons the boy's trunk and other items, shrinking and securing them in his pockets. Purple muggle yelling himself hoarse tries to stop them, but gets blasted through a wall for his efforts. The snowy owl is set free to hunt and travel freely once more as the hook-nosed potions professor apparates them to the gateway of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where an old man and MediWitch wait impatiently.


Somewhere far away in a manor on a hilltop a snake bastard slowly rises from where he had fallen to the floor. He had been stalking through his room when the attack had come. He had been unable to breath, the feeling of freezing water enveloping him, fat hands choking him. Briefly he had seen flashes of a fat, purple-faced muggle raging, but behind him, and more importantly in said snake bastard's opinion, was a reflection of a malnourished teen with dark hair and green eyes, then an image of one of his Death Eaters infuriated face and embrace.

The Dark Lord scowled. Harry Potter had been attacked by what seemed to be his muggle caretakers and saved by Severus Snape. Harry Potter had nearly died, taking the most evil Dark Lord with him.

This did not bode well for said Dark Lord's wish to kill the Potter boy.

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