To Never Let Go

By BEWD Sorcerer

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4. How Far It Has Gone

Waking up had been significantly different each time for Harry the past few days. This time things were once again seemingly misproportioned, but at least he didn't have the Headmaster and his Potions professor arguing not-so quietly about something. He still wasn't quite sure, but he had the feeling it was concerning him.

"I'm a snake again, aren't I?" He looked down at his body. "Sometimes I almost hate when I'm right." Looking around, he was thankfully still in his room at Hogwarts and not kidnapped. Harry hissed softly, slithering to the edge of the bed and directing his gaze down.

Why did beds have to be so high up? Had the inventor giggled inanely at the thought of small animagi falling to their deaths from that height? Perhaps his imagination was getting the better of him, he had to conclude after a moment. This, however, didn't help him in his quest to get to the ground safely.

Eying the nearest of the bed's legs, Harry approached it, pondering how many different ways a simple plan could go awry. He attempted anyway. Despite his misgivings, the Gryffindor was surprised to find that snakes can cling quite successfully to cylindrical objects, especially if said objects have a design or even a good texture to cling to.

Safe on the ground, he hissed out a sigh of relief before opening his eyes. He found that his perspective was drastically different, fascinating even. Stretching out, he gave in to his curiosity and began exploring things from his new vantage point. It wasn't dusty under the furniture, thankfully, as the house elves took their jobs very seriously.

The room was much bigger or rather since Harry was much smaller it seemed bigger, but in any case exploring the room didn't stay interesting for long. Feeling certain pains in his stomach, he realized that he was hungry and did not want to annoy his potions professor any more than he absolutely had to. Of course, being a snake is very detrimental when needing to pass through a closed door. He'd have to do something about that if he kept changing into his animagus form, perhaps get his door to open upon being commanded to in Parseltongue until he figured out how to revert whenever he wished.

Until then, he decided to hiss at it to open until Snape came to get him up. Hopefully, the older wizard wouldn't be too upset about it. He had a feeling that his professor would be. It didn't take too long for something to happen.

The door opened and Severus Snape peeked his head in. Upon noticing that the bed was empty, his lips tugged down slightly at the ends. Hissing drew his attention to a vaguely familiar snake on the floor.

"Potter," the man growled, frown increasing. "Are you going to make it a habit of transforming in your sleep?" He received a hissed response, but of course could not understand what was being said. "Stay here," he commanded before leaving to dig a Reversal potion out of his private stores. Having not much of a choice, Harry waited, undulating and appreciating his snake form while he could.


Spreadeagled out on his bed, the Dark Lord Voldemort glared death at the floating dust motes lit up by the morning sun. He had woken that morning in his animagus form. While this wasn't entirely unfamiliar, it hadn't happened in a long time and the fact that he still had an animagus form was encouraging since he was in a new body. The problem lay in that this was a sign of the bond with one Harry Potter was strengthening.

The stronger the bond became, the more painful breaking it would be. Pain wasn't an issue for him, not really after all those experiments he had performed on his first body, but there was also a chance that if the bond became too strong even Harry tearing his soul through murder would not break it.

Hissing curses in Parseltongue, Voldemort got out of bed and decided on bathing first. This issue would require a lot thought because if their bond wasn't broken in time all of his work would be undone.


A few moments later, his Potions professor came striding back, carrying a pipet of cloudy yellow potion. He knew what he was expected to do and reluctantly rose up, opening his mouth and bracing himself for the pain. It was worse than yesterday and Harry was left panting on the ground as he tried to soothe his screaming muscles. Once he had gotten himself somewhat under control, he looked up at his scowling professor.

"Do you know why thiss hurtss sso much?" The scowl on Snape's face darkening briefly before smoothing out.

"Follow me, Potter," he commanded, turning on his heel and sweeping off. Scrambling to his feet, Harry obeyed, confused and sore. The older man was seated in front of the fireplace, a table with breakfast spread out over its top between the his chair and an empty one. "Have a seat."

Playing with the idea of refusing, Harry hesitated, but took a seat after seeing Snape raise an expectant eyebrow at him. He must have known and Harry didn't care to make such a fuss for such a childish reason, not this early in the morning, at least.

"Eat, but listen because I will only explain this once," the sallow-skinned man ordered, ignoring the annoyed look he received from his student. "The headmaster will not be pleased to know I'm telling you about this, but knowledge is power because an educated response is better than one made at random, no matter how lucky the person may have proven to be in the past." Snape smiled thinly at him as he picked a few pancakes to eat.

"Normally when wizards or witches seek to become animagi, they study and practice for years to achieve their goal. In the case of a certain few, they may or may not be even aware that they have the ability to change into a certain animal when suddenly they do. This normally happens when they are asleep, but the trigger is the strengthening of a bond with another witch or wizard or even a magical creature."

Harry had stopped eating, staring at the man across from him. The strengthening of a bond with another? This had to be with the one on the other side of the red string, the one he was destined to be with! Why did Snape look so upset? The very fact that he could tell this was worrying enough.

"This bond has always in the past been a soul mate bond and even if the two or those that surrounded them objected, no one has ever been able to break that bond without causing death or insanity to the bonded pair. There have been attempts, of course, and numerable books of research and literature on the subject. Perhaps you have heard of 'Romeo and Juliet'?" Harry's eyes went wide at that. Who hadn't heard of those star-crossed lovers? Even he who had been locked in a cupboard for a large part of his life had heard about it and knew the very basic story.

"They were... ssoul matess?"

"Shakespeare had unwittingly known a pair of soul mates and, upon seeing their devotion to each other, wrote that play in honor of their bond. However, he is not the only one and though I encourage the exposure to such well-written works you would do better to focus your time on reading actual research journals on the subject as they will give you the known facts rather than simple entertainment," Snape explained calmly, his minuscule smile having slipped away a while ago. The slight pop of the fire drew their attention to the head now floating among the now green flames.

"Ah, Severus, I was wondering when you would be up. I need to speak to you in my office right away." Snape inclined his head towards the fire and Dumbledore's head looked at Harry. "Let's see you put on some weight, m'boy! You're a skeleton as it is." His head disappeared with a pop and the fire returned to it's normal coloring.

"I should be back soon. Do try not to get into too much trouble," the older wizard deadpanned as he stood and made for the door to his quarters. Sighing, Harry started poking at his pancakes, mentally debating whether he should eat some bacon or eggs as well.


Bacon or eggs? Scowling, Voldemort eyed the food laid out before him critically. His pancakes were tasty, but there was something else he wanted to eat. He just wasn't sure exactly what it was. Growling softly to himself about his indecision, he snatched a piece of bacon and took a bite out of it. His choice had been the correct one he realized as he calmly continued to eat the strip of bacon. Maybe he'd have another piece after eating a bit more of his pancakes.

Feeling strangely expectant, Voldemort scowled. Was he waiting for someone? No, he didn't think so. The image of Severus Snape flashed through his mind and his scowl darkened. He was not waiting for the Potions Master, he knew that, but then why was he feeling as if he were?

Closing his eyes, the Dark Lord carefully tapped into the connection he shared with the Potter boy and felt that he was sitting in front of a breakfast table with the chair across from him empty. He was at Hogwarts, but the place where he was placed was new - not Gryffindor Tower - and he had easy access to the Potions Master, who was absent at the moment. Dumbledore had called him away. The boy had pancakes on his plate and was reaching for a second piece of bacon.

Slipping away, he bared his teeth in annoyance even as his own dining room came back into focus. Potter hadn't even noticed him there and though that was a good thing they were already making similar choices - pancakes and bacon. He would have to check several more times, but this was not a reassuring find if he wanted to be separated from the brat.

Voldemort would have to work quickly.

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