A Different Kind.

Soubi waited. It had been years since he had stopped counting the days until he would meet his Sacrifice, but that didn't mean he stopped waiting. He knew that his Sacrifice existed and that he was going to meet that person one day.

That person was the reason he was alive, after all. He had read it, too, how every person was tied to another one by a red thread. Somedays, when he was star watching, Soubi was sure he could feel that thread wrapping around him and guiding him towards his intended, the person he was supposed to protect and serve, the person he was going to be the weapon for.

So he waited. It didn't matter if he was tired, or angry. Feelings were a waste when not focused over his Sacrifice, so he tried every day to ignore them in order to become strong.

One day, while he was wrapping clean bandages over his hands, Ritsu-sensei opened the door of his room. Walking besides him was a young boy, barely a teenager who still had his ears. The dark haired teen was smiling as he looked at him and Soubi stopped bandaging himself and just stood up. His mouth had gone dry.

"Sensei…" he started looking towards Ritsu, but almost immediately his eyes came back to the smiling boy. All the careful control he had fought so many years to have was threatening to shatter, so he pressed his nails against still tender skin. He couldn't stop himself from flinching, but the short pain was enough for him to gain balance again.

"I'll leave you to introduce yourself, Seimei-kun." Ritsu said with a glance between the two of them before turning around. "And I'll see which pair is free for training right now."

"A strong one, please." His Sacrifice said. Although Ritsu didn't answer, something that normally would've worried Soubi, he barely paid attention when the teacher closed the door behind him. All his attention was focused over the boy. His reason to exist. Seimei.

"I'm your fighter, Soubi-kun." Seimei said. His voice was a mixture of apparent warmth and coldness, but Soubi barely paid attention to that. He bowed deep then, wisps of hair falling from his shoulders. His Sacrifice gave a soft amused laugh, taking a few steps closer so pale, perfect fingers could touch his hair.

Soubi almost held his breath. At the first word of annoyance, he'd cut it.

"Pretty." Seimei said. "Shall we go, now? I hate being late."

Soubi nodded immediately. "Yes, ah…"

Another one of those soft laughs. Soubi thought that he could grow used to that sound, even if the boy was technically laughing at him. It didn't matter, Soubi just knew that he liked that sound and that he liked that smile.

"My true name is Beloved." Seimei said, but just as he was about to call him that, as an afterthought, he spoke again. "Call me Seimei."

"Understood." Soubi gave a soft nod and followed Seimei out of the room without looking back even once.