A Shiny Gift

Prompt: #006 Diamonds

Notes: Written for FictionNET (August/September)

Mulder watched as Scully slipped out of the office for a coffee and smiling to himself, got to work. Stepping around his desk, he made his way through stacks of files and reports that lined the floor in organised groups.

He slipped his hand into his pocket and fumbled around for a moment before pulling out a small box that fit easily in the palm of his hand. The casing was made of rich dark green velvet and was smooth to the touch.

Mulder opened the box to check its contents. Sure enough 'it' was there, looking as beautiful as ever. A wide grin found its way onto his face as he thought about Scully's reaction.

Snapping the box shut, he placed it on his partners' desk, along with a scattering of dried rose petals that he'd brought with him as well. Finally done, he returned to his desk and had just picked up the files for their latest case when the door creaked open and Scully returned.

"Here," she said, placing a steaming pyriform cup of coffee onto the table in front of him. A plastic lid capped it and a logo for some coffee brand that Mulder didn't recognise was on its side. "Just how you like it."

"Thanks," Mulder smiled gratefully at the redhead and reached over to take the cup. He removed the lid causing a thin line of steam to erupt from it, and took a sip of the hot liquid just as Scully found the box and rose petals on her desk.

"Mulder?" She raised an eyebrow and stared at him questioningly.

"Open it," came the reply.

Scully paused for a moment, uncertain about what was going on and what Mulder's intentions were with the suspiciously jewellery-like box that lay on her desk. Finally, she took his word and gingerly picked up the box. Another few moments of staring passed and she opened it.

"Diamonds?" she asked. She turned to look at Mulder, a bewildered expression plastered on her face.

"Yep," Mulder smiled. "It was on sale."

"You bought this…for me?" Scully asked, slowly taking the delicate, silver chain from its box and studying it intensively. A small heart shaped pendant encrusted with diamonds hung elegantly from it.

"I saw you looking at it when we were in town the other day," Mulder explained, avoiding a direct answer to her question. Unfortunately for him, his attempted evasion didn't escape his partners' rapt attention.

"Mulder! What aren't you telling me?"

"Alright, alright!" he waved his hands in front of him as if admitting defeat. Which in a way, he was. Anyone who knew how strong Scully was would, especially when she was looking at them the way she was currently looking at Mulder. "Yes, I bought it for you."

Scully watched him curiously; still unsure about where this was all going. He seemed to be sincere about his actions – the puppy dog eyes that were customary to him were leaking sincerity. Not literally, of course.

"You remember what day it is, don't you Scully?" Mulder broke the silence suddenly. His voice was raspy and low. He was clearly nervous about something.

"Yes, it's…" Scully's mouth dropped open as realisation hit.

Mulder grinned at her reaction. It had been almost exactly how he'd expected it to be like. Better. Moving over to stand by Scully's desk, Mulder reached down and took the chain from her hands. As he helped her put it on, he leant in close and whispered in her ear. "Scully, would you be my Valentine?"