The Legend of the Star Dragon

Chapter One The Story from the past

Since 10,000 years ago, in this place call the planet of Zion. There used to be four god guarding Zion from evil. The first god in the north is Slypher the red dragon who control Fire. The second god in the south is Zyler the white tiger with dragon wings who control the wind. The third god in the east is Genbu the python that has great defense like a tortoise who control the earth surface, and finally the forth god at the west is the Star Dragon, has a light blue scale and a star shape mark on the forehead and it wings, but this god is special, it can control water, wind, light and ice because of one thing, the millennium star. They say that the millennium star is like the Star Dragon power, ever year, the millennium appear in the night sky where the people of Zion can see it

But something happen, a dark sorcerer name Raven plan to stop the Star Dragon, they say that without the Star Dragon protecting the world of Zion, the millennium star will die because the star is like the light, without the light, the world of Zion will be surrounded by darkness, there where the war started

Raven used his dark orb as he call the living dead and also create new evil creature of his owns, org, demons, vampire, werewolf and even a dark dragon.

Soon the war started as the kingdom of four area join force, the north kingdom of Alferin where the powerful magician and dragon are, the south kingdom of Cloud where human angel are, the east kingdom of Gadiner where warrior are, and the west kingdom of Sardinia where wise wizard, mermaids and fairy are, even they used ancient machine to fight in any danger. Even elf from the Southwest came to help as well and also the ancient tree

While they war was there, something happen, the Star Dragon and Raven have fought each other that there power are gone, why? Because Raven is the darkness and the Star Dragon is the light, than they both disappear during that time as Raven's army die like sand. No one knows what happen to them, than the three gods erase the memory who fought with them but only them and the leader of their kingdom only know about the truth, than the three god made a fake forth god for the time being while they try to find where is the forth god

And that where the story start…