Starry, Starry, night- Sam's adopted sister pops back up after years of running away to make a better life. Funny thing her name is Sami Jo McCall. She buys Jax's old cottage.

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The pick-ups tires came to a halt , in front of the small cottage looking house. A petite woman stepped out of the truck, went to the back let the tailgate down and pulled out a Raider's duffel bag. She pushed the tailgate back up and walked towards the house. It was a cozy little house , enough for two people but for her one person it was still enough.

Sami Jo looked around the large , empty spaced living room, and she'd have to do some redecorating . She picked up a TV remote , plopped down on the couch and hit power. Medium plasma TV dropped down to eye level and she flipped through the channels. She had meant to call her sister Sam, but decided to at least wait until later so they could get some dinner.

When Sam was adopted , Sami Jo threw a fit , it seemed her parents told her she had to be called Sami Jo now. Most of the time people only called her Jo. Of course Sami Jo was a hick town name. She chuckled as she left the Dukes of Hazard on, while she went to find the bathroom… Once back in the living room, she sat back down and stared at the TV. After a few minutes , she saw a shadow go by her front door. She wasn't alarmed and thought it might be the man who sold her the cabin.

She padded quietly over to the door and opened it, there stood at four feet a red headed boy , maybe 10 years old ,she looked and saw a younger boy maybe four or five.

" can I help you boys" she asked

Michael jumped as he grabbed for Morgan's hand. He looked at the girl in front of him, she wasn't that tall, or skinny. She had dark hair with red to purple streaks through it. He had been playing and decided to wander off on his own with Morgan teaching Lisa a lesson.

" I'm going for a walk with my brother , we thought this cottage was empty , my mom used to live here". He said jutting out his chin, and glaring at her.

" Well , it looks like you are lost, and I'm guess you aren't suppose to talk to strangers , so I'm Sami McCall. I could give you a ride back to where ever you came from." She offered.

Michael glared at her a bit more then decided it would be a better idea than to walk back. " Okay , but don't tell anyone what I did, or else I'll get my dad after you. Hey McCall, there is a Sam McCall dating my Uncle Jason. So what is your real name?"

Sami Jo laughed " I know that is my sister, I left home at 16 she left later, she stayed to take care of our brother. I'm her adopted sister, or she is mine, but I'm older by a year and my full name is Sami Jo McCall. On come on let me take you home." Michael followed the woman into the house with his little brother.

" I live at the Port Charles hotel, do you know where that is ?" he asked doubting that she knew.

" Yes I do , now come on before you get into more trouble than I already think you are." She grabbed her keys and closed the door behind herself and the boys.


Fifteen minutes later Sami Jo was walking Michael and carrying Morgan out of the elevator when Johnny saw them and stepped in front of Sami Jo. "Scuse me miss but who are you and why do you have the Corinthois children." He asked her gruffly.

" I'm Jo McCall and they some how ended up at my house that I moved into, I was just bringing them home, plus to be honest , since I don't know anyone here I was kind of bored at my place. What did you say your name was….?"

Johnny started to blush as he watched her place Morgan on the floor, until the heard the elevator door open again and Sonny stepped off the elevator , with an angry Carly.

" Michael Corinthois , do you even realize how much trouble you are in mister ?" Johnny opened the door for his boss and Carly , as they walked inside. Sami Jo watched as they rushed by, Sonny gave her a quizzical look, then looked at Johnny for an explanation.

" She brought the boys home , they were by Mrs. Corinthois's old house." Sonny nodded and thanked Sami Jo quietly before walking into the pent house and closing the door.

" And you are welcome " she called after he closed the door. Johnny was looking at her sheepishly .

" that is right you never gave me your name, Sami Jo McCall." She stuck out her hand. Johnny smirked as he shook it " Johnny."

Sami Jo smiled then headed to the elevator, as the doors opened and she stepped into the m" Bye Johnny" she called out as she waved. Now that she was out maybe she'd go find her sister. She had a work address , maybe she would start there.


Carly was pacing back and forth in the pent house , her older son sitting there just wait for the yelling to start, her ex- husband with a smirk on his face and Morgan was sent upstairs so he wouldn't get the brunt of Carly's wrath.

" Michael, why don't you tell, your mother and I why , you keep going off by yourself or dragging Morgan with you. you know it's dangerous." Sonny tried to reason with the young boy before Carly started.

" Well, I realize I don't have any friends and , I thought I could met new people, like today, I met Sami McCall, she seemed nice , she is Sam's sister, I liked her and I think Johnny did too."

" I don't care ,who she was Michael, she could of just said that and taken you, I know you want to have friends but you can't just go off with strangers. Now go to your room so I can think of a punishment for you and Morgan" Carly fumed .

Sonny tried not to laugh as he saw Michael scowl at them. Carly flopped down next to her ex-husband and let out a sigh." I so hoped he wouldn't take after me or his father , but I guess he got the best genes of both of us."

Sonny looked up at the banister, a small dark haired boy was peeking over the railing down at them.

" Hey Morgan, come on down here for a minute." Sonny tried to coax the younger boy down. " Mommy's mad" was his reply.

Carly went over to the end of the stairs ' honey , I wasn't mad ,I was scared for you and Michael, so come on down here okay , let daddy have a chat with you." Carly tried to reason with him, when her cell chirped in her purse.

" Hello? Hi ma no.. but .. no it isn't a problem. Nothing is wrong , I'll be right there okay , I love you too." Carly let out another sigh as she tossed the cell phone back into her purse. She turned around to look at her little boy then looked at Sonny.

" Bobbie has this problem and needs my help, I'll be back as soon as I can, will you be okay with them?"

" I'll be fine Carly , tell Bobbie I said hello." Sonny said as carly was leaving the pent house. Sonny put down his glass of water and motioned for Morgan to come over to him. "Michael, come down here please." Morgan walked over to his father, Sonny lifted him up onto his lap. He waited for Michael to come down the stairs.

" Are you still mad at me Dad?' Michael asked knowing how upset Carly had been. He wasn't sure if he wanted to be around an angry Sonny.

" No Michael, but your mother had a good point , you can't just keep disappearing on Lisa like that, the poor woman was sobbing and carrying on. Listen, that woman who brought you home , how was she , did you like her?" Sonny questioned Michael and Morgan . They both said that they liked her very much. Michael told him that she seemed like a lot more fun than Lisa did .

" okay, listen , if I can get her to be your watcher would you start obeying the rules , I'm serious now , no more goofing off Michael understand?" Sonny was going to find the girl and ask her if she wanted a job watching his kids. She seemed like she was good with kids.

"Alright guys go play or watch TV until mom comes home." Morgan's eyes lit up and he ran up the stairs to finish playing with his brother. Sonny went to the door and opened it ,startling Johnny.

" That woman that brought the boys home , who did she say she was ?"

" Sami Jo McCall, Sam's sister , she seemed nice, Sonny, she had no idea who the boys were".

" thanks Johnny, that is why I pay you the big bucks." Sonny went back into the pent house he reached for his house phone to call Jason on the new Sam McCall that has seemed to float into town.

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