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Thursday on GH

Jo yawned as she rolled over, only to find Dean and Cane no longer in bed with her. She stretched before sitting up and looking around the well-decorated room. Placing her feet on the ground, she walked over to the nightstand and picked up her robe. A puppy barking made her move a little faster.

"Cane!" She yelled as she descended down the steps.

She finally saw what the puppy had been barking at. Sonny Corinthois was standing at her door. Any other time she would have welcomed the visit, but with Cane barking and the TV blaring it wasn't such a great time.

"Dean, come get your dog now please."

The little boy came around the corner almost falling as he ran into the kitchen. He grabbed the puppy's collar and pulled him away from the door.

"And turn the TV down please."

Cane chased Dean into the living room, as Sami Jo opened her door.

"Come on in, sorry about that Mr. Corinthois. would you like some coffee or tea or water?"

Sonny flashed his famous smile " No I'm good thank you. I came over to see, when you could start with the boys. They have school today and get out at three. If you could pick them up from my home today?"

Jo looked all flustered and his dimpled smile wasn't helping right now, she thought for a second then decided what the hell.

" Sure, I just have a few errands to run with Dean, but I can be at your place by three." She moved aside and motioned for him to come inside. She wanted him to meet her son.

"Dean, can you come here for a minute then you can go play with Cane " she called from the kitchen. Dean came into the kitchen with his puppy and looked at his mommy.

" Sonny, this is my son Dean Samuel McCall. Dean, this is Mr. Corinthois, my new boss"

Sonny knelt down to the little boy's eye level and held out his hand. Dean took it

Then pointed to Cane.

" My puppy Cane, Cane Mr. C " Sonny pet the puppy then stood back up, and watched as Dean ran back into the living room with Cane in tow.

" Nice looking son Jo. I'll be looking forward to seeing you this afternoon. Carly my ex- wife will be there to meet you so bring Dean and Cane if you like. " He smiled at her once more before he left. He had to take care of some things with Alexis and Ric.

Since Alexis had tried to fight everyone on the Chemo treatments afraid that it would kill her and not the cancer. Sonny was going to go talk to his scum bag brother to see if he couldn't talk some sense into Alexis.

Jo watched as Sonny walked away and then turned to her house, she had a few more things to unpack but wanted to get Dean over to see his Step grandma Alexis before anything else happened. She'd have to crate Cane but only for a little while. He was almost housing broken but she didn't want to take that chance.

"Dean, honey clean up your mess, we have to go see Step Grams for a little bit before Sam okay. "

" Yes Mommy " was the answer she had gotten.

Twenty minutes later she was at the hospital, hoping that Alexis would want to see Sam's nephew. Elizabeth was trying to get permission for Dean to go in the room, after finally getting it she led the two of them to Alexis's room. Jo knocked on the door and the door opened. A very good-looking darker skinned guy opened it.

" Sami Jo hi, Nikolas this is Sam's half, adopted, step? Sister. " Nikolas laughed at his aunt's attempt to figure it out.

" I'm Nikolas Cassidine , Alexis's nephew , so I'm thinking we aren't related if you are all those things. And who is this? " he asked pointing to Dean.

"This is Dean McCall Sam's nephew. He is my son. WE have a standard poodle puppy Cane but he is at home . Say hi to Nikolas and Alexis, Dean."

Dean looked at Nikolas and Alexis then waved . "Hello I'm Dean. Are you sick Alexis?"

Nikolas sat back down in the chair he had been sitting in to see what Alexis would tell the little boy after she had a hard time telling Kristina and Molly.

" Yes , I am Dean. I have stage two lung cancer. And hopefully being in here will help me get better."

" My daddy died in a hospital from a bullet a bad man shot at him. Mommy said he was a hero though."

Alexis looked up at Jo and gave her sympathetic smile then looked at Dean. " Well I'm hoping that ,that won't happen to me . Maybe you could come over and play with my little girls , which would be your aunts too. How's that sound ?"

Dean's eyes lit up and a smile crept across his face, then he looked at his mother " Can I ?"

" Yes , but Dean we have to get going in a little bit to go pick up Michael and Morgan from Sonny's okay?"

This made Nikolas and Alexis both frown at the same time " You are watching Sonny's kids ?"

" I met Michael and Morgan a few days ago on my porch so I brought them back to Sonny and the next day ,he was at my house offering me a job. So on a trail basis I'm watching them for a few hours this week. Why is that a bad thing ?"

Before Nikolas could say anything Alexis spoke up " No, its just sonny , isn't the most law abiding person in Port Charles. Sam is dating his right hand man and Nikolas's ex wife dated or is dating Sonny."

" Oh " was all Jo said . They sat there for a few more minutes chatting until Nikolas found it hard not to stop looking at Jo and had to leave. Sami Jo was a pretty woman and Nikolas didn't want Alexis to catch him staring at her.

" Aunt , I'm leaving to go tend to my son for a few hours to give Colleen a break. That woman gives me the creeps but she is a great nanny. Jo , it was a pleasure to meet you. I hope I'll get to see you again. Dean , I'm sure I'll see you around right?" Dean nodded .

Sami Jo smiled " Actually, we have to get going , I don't want to be late on the first day of work. Come on Dean."

Alexis watched , Nikolas watch Jo and Dean leave , then he looked at Alexis " Don't say a word. I'll be back later to check up on you. I love you." He kissed her cheek and walked out the door.

Alexis felt happier than she had in weeks now that Sam's sister could make Nikolas smile . There was something about her that made the whole day brighter.


Nikolas caught up with Sami Jo in the elevator " So working for a Sonny . If that doesn't work out you can come work for me ."

" That is very sweet of you , but let me mess up one job at a time first. Nikolas it was a pleasure to meet you maybe I'll see you around ." she told him as she and Dean got off the elevator. Dean waved at Nikolas as they walked away.

Nikolas watched to make sure that they got to Jo's truck then turned to leave himself , as he did so , he saw Emily walking towards him.

" Hi Nikolas , how is Alexis ?" Emily looked in the direction of the truck then back at Nikolas.

" Nikolas? What is wrong ?"

" Nothing , Alexis is okay for now . Did you know Sam had a sister , had Sonny said anything to you?"

" He told me last night he hired a woman claiming it be Sam's sister not blood sister though. He checked it out . Sami Jo McCall is not a sister ,sister they lived in the same house and were calling each other sisters. Why is she cute?"

Nikolas looked at Emily , they were soul mates and they both knew it but they couldn't work as a couple , they had tried so hard after the whole rape, and Courtney thing , but still couldn't be together. So instead Emily was sticking it out with Sonny and Nikolas had a crazy nanny and Spencer.

" She is an attractive woman , and her son is a good kid , but I don't know I mean I just met her ."

Emily laughed at the way Nikolas was rambling on about Sam's sister , she was pretty sure Nikolas had developed a small crush on her.

" So are we on for lunch so you can tell me all about Sam's sister?" Emily reminded him.

" Yeah , where should we go , wait the Grille only because no one really pays attention to other peoples conversations." Emily had to laugh, at that last time they went to Kelly's he found out about Lucky and Elizabeth's divorce hearing .

" Okay , the Grille it is , come on I'll even drive. "

Nikolas followed her to the car sitting in the middle of the parking ramp.


Carly was pacing with Jax in Sonny's pent house waiting for this woman to show up. " Carly ,relax she does have her own son to think of besides ours". Sonny tried to calm her down. Just as he said it the door opened and a poodle came bounding in , making Carly squeal . Jax just sat there with a smile .

" You must be Cane" he said as he remembered Jo saying something about a poodle.

Max walked in with Jo and Dean following them behind ." Sonny , Sami Jo is here."

" Hi Sonny I'm so sorry I'm a little late ,well five minutes late. Cane was giving Dean a hard time ." She looked around the room and saw the man she bought the house from.

" Mr. Jax how nice to see you ,Dean remember Mr. Jax?" her son nodded and walked over to the puppy ,who was sitting at Jax's feet.

" Jo this is my ex- wife Carly Corinthois and Jasper Jax , which I guessing you already know him. The boys will be ready in a few minutes , they are finishing their homework. Would you like some thing to drink, Dean , some juice?"

" Um water would be great and Dean is fine ,he just had some pop at home. Carly it is nice to meet you."

" So Sami Jo McCall huh? Sam never mentioned you, how are you related?"

" I lived in the same house she did until I was 14 then after the last beating from our horrible mother I left and never looked back. I called Sam a few times and we've stayed in contact. Dean's father died and I came out here to be with my family , namely Sam. And that is my story."

Carly seemed satisfied and told Jo that she hoped the boys had a good time with her. Michael and Morgan came down stairs with Cane, who some how made his way up the stairs.

" Hi Jo, hi mom, I'm going with Morgan and Jo to play for a while . " Michael informed Carly .

" Okay , I want you to behave for her , no running off like you do with the others okay.?" She instructed him as she kissed his head. He nodded and turned to Jo.

" I'm all set so is Morgan, can we go now?"

" Michael, Morgan behave I mean it this time ." Sonny told his kids. Carly and Sonny watched as Jo took their boys and her's out of the pent out .

" God I hope this one lasts ." Carly said as she was leaving the penthouse with Jax. Sonny silently was hoping the same thing .

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