Silver rain- Dean and Sam follow a hybrid werewolf into unknown woods. Dean is taken leaving Sam alone. Enter Colley a blind woman who takes dean into her home.

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The night was still. Not a sound dares to break the crystal silence that plagued the dark woods. An eerie mist danced between the trees, that looked so black, one would mistake it for the crimson color of blood. A ghostly wind picked up and the tree branches danced with passion. The leaves fell from the branches and began to circulate through the small shrubs and bushes that littered the ground. Passing by Sam's feet, as he called frantically for his brother. He couldn't make out anything in the darkness; he could barely see five feet in front of him. Sam didn't know which way Dean had gone, and it scared the crap out of him. He heard a sudden snap behind him. He twirled around, gun in front of him, to come face to face with a small fox. He let out a breath of relief as we walked in a direction, he hoped, lead to his missing brother. As he walked he tried not to think about the creature they were hunting; a hybrid werewolf.

It had taken quite awhile to figure out what the hell it was, when they did, Dean had affectionately named the creature 'Fluffy'. Dean had also called their dad and was surprised when he actually answered the phone. John told them to leave it alone, they needed more information, and then they had at that moment and needed time to gather it. It was also near the end of the lunar cycle and Dean didn't want to wait for the next full moon. Dean told Sam they could handle it, whatever the creature was. He couldn't have been further from the truth.

Due to the lack of information on the creature and knowledge on the area the wolf was in, the hunter became the hunted. It stayed in the treetops and hillsides, out of the brother's sight. Quietly following every move they made. Sam could've sworn they'd walked over five miles looking for 'Fluffy'. Much to his protest that it wasn't there, Dean - being the stubborn guy he is - said that they wouldn't find it if they didn't look. So they kept looking. A few miles later Dean had it with looking, so he said they were going back. Half way back is when the wolf decided to attack them. They were totally unprepared and unaware. How they let their guard down was beyond Sam.

It ran at Sam, knocking him down like a rag doll. It turned and charged at Dean, who was searching the ground for his gun; the initial shock of the wolf leaping out from the shadows contributed in his dropping it. It pounced on Dean, letting out an ear splitting roar. Sam leapt up, raising his shotgun level with the werewolf and pulled the trigger. The bullets penetrated the flesh of the creature, but alas, they weren't silver, it didn't do any good, only pissing it off more then it already was. It looked down from its place on Dean's body, then back up at Sam. Without warning it ran straight at Sam, slamming him into a tree, knocking him out.

The wolf looked back at Dean, it's eyes glistening. It walked over to him, picked him up, and jumped into a nearby tree. Dean opened his eyes and saw the werewolf above him. His hand went to the knife in his pocket. It growled at Dean. It's saliva dripping down onto his arm. He looked down at it in disgust.

"Dude, that's gross." He muttered, as he moved the knife slowly into his hands.

The creature saw the movement; it leapt from the branch onto him. Dean drove the knife up into it's side. The wolf had a hold on him, but as soon as Dean slid the knife into it's body. He was dropped twenty feet. He hit the ground with a sickening thud. Dean stared upward, not daring to move his body. Just waiting for the werewolf to finish him off. But the attack never came. Dean waited. He heard the roar of the wolf some distance from where he was currently laying. He closed his eyes and waited for his brother to come and find him. But what he didn't know was he wasn't anywhere near Sam. The creature had moved him a good ten miles from where his brother last was. Sam wouldn't find him.

He suddenly felt the ground beneath became moist. He moved his hand beside him. He pulled it back in front of his eyes. He stomach did a flip; it was covered in blood. A branch must have stabbed him on the fall down, or his knife. He hoped that Sam wasn't too far away and that he would find him quick, before he bled to death.

Colley was a little weary. She knew it was a full moon. She didn't really believe in that kind of thing... Well, maybe, just a little. Because of her living in the woods, she mostly stayed inside during the full moon. Her mountain lion, Luna, named after her love of Roman mythology, went a little strange during this time, so when Colley couldn't find her, she didn't worry, but when Luna came back with a gun in-between her jaws did she start to really panic. The lion had walked up to her and bumped her with her head. Colley reached down to pet the animal, when the lion shoved something at her. It had a wooden handle; she ran her hand at the other end of the lion's mouth and felt the cold metal in her fingertips. It was a shotgun.

"Shit." She muttered to herself.

Colley couldn't actually see the gun, but she knew what one felt like in her hands. Colley was blind. Not totally blind, she could see the outline of shapes and if someone was really close then she could make out facial features by touching them. She wasn't dumb, just blind, but living out in the woods for a few years she had learned how to get by. She had been blind for about ten years. An accident in her home with her father. He wasn't the best father, after throwing her down a flight of stairs and beating her into a pulp. She had hit her head on something causing her to loose her sight. After all that she still called him Dad. Yes, she had a walking stick, which she hated using. The doctors she had gone to see told her they're a slim chance that she'd ever regain her sight. After hearing that her life was just about over, she moved to Franklinville NY, learned her way around the house. One night she had heard a large animal on her porch, she went to check it out and found out it was a mountain lion. She was never sure why Luna never hurt her. She had kept her fed and Luna kept her safe in return.

Back to the gun – "Luna, where did you find this?" Knowing she wasn't going to get an answer, she looked down at the lioness. "Show me." She reached down and grabbed the lionesses tail. Luna knew many verbal commands and let her friend hold onto her tail. Luna wasn't tame by any stretch of the imagination. She still-hunted and prowled the countryside.

Colley trusted Luna that was what made their relationship special; she followed Luna into the woods. She kept up with the lioness strides without a problem.

She'd been walking for a little while now. Trying to find where Luna found the gun. Now she was out there, Colley had realized what she was doing. She was in the woods, blind, with no protection, with someone that might still be in the woods with more weapons. Not really a smart move on her part, but Luna was by her side. She felt safe with Luna. She knew she wouldn't get lost. Luna always knew the way back home, she was a little like a guide dog, but she wasn't a dog. After walking in the same direction for a little while, she decided to head back, it was getting cooler. It was around ten thirty and she needed to get a good nights sleep. Without warning Luna stopped in her tracks and bent her head down. Colley dropped Luna's tail as she ran off. Luna licked the side of Dean's face; a large wet warm tongue touched him causing him to moan. Dean wasn't about to open his eyes. Before Colley could turn around, she heard the smallest moan. It wasn't a moan like you'd hear from an animal; it was from a person.

"Hello?" She took two steps forward. She heard it again. She took off running in the direction it came from. As she was running she felt something, a log maybe, she didn't have time to stop. She tripped and fell. But she didn't trip over a log. She tripped over a person. She got on her knees and crawled to the outline of the person she fell over.

She moved her hands over their stomach; she gasped when she felt a warm, sticky liquid on her fingers. She brought it to her nose and smelled it. Blood. She wiped it on her pants and moved her hands to their head. She heard a gasp. The head in her hands moved, she must've pushed on a bruise. She felt around the body trying to feel for more wounds. Dean on the other hand, tried not to move too much, he knew someone was groping him, still he didn't say anything until her hands wandered to far south. "Hey, hey, what are you doing?" Dean asked hoarsely. Colley felt the body move away from her. She held up her hands.

"I'm not going to hurt you." She whispered. "Don't be afraid, I live out here."

"Who are you?" Dean asked.

"I'm Colley. Are you ok, I felt blood on my hands."

Dean lifted his head up and groaned, "Yeah I'm bleeding, I've been stabbed or bitten or something, tripped over..." He looked across at Colley, "And now groped." Colley removed her hands quickly and blushed. "Sorry."

She saw the hazy figure look down to his stomach. "Son of bitch." She heard him mutter.

"Do you need help?"

"No, I just need to find my brother."

Colley nodded. "Come back to my place, you can use the phone there, call your brother." Colley didn't hear anymore else around and because she was blind, all her other senses kicked in. "I don't think he is anywhere near here."

Dean nodded and stood up. He started walking. Leaving Colley on the ground. He turned around. "Aren't you going to show me the way."

" Um I'm blind, couldn't see you leaving." She waited a minute, "Aren't you going to help me up?" She asked holding her hands up.

Dean went and grabbed her hands, pulling her up. "I'm sorry."

Colley brushed her hands on her pants. "It's ok." She whistled. Luna came running up to her. She started walking. Leaving Dean standing dumbstruck behind her. Her ran up to her. "Is that yours?"

"Yep... Well, No. Her name's Luna. "Dean looked over at Luna. " She's kind of like my guide dog." They started walking, "I don't own her, we have an agreement."

The rest of the walk was in silence. When the got to the house, Dean held the door open for Colley, after she was in her called out to her; "Does the... Uh, dog, come in?"

"She's not a dog. She's a mountain lion."

Some times it was hard for people to accept Luna, being a wild animal and all, sort of scared people. So Colley made sure Luna was only seen if necessary. Other wise the lion went on her own way.

"Does... Luna go in."

"No, she stays outside." She paused for a second, "Well only when it's very cold outside, then she sleeps with me in my room."

Dean raised his eyebrows, "You have heard of the guy who got mauled by his own white tiger, Roy was it?" He asked, not wanting to find her in a puddle of blood in the morning.

"Yeah, I know, but Luna isn't tame, she lets her wild side out when she goes hunting."

Dean nodded okay, then felt stupid because, he realized Colley couldn't see his nod. He walked into the main room to see Colley waiting for him with a phone in her hands.

He dialed Sam's number. Twice. Sam didn't pick up both times. Dean started to worry. He was sure Sam would've gone back to the car, but if he weren't there, then he'd go looking for him. At least he wasn't here with a creepy, country, back woods girl. This one seemed fairly nice. She looked 23-25; he couldn't quiet decided yet. He wasn't one for short hair, but her black, cropped hair looked nice and she had what must have been, dark hazel brown eyes, now glazed over from being blind.

Colley came into the room with a big blanket and several pillows.

"What are you doing?" Dean asked as she dumped the things she was carrying on the couch.

"You're staying here tonight." Before Dean could protest she added; "I know the way back to town is difficult to find at night, and I know you have a cut somewhere on you, so it isn't really a smart move on your part to make is it? Going around bleeding in the woods, I don't know what animal or creature will try and eat you."

Dean let out a breath and asked her where the bathroom was so he could get cleaned up.

'This is going to be interesting.' She thought as she heard Dean close the bathroom door.