Silver Rain -4 so it's been two years since I touched this story. Let's see how I do.

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"It is raining out "it wasn't a question more of a mater of fact statement.

" Yes it is and its going down pretty good too, I hope the rain won't rust this car any more than it already is" Sam remarked. He saw out of the corner of his eye that she cocked her head at the statement.

"What?" He asked

"Its nothing, I'm guessing you are not fond of the car like your brother"

"My dad gave Dean the car so no I'm not attached to the car like Dean. I've asked him more than once to get rid of it but it's his baby"

"Can, I make a small comment to you about your brother?"

Sam, shrugged he had a feeling that Colley would make it anyways "Sure "

"I think, Dean takes care of this car because it gives him a piece of mind, it calms him down. I think he is very skid-is and always on high alert so to speak. I noticed this about him when I had to patch him up. He jerked away from my fingers and not because he was in pain"

"Yep, that's my brother, Mr. Anti-social…" Sam was cut off by his cell phone ringing.

"Hey Dad, what's up?" Sam looked over at Colley " Yes , she is with me why what is the matter? What? Dad, come on did you hear yourself. She can't see any thing any more. Dad no I'm not going too. Okay alright I'll take care of it " Sam put the cell down and let out a loud sigh, he look over at the woman sitting next to him. There had to be away to help this woman.

After hearing what Dean had found it was only going to be a matter of time before Colley would become the very thing that the Winchesters hunt . Sam looked at her from out of the corner of his eyes. How anyone could take another human and experiment on them without the other person knowing about it?

Colley could hear the aggravation in Sam's voice as he talked to his father.

"Is everything okay or am I in a whole lot of trouble? You can tell me I'm a grown woman , and I know what kind of man my "father" is there is no need t o lie to me . Has he found where I was hiding?"

" Yes , he found the cabin , he killed your lion and burned down the cabin. Dean is with them and he and my father want my brother to bring them to us . Do you have anywhere else we can hide for a little while until we can figure out what to do?"

" I know the best way to hide is to hide in plan sight so lets get a room at the motel in town and then you can tell me what is bothering you. Just because I can't see your face doesn't mean that I can't tell some thing is wrong " Colley pointed out .

Okay there was you little tid bit