Egypt's Demise

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Hiya! EchoingRaidiance here, SURPRISE LIL KIDDIES! I asked my Hikari the other day if she would consider doing a story with me, and she said yes! Its here in her account because she was the one of made the plot we chose to do, and gosh, I love this plot ((drools)). Anyway, me and my lovely Hikari Vanya shall be taking turns in doing chapters, and unless one of us says otherwise, I think we're doing it in 3rd person.

The pairings are the obvious ones; Yami/Yugi, Ryou/Bakura, Marik/Malik, maybe some Seto/Joey… I dunno if they'll make much of an appearance yet, I'll have to talk to Vanya about it! Yes this is yaoi, if you haven't guessed that yet then you're an idiot, no offense. We… well, I…won't take flamers for it being yaoi, so if you flame my Hikari for this reason, expect lots and lots of pain, cause I swear I'll hunt you down.

And I'm calling Atemu Yami instead of Atemu, even though he's pharaoh in this. Yami's just so smexy. Me no like Atemu ((scowls)) Yami waaay better ((purrs)).

Now, we all know that me and Vanya don't own YuGiOh… we just take the characters and make them have glorious yaoi fluff and lemons together. Aren't we nice? We don't own Microsoft Word either.


BLURB; Hi it's Vanya here!Yugi writes stories to vent his emotions and his favorite is that of an Ancient Pharaoh but when the characters and worlds he's created start to come to life he begins to fear his own imagination...

Obviously YYY, BR and MM, maybe some SJ


Chapter 1- Overactive Imagination

The young Pharaoh growled as he watched Bakura circle him with narrowed eyes. You could almost see the sparks of tension swirling through the air, and anyone nearby certainly would have felt them. The shadows swirled around the battle field, restless and anxious to give aid, and the heat of shadowy magic sang through the air.

"Enough playing games, Bakura, it is time to end this." Yami said clearly in his deep, lilting voice. Bakura smiled an ugly contrast to the blazing anger in his eyes.

"But Pharaoh," He said, lunging forwards and striking out at him with his knife. "I thought you liked to play games!" Yami dodged the blade easily before trying to run the Thief King through with his own blade. Both their bodies were covered in sweat, their naked torsos shining with sleek wetness as their muscles rippled and changed with their movements.

"Tell me you can do better than that!" The white haired teen said sarcastically, his smile long since changed into a snarl of hate and revulsion. "Surely the baka Pharaoh can do better!"

Wait. What? Waiiit, that's not right! Bakura does NOT say baka!

Yugi slumped down on the keyboard, gritting his teeth and closing his eyes so that he couldn't see the muck up he had made. Bakura was just such a hard character to write for! Not like Pharaoh Yami; every action, every word that had to do with the young king seemed to appear in Yugi's mind and write itself up without a second thought. Ideas weaving into words that seemed to fit perfectly in place on the pages of his computer screen.

Yami was regal and strong, courageous and kind, but at the same time, he was never more than polite to anyone, because he feared betrayal too much to trust anyone, except his cousin Seto, of course, who was another one of Yugi's proud creations.

Yugi adored him, because he was so self confident, but he liked the fact that he feared to trust, because it made him seem so human, fearing other's affections.

Sighing, Yugi saved the document, and quit Microsoft Word. Standing, he stretched before heading out of his bedroom, thinking hazily that a drink would be nice. He tip toed quietly down the hall and down the stairs, glancing at the clock and wincing at the time on the way. Three-forty-eight in the morning; Grandpa wouldn't be very happy if he caught him up, and Yugi couldn't just tell him he'd woken up moments ago in need for a drink.

He really was a horrible liar.

Really, Yugi couldn't seem to bring himself to do anything wrong. He hated to see others hurt, and hated lying and yelling. He couldn't ignore someone who was speaking to him, nor could he walk away from them. He didn't see the bad things about people, only the good and the fears and hopes that made them stronger.

Everyone said that his looks conveyed his total innocence, with his childish features and large amethyst eyes that, he was told, radiated with innocence. Not that he was oblivious to bad stuff like murderers and gangsters and drugs and such; he just chose to ignore them.

Grabbing the milk out of the fridge, he unscrewed the lid and took a large gulp before placing it back in the fridge door and trudging wearily (but quietly) upstairs.

School tomorrow… ugh.


"Yugi!" Said boy turned and smiled guiltily as Ryou ran over to him, a shy smile on his lips and a mischievous sparkle in his brown eyes.

"Hey Ryou…" Ryou stepped up beside him, and the two walked down the block in companionable silence.

"So…" Said Ryou after a while. "How goes your valiant look alike and my evil self?"

Yugi blushed. He had based Yami and Bakura off of himself and Ryou, changing some of their features to a more toned and sharp contrast, making them seem stronger, more dangerous. Ryou had found it amusing that Yugi had made someone so like him the hero, whilst he was the evil devil's spawn.

"It's going alright, but Kura's personality is starting to irk me." Yugi said, sighing as they stopped at a crossing and pressed the button for the walk lights. "He's supposed to me shady and frightening, but somehow I seem to veer to sarcastically humorous. He even said baka last night!"

Ryou laughed.

"I have to admit that sounds nothing like Bakura." Ryou said, bemused. "I don't get it; you're the one writing him, and yet I know more about him then you do!"

"Well I spose it's cause you're just like him." Yugi teased, and they both laughed at the unlikelihood that Ryou could EVER act like Bakura. "Maybe you should come over some time and help me!"

They chatted eagerly about Yugi's book, arguing over whether Yami or Bakura would win the fight, which was silly because Yugi would most surely make Yami win, but they did it anyway.

When they reached school however, their laughter stopped, their faces grew bleak, and with a nod of luck and assurance to one another, the boys parted ways quietly, making their way to their respective classrooms in the withdrawn manner of a quarry that had picked up the scent of a predator nearby.

Yugi was mainly ignored as he walked into the classroom, and he quickly made his way to his seat at the back of the room; mainly being the most important word in this sentence. He made it to the second row of desks when, suddenly, he was tripped, and with a small yelp, he flopped to the ground.

He looked up and rubbed his now sore nose before sighing quietly.

"Hello Joey, Tristan." He said in a hollow voice, standing and brushing himself down before continuing his way down to his desk, the ignorant blonde and his idiotic brunette partner emitting muffled laughter from behind him. Yugi saw the amused glances sent his way when he passed, and mentally, he sighed.

Another day of being picked on at school.

Another day wishing he was at home writing about his beloved Yami.


Groaning, Yugi let his backpack fall haphazardly to the floor as he stumbled towards the bed and fell onto it, sighing softly and reveling in the warmth and comfort it provided. If it wasn't for his bed, and Ryou, Yugi was sure that he wouldn't be able to take life as it was. And Yugi was pretty sure that the same thing went for Ryou, too. And Ryou had a harsh enough life as it was, living all by himself, without having to worry about the others at school.

Yugi sighed and sat up, running a hand through his hair. Life wasn't fair that way, he supposed with a grim clarity of the truth. Nothing's ever fair that way.

Slowly, he stood and plodded over to his computer and opening the file to his favorite chapter of Egypt's Demise. It was when he first introduced Yami, the great pharaoh of the Shadows….

Regal blood red eyes surveyed the room impassively, those mysterious orbs accented by the odd jagged tri-colored hair which framed sharps cheek bones on a calm and majestically flawless face. The Eye of Horus adorned the coronet that made its way across his forehead, golden bangles and other jewellery adorning his wrist and ankles to show that he was not one to be taken lightly.

His bare chest was adorned with many necklaces and charms, his well toned stomach the same addictive olive brown, muscles showing even in the shadowy room.

His whole presence demanded respect and awe, his stance gaining order and silence as he slowly made his way to the front of the room. He reached High Priest Seto, and stared at him thoughtfully.

"I am Pharaoh, Seto. You cannot hide the fact that my people are suffering from me" Yami said. His voice was rich and smooth, and held an awe inspiring power to it, something that held you captive until he wanted you to be free. Dark, sensual, and collected… his voice reflected his nature in most things.

Yugi sighed and stared at the screen, not actually reading it anymore. Yami sounded far too good to be true, which he was, in fact. He was just a fictional character Yugi had created in his mind, a regal, understanding Pharaoh with hardships that surpassed Yugi's own and made him feel like his life was just one tiny piece of a puzzle. Just a fictional character, no matter how much Yugi wished for him not to be.

Oh he wished for him not to be!

A flickering light from behind him made Yugi realize that he wasn't exactly alone in the room, and turning, he screamed as light, then darkness engulfed him.

Blood red eyes watching him the entire time.


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